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    #71210 Bullying

    Posted by MellyBoo19912015 on 19 September 2016 - 01:39 PM

    As a team the staff on this site have noticed a very worrying trend (and no it's not a retro clothing return lol). We have noticed people joining up in mobs and attacking other users for things they don't approve of. That my good people is bullying, plain and simple. Those of you who know me know I don't get mad about too many things, bullying however is one of them.

    Victims of bullying are 7-9% more likely to consider suicide than in general according to a Yale university study. Suicide itself has a devastating impact on those left behind. Bullying is also seen as a cause of self harm which in some cases can come before suicide. Imagine if a friend or loved one was being bullied. It's not nice to think about is it?

    People here are bound to have different opinions and arguments etc. That's normal in a community. However bullying isn't and shouldn't be. If you have issues with a user then message a mod or admin or use the report button. If you have differing opinions keep an open mind and be respectful of others. This community should be a relatively safe place for others so think before you type, keep an open mind and mind your manners.
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    #68970 Community Rules and Guidelines

    Posted by MellyBoo19912015 on 06 September 2016 - 06:10 PM

    Per the request of members, we have revisited & expanded upon the previous rules so they are more clear & concise.

    General Etiquette

    • No harassment or trolling. We define this to be undertaking in actions that repeatedly and deliberately cause distress to one or more users.
    • Whilst we respect healthy debate, we do ask that you do so with respect and do not personally attack the other people you're debating with.
    • You need to be at least 18 years of age to participate in this community. Users found to be below 18 will be removed from the site.
    • Promotion or interest shown in minors (age less than 18) joining or being a part of the DDLG Lifestyle will result in a ban. Regardless of your State or Country Laws.
    • No discussion of sexual activities involving actual minors, incest or rape. Fantasy or not.
    • Discussion or promotion of illegal sexual activities including but not limited to bestiality will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.
    • Under no circumstances is it acceptable to upload or share any media content including but not limited to photos and videos of anyone under the age of 18, doing so will result in an immediate ban.
    • No uploading pictures with multiple people in them, or pictures of other people. We cannot guarantee that you have that person's permission to do so.
    • No uploading or sharing of content of a pornographic nature or nudity. This includes nipples, regardless of your gender, sexual organs or nude buttocks. Please see this post for further photo restrictions https://www.ddlgforu...ery/#entry94300
    • It is not acceptable to post contact details or social media details of other people on the site. We cannot guarantee you have their permission to do so.
    • Do not upload images of other people famous or not, and claim to be them.
    • Do not upload any images which are NSFW, seductive, or sexualized in nature.
    • Do not use pet names or nicknames with people you do not know. Some people get uncomfortable with them, so at the very least please check first. Some people don't like being called things such as "babygirl", "princess, "sir", "daddy", "sweetheart" or "honey". It is best to refer to users by their Username.
    • No discussing or advertising outside social media sites or groups in public chat or on the threads. Feel free to talk to your friends in private but we can not be held liable for any issues that go on in these sites or groups.
    • Do not speak ill of other members (past or present) in chat or publicly on the forum.
    • No "mini-modding"; mini-modding is when a regular member acts like a moderator without having the authority to do so. Leave the warnings and enforcement of rules to forum staff as it’s likely you will just escalate the situation otherwise. If you are having an issue with a member or see something in clear violation of the rules, use the report feature.
    • Report members that are underage or acting predatory.
    • No couples accounts or multiple user accounts. This is due to catfishing concerns and not wanting to unfairly punish one member for another member's actions
    • No multiple accounts. If you want to make a new account, delete the current one. If you forget your password for an old account, please contact a member of the moderating team right away.
    • Please do not ask for or give advice regards medical conditions or mental health issues. We understand your wish to help but each person is different and without meaning to the information you could be providing may cause more harm than good. Please leave it to the off site professionals.
    • The promotion of or positive reference to eating disorders will not be tolerated. This is including but not limited to terminology such as thinspiration or proana.
    • We will not tolerate any negative comments or discussion which could be interpreted as racism. This is not limited to but includes antagonism directed against someone of ANY different race.
    • Any person found screenshotting ANY aspect of the site and reposting it or sharing it externally will be immediately and permanently banned from the site.

      This includes any details of any members which have been posted on the site or any activities, photos or site content.

    Threads & Posts

    • Try your best not to triple post. Double post is fine (duplicate posts can be removed).
    • You are allowed to bump any of your threads once every 24 hours.
    • Fishing for likes is not allowed. Threads or posts cannot contain comments like "Like my post and I'll give you my kik!".
    • No off-topic replies to threads.
    • Try to put things in the appropriate sections. If you're not sure where to put something, ask forum staff.
    • You can make as many topics and threads as you please, as long as you aren’t spamming the forum. Try to see if the topic has already been discussed (there is a search feature).
    • If you wish to have a thread or post deleted, contact a member of the Moderating Team.
    • If you share a link that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), please tag it as such.
    • Solicitation is defined as offering something of value whether monetary or possessions in return for sexual activity of any type whether in real life or via cam, we do not condone such posts, threads or behaviour.
    • Self promotion of your creative side and posting of your art etc is encouraged, however public promotion of external sites whereby you personally gain profit is not allowed.


    • Please follow the personals format. Failure to do this will result to your personal being deleted and you having to start again.
    • Our reply facility for personals has a 75 word minimum. This is to insure that people receive quality replies. Please do not use filler text to meet the minimum word count. If you’re having trouble replying maybe write it out before-hand, elsewhere and see how you can improve it.
    • Do not spam the personals with copied and pasted responses, doing so will result in the posts being deleted and you given a warning point.
    • Multiple personals are not allowed, if you wish or need to change a personal feel free to edit or bump a personal.
    • Note that multiple personals will be allowed if one is for friendship and another is for a relationship. Anymore than one of each will be seen as duplicates and be deleted
    • Personals will only be deleted on a case by case basis following discussion with a moderator and will be dependent on the relevant reason.
    • Other people's personals are there for them to reply to their replies. It is not ok to use another persons personal to reply to someone who has shown interest in them and not you.

    Chat room

    • You are free to express any opinions so long as they don't go against our general etiquette guidelines.
    • Whilst we respect healthy debate we do ask that you do so with respect and do not personally attack the other people you're debating with.
    • Be mindful of other users and potentially triggering comments.
    • We get relationships can be tough but chat is not a battleground. If you have issues with your partner take it to private. It's not fair for everyone else to have to observe.
    • Try to avoid excessive PDA, it makes other members uncomfortable.
    • Be respectful and civil of all members in chat regardless of your personal feelings towards them.
    • Try your best to be nice to new members. Entering the chat room can be intimidating if you don't know anyone in it. Greet new faces when they enter. Engage with people that feel left out. All these things promote a good atmosphere in there.
    • If you post a link in the chat, Please tell the users what the link is too. If a Mod asks you to give more detail about the link, please give more detail. Tag links SFW (Safe For Work) or NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
    • If a member of the moderation team asks you to stop doing something, please stop. Feel free to message them privately for more information if you are confused.
    • The moderation team reserves the right to remove people from the chat, temporarily or permanently, based on their behaviour and respect towards the members of this site, and it's rules.

    Staff reserve the right to:

    • Terminate a user’s account at their discretion. If you violate a concern not explicitly outlined in the Community Rules & Guidelines, staff may terminate, suspend or post restrict your account provided a majority of the staff agree that action must be taken.
    • Update and/or modify the rules. We cannot always foresee future problems. If a situation does arise that is not clearly written in the rules, we will alter the rules and act upon the situation.

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    #73834 Is my relationship abusive?

    Posted by Spooky on 07 October 2016 - 01:51 PM

    The following is a rather objective piece, gathered from many forum posts of people who do not know what to do or know what their relationship has become.


    Nature of DD/LG


    The nature of DD/LG is to guide and enrich both the lives of the Dominant and the Little. This is not a one sided relationship. This is not a relationship that is meant to be used to control or manipulate someone. Many posts on here allude to a relationship that is more fitting of a Master & Slave Dynamic. This is fine, as long as the consent is there.


    While manipulation and abuse is often seen as a man abusing or manipulating a woman, we must accept that abuse and manipulation can happen to anyone from anyone.


    While a majority of Doms would love for their Little to rely on them for every mundane task, this is not feasible nor is it healthy. I very often see insulting and ridiculous comments such as: “Littles should not do x.”

    “You are a Little, you cannot do x.”

    Littles are adults, they are fully capable and functioning human beings. As a Dom, once again, your task it to help nurture and enrich your Little. Don’t encourage them to become mentally and emotionally reliant on you, this is counterproductive and at times abusive. Help them become the productive members of society you know they can be.


    As a Little it is also up to you to gain independence. Being a Caregiver is a very difficult and draining job. You cannot expect someone to make your every decision for you. This is equally draining and abusing what a Caregiver is. If there is some part of normal life you struggle with (making phone calls, socializing, doing school work) talk to your Caregiver about how they can HELP you with these things.

    Note that being a helpless damsel in distress is fun for play time and Little Space but not something that should be encouraged for daily life.



    Consent is the most important aspect of any relationship. Consent is when both parties agree upon something, this relates to rules, punishments, daily interactions and sexy time. Just because you have consented to something it the past does not mean you have to consent now.

    Just because someone consented to something before does not mean they are obligated to consent now. Feelings and situations can and will change. If you find yourself uncomfortable with something you once consented to, use your Safe Word. This is a wonderful and informative video on consent, please give it a watch (NSFW) Click here.


    Safe words

    A safe word is something that needs to be created in the beginning of a relationship. Think of a safe word as your Life Raft. This word/term means it is time to pause the dynamic. This shuts down whatever play is happening and allows the two of you to discuss what is going on. If you are uncomfortable or nervous  with where a situation is heading, use your Safe Word. A Safe Word must at all times be honored. If someone uses a Safe Word, it is your job to discuss that with them. Do not blame yourself or the other person, do not get angry, listen to them and respect their decision.


    Positive reinforcement vs control

    Punishment should fit the crime. Punishment must be agreed upon by both parties beforehand.

    Punishment should fit the crime. Punishment must be agreed upon by both parties beforehand.

    Punishment should fit the crime. Punishment must be agreed upon by both parties beforehand.

    I really hope that has sank into any one reading this. It is that important.


    Harsh rules or punishments that were not previously agreed upon. Different strokes for different folks, many may like the following punishments and that is okay as long as both parties agreed to it.

    Examples of controlling and abusive punishments

    • Taking away the right to bathe or shower

    • Taking away the right to eat

    • Taking away communication (with partner or anyone else, this includes friends or family members)

    • Taking away lights

    • Taking away clothing

    • Taking away the right to use the bathroom

    • Taking away social interaction (ie going online, going to a friends house, visiting family members)

    If it takes away a basic human necessity, it is abusive.


    No one can foresee the future. There most likely will come a time when you see a new rule or punishment should be implemented. That is okay! But first you must talk to your partner about it. You cannot decided to enforce a new rule without your partner knowing, people can’t read minds, they can’t possibly know what they did wrong and cannot be expected to accept a punishment added for no conceivable reason.


    Manipulation Tactics:

    • Threatening self harm. This is a popular trend in all forms of relationships, it a powerful and usually successful. Using a threat of self harm is not okay. It is abuse and it is a tactic for controlling someone. You should be able to talk to your partner if you are feeling upset, hurt or depressed but bringing it up as a way to keep someone around is NOT okay.

    “If you do x I am going to do x to myself”

    “If you ever leave me I am going to x


    • Verbal abuse. When you tell someone something enough, they will start to believe it. Never underestimate the power of your words and the effect they can and will have on others. This can work in a good or bad way.

    “You are ugly”, “No one will love you”, “You are stupid”, “I wish I never met you”


    “You are beautiful”,”I love you”, “You are intelligent”, “I am happy you are in my life”


    • Making you feel guilty over commonplace and simple, small things. Guilt is a powerful emotion and can have a person doing things they wouldn’t ordinarily do to please someone. If you find yourself no longer able to do normal things like see your friends, visit family, go out, enjoy healthy hobbies you previously had,  etc without feeling overwhelming guilt from your partner, this is not okay.

    • Gas Lighting. Gas Lighting is very common in any type of relationship. It is a gradual process with devastating effects. It essentially causes a person to question their feelings, emotions and sanity. For a more in depth look at Gas Lighting please read this article. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/power-in-relationships/200905/are-you-being-gaslighted

    • Getting angry about small things, or things beyond your control.


    If you are in an abusive relationship, close proximity or LDR help is out there.

    • National Child Abuse Helpline: 1-800-422-4453
    • National Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
    • National Domestic Violence Hotline (TDD): 1-800-787-32324
    • Center for the Prevention of School Violence: 1-800-299-6504
    • Domestic Violence Helpline: 1-800-548-2722
    • Healing Woman Foundation (Abuse): 1-800-477-4111
    •  Women’s Aid National Domestic Violence Helpline: (UK Only) 0345 023 468
    •  Sexual Abuse Centre: (UK Only) 0117 935 1707
    •  Sexual Assault Support (24/7, English & Spanish): 1-800-223-5001
    •  Relationships Australia: 1300-364-277
    • Rape Abuse & Incest National Network or 800-656-HOPE (4673)
    • Abuse Not: 0808 8005015 (UK)
    • Women’s Aid National (UK)
    • Domestic Violence Helpline 0345 023 468 (UK)

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    #43664 How it feels to be big

    Posted by wolfdaddy on 11 March 2016 - 11:43 PM

    Hi all!


    By way of a first post to these forums, I hope it's OK to use this space to share my experience of being big - what I love about it and why. I hope this might provide some insight into why this daddy loves to be one, and what he is getting out of his side of the relationship.



    So here goes   :)



    I love to teach you things. I've devoted so much of my life to learning and it makes that effort feel extra worthwhile when I can pass it on to you, in love. Knowledge hoarded is stale. In teaching you, the things I have learned take on fresh meaning and new life.


    I love to show you an experience for the first time. I've seen so much in life, but you let me experience the newness of things again. In experiencing them together with you, I get to experience them for the first time again too. Plus now I'm experiencing them *with you*.


    I love being silly with you. I spend so much of my life in a very grown up job surrounded by very grown up and serious people and you are a gateway into a very light hearted kingdom. You're the gatekeeper of so much joy for me like that.


    I love protecting you. It makes me feel capable. It reminds me how secure I am in the world. And to give you, you who are so innocent and small, some measure of my power in your service makes that power feel sanctified and pure.


    I love to make love with you. I've been some very exciting places and done some very exciting things, but this is emotionally as bright and burning as anything I've ever experienced. You are with me, and so little, and you are wanting to please. Your littleness, and the innocence and vulnerability and openness of that makes me feel ravenous. It brings out this fierce fierce yearning to consume you that is raw and aggressive. I want to overwhelm you. To take you far our beyond yourself. In your experience of that, I get to taste it vicariously through you. The surrender and freedom and honesty of it. And at the very same time I am awed and humbled by your openness and vulnerability. Your littleness makes me feel big. That's how it goes. And I want to wrap my arms around you and not just possess but protect, to celebrate that you are one of the very very rare ones that is capable of going there, in trust. I want to use you, and to celebrate you. Look at this gift you have. Look at how wanted and how pleasing you can be. The pleasure you allow yourself and in that, the pleasure you can give! There is a doorway in you that most people cannot walk through, but in you it is wide open. There is the element of the divine to this. I feel big. I feel indescribable gratitude that you complete an energetic circuit I cannot make on my own, for this is a place it takes two to reach. You are so, so special to me. A jewel far beyond price.


    I love it when our souls celebrate together. In so many mystic traditions it requires a masculine and a feminine energy to come together into a oneness that contains yet transcends them both. Like many polar energies, the masculine and feminine call each other out, call each other into greater being, as they spiral-dance together. And yes, masculine and feminine are powerful energies to bring together like this - but daddy and girl, there is some extra mystery to this, some greater power again.


    I love your trust in me. It makes me want to be the very best man I can be. Do you know that? You want to be my good girl. And because you are I want to be the very best person I can be too.


    I love how affectionate you are. I need affection as much as you do. I may be big, and in many ways I may be strong, but without love it all feels so empty. I love it when you climb all over me, laughing. When you grab and wont let go. When you make me little gifts. And you are so open to love where so many bigs have closed that down in themselves. You are so good at loving!


    I love that you teach me too. You are capable of things I am not. I learn them just by being around you. You change me for the better. You help me be more fully who I am. 



    Here's the thing:


    Your ability to be little makes a space for me to be big. That's how our gifts balance. 

    Thank you.

    From the bottom of my soul, thank you for giving me the gift of this experience.

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    #64425 Self Care Master Post

    Posted by Spooky on 12 August 2016 - 07:15 PM

    This started as a resource for the single pringle littles! It quickly evolved into some monsterous taking care of yourself master post. Regardless I think anyone can get something from this post!





    No frill, no fluff, just good old fashioned relaxing.

    • Meditation, for how to and techniques check out this site!
    • Bubble baths, doesn't even have to be bubbly, just relax in some warm water! Light candles and play some music.  (You can ball out and get some relaxation orientated bath salts and bubble bath too!)
    • Lush bath bombs are all the rage right now. You can make your own bath fizzies, great for personal use or a gift! Make alone or with friends/family!
    • Take a walk!
    • Lavender everything! Lavender essential oil, candles, bedding spray, candles, air fresheners. The most soothing scent known to mankind, just inhale and relax.
    • Get away from screens! Set a task for yourself that isn't screen orientated, dust off those old cooking books, do some light cleaning, take the pooch out for a walk and take some time away from the digital world. 
    • CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!!!!!! Cleaning can be so therapeutic for you. A clean home is a happy home. You will feel the benefits of a clean home/room immediately. 
    • Colour! Colouring books can be super cheap and super easy to do, fantastic for focusing on something and calming down, you can get more expensive and better detailed books that are relaxation orientated. 

    Relaxing Online!


    Watch a guy make bread ~ Okay, I know how silly this seems but oh my gosh, it is SO soothing!


    Sand Art ~ Create art with sand, super duper soothing and relaxing. Available on iPhone and Android!


    Calm ~ A free program for daily peace and mindfulness


    Flow ~ Super calming game, like super chill


    Mental Health!


    Many of us suffer from a variety of mental disorders, even if you don't surely you have felt some pressures, anxiety and sadness. The following is bunch of random happy, healthy sites and apps to help you cope!




    Moodtrack Diary ~ For Android Phones free, offers in app purchases. Does what it says, really nice way of tracking your moods and seeing what triggers certain moods.


    Coach.me ~ For both iPhone and Android, free, offers in app purchases. Make a goal and record your progress towards it! Super easy to use!


    Booster Buddy ~ For both iPhone and Android, free! Super cute app, complete with furry friends to help you! Tracks daily moods, helps keep track of medication and appointments, even has self care routines!




    myNoise~ Customized sounds for peace and tranquility, iPhone users can even get the app for it!


    BlahTherapy ~ Vent to or listen to vents from strangers! You can pay to talk to a therapist as well! Strangers are free!


    Things you can do every day!

    • Don't forget your medication, it can often be a downer on us but medication is so important, make sure you are taking yours properly
    • Write it out, I am such an advocate for journals. Mood journals, goal journals, health journals, JOURNAL IT ALL!!!! Writing is amazing for putting things into perspective. Even if you don't daily journal, it can be so helpful for you! It is also super fun to look back on old journals and look at how far you have grown as a person.
    • Don't beat yourself up. Regardless of what mental disorder you are struggling with, you are guaranteed some bad days. Everyone is guaranteed some bad days. Don't let them get you down and stop you from growing, learn from your mistakes and make the most of it.
    • Make a comfort box! Take an old box and fill it with comfort items (soft blankets, glitter jars, herbal tea, puzzles, stress balls, stickers, essential oils, notes with positive quotes, stuffies, candy, colouring books, soft sweater, pictures of loved ones and pets), get out the box whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and use it to get comfortable!
    • Happy Light! These are super cool and super great, they help a lot in the winter to keep your energy up and revitalize you. Also great if you are up late studying/working.




    Exercising is so important, not just for physical health but mental health as well. Studies have shown that exercising is beneficial for anxiety, stress, depression, improving sleeping patterns, memory and so much more! Whether it is a walk around the block or some intensive weight lifting, it all helps!!


    Yoga ~ Yoga with Adriene, my personal recommendation for online yoga. Free YouTube videos!! This woman is incredible, so positive and happy. Whether you are a beginner or yoga master, you will love her. Regardless of shape, size or current exercise regiment, you can do yoga! Benefits and more about yoga.


    SWORKIT ~ an app for iPhone or Androids, free (some costs to upgrade, in my experience not necessary). Shows you how to do individual moves, good for cardio, weight lifting and yoga! Daily reminders and so easy to use!


    MapMyWalk ~ an app for iPhone or Androids, free. Maps your walk! Shows you how far you have walked, time per walk and split miles! You can add friends and compare or challenge each other! Fantastic regardless of your intensity or frequency. 




    No matter what, it is important to feed yourself! The following are some yummy links you can make alone or with any friends or family members! 


    No More Ramen ~ Cheap, easy recipes. Categorized and includes; Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free. Really amazing blog with tons of options!!


    Really Nice Recipes Ever Hour ~ seriously, every hour something new and delicious, easy to follow recipes 


    Molten Lava Cakes ~ I am secretly obsessed with these, so yummy and rich!


    Strawberry or Blueberry Frozen Fruit Popsicles ~ takes some time to make but so delicious and refreshing!


    Three Ingredient Brownies! ~ Nutella Brownies, can you say YUMMMO


    Cookie Dough Yogurt ~ takes less than five minutes to make your normal yogurt yummy


    For Vegans!!


    Blueberry Muffins ~ a classic muffin with a healthy, vegan twist


    Strawberry Cheesecake Bites ~ they look so CUTE and yummy! Can replace with any berry!


    Peanut Butter Cups ~ SUPER SUPER SIMPLE! takes about 15mins and only two ingredients!


    Chocolate Chip Banana Bread ~ super yummy! 




    Cheap easy ways to TREAT YO SELF!!

    • Self manicure/pedicure. Almost everyone has some nail polish lying around and if you don't, your local pharmacy is sure to have some for cheap!
    • Martha Stewart's Bath Fizzies, super easy, with a video to follow along with! I had molds and essential oils lying around so it was pretty cheap for me to make these but if you splurge once on the more expensive stuff, you can make them over and over again for super cheap! Did I mention they are superb gifts?!
    • Netflix & Chill with yourself! Take a day off to unwind and binge watch your guilty pleasures!
    • Dark Chocolate! Dark Chocolate is full of Antioxidants and full of nutrients!
    • Get rid of some junk! Yeah it seems less fun than some of the other ideas but you will be thanking yourself when you donate all those never worn clothes and make room for some new ones :p
    • Epsom Salts, super cheap and super soothing
    • If you have a nearby Target, get yourself a 99 cent face mask and relax!
    • Take a nap!
    • Make some comfort food!
    • Browse through Amazon, there are some amazing deals on there and at the very least you can make a cart for the future
    • Drink water!!! STAY HYDRATED! If you want to get fancy with it, add some cucumbers, lemon, watermelon or any other fruit you have on hand!





    I will more than likely be adding things to this post over time, I hope you guys enjoy!!!

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    #94298 NSFW / Highly Suggestive Content in Gallery

    Posted by Michael on 12 February 2017 - 06:40 PM

    I've been thinking lately about whether to continue allowing NSFW / highly suggestive content in the gallery (partly because of this topic). Currently we don't allow outright nudity, but we do tolerate some NSFW content and highly suggestive content, and by continuing to allow this, a certain percentage of our users feel like going on the gallery can at times make them uncomfortable. Furthermore, it's often the case that uploading pictures to the gallery is likely to increase instances of predatory behaviour, especially if the pictures are suggestive. Sometimes I click on the gallery, and see some cute girl half naked with her tits bursting out or something, so naturally I click on to her profile (curiosity...?), and notice that a whole bunch of other daddies visited her profile before me, and you know for sure they've all sent friend requests. Maybe they're all friendly and nice, but I can see how that sort of stuff might bring bad attention and make drama more likely.


    When I look at other places that people in the DD/lg community hang out, it's like almost all of them are highly sexualized in one way or another, and full of NSFW content (Fetlife, Tumblr, subreddits on Reddit, etc), so I think there's already enough places one can go to express themselves in that way. I want this place to feel "different" from other DD/lg/BDSM communities. I think too many communities are so caught up in the sexual side of this, when that's only such a small part of DD/lg. For example, go on Tumblr right now, and type in "ddlg" into the search box; instead of getting useful knowledge and a variety of posts, all you will see are a whole bunch of NSFW gifs and pictures. It's fine to express that, but surely it shouldn't be such a huge focus?


    Therefore from now on, I've decided that any NSFW or suggestive content is banned from the gallery, and from the entire site. Linking to NSFW or suggestive content is OK, however you have to put a "NSFW" notice on it before you link to it. It's up to the moderators to define what constitutes suggestive content, but probably it'll be limited to content that seems deliberately designed to turn people on. Ultimately if it seems like you're only on here to post half naked pictures of yourself, and to just turn people on, then you'll quickly get yourself banned. This is a forum and community, so please take that elsewhere. If you have any advice or feedback about this, feel free to send me a PM. I'm all ears.

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    #87658 No "True" Way

    Posted by MellyBoo19912015 on 04 January 2017 - 07:11 PM

    Well hi there everyone. Let me introduce myself to those of you who won't know me. I'm Melly and I'm an admin here and one of the resident bad asses. I'm writing today because I'm noticing a worrying trend. I'm seeing a lot of people boasting about knowing the one true way.

    Let me tell you right now, there is no true way. It does not exist. The wonders about life and BDSM and CG/l or whatever you call it is that we can make it whatever we want in our relationships. We can chose and chop and adapt it to fit us. I don't care if as part of your relationship rituals you rub you partners cock three times and play the Hokey Cokey before bed. What I care about here is that your over the age of 18, if you have a partner they are over 18, you follow the rules, you be yourself and that your Safe, Sane and Consensual. SSC is the only part of all BDSM practises I expect everyone to follow.

    Your all great, amazing people and don't let others restrict who you are. Know here we accept everyone and you will be respected. This is meant to be a safe haven for people in this lifestyle and will continue to be so.
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    #60995 Types of Littles

    Posted by Spooky on 24 July 2016 - 05:07 PM

    The following is a very general and very basic list and explanation of different types of Littles!


    ADULT BABY ~ An Adult Baby is a little with the youngest age regression. Think diapers, pacis and sippy bottles/cups, cribs and tons of stuffies!


    BABYGIRL ~ A Babygirl doesn't necessarily identity with a certain age. They are emotionally sensitive and child-like in life. Tend to be submissive. 


    BRATS ~ A brat can be either submissive or a non-submissive. Some like to disobey to be tamed or just enjoy mild to extreme punishment. Whereas some just do not wish to submit or to be punished, just want their way. A brat can be in any age range!


    LITTLES ~ Little is just a broad term for a wide age range! A term for someone who isn't sure what their little age is, or just has a fluctuating age range!


    MIDDLES ~ A middle is a general term of an older little. A bit older on the age scale, anywhere from 7 to the double digits. Generally more independent and enjoy cartoons, colouring and tons and tons of stuffies!


    NYMPHETS ~ A middle who is generally bratty, promiscuous and sexually forward. 


    PETS ~ This is a more broad range, including; kittens, bunnies, wolves, puppies, foxes and many, many more. Much like a kitten they can be any age range and enjoy being played with, pet and taken care of! Again, think collars, cute ears, tags, toys and tails!


    KITTENS ~ A kitten is a more popular pet in DDLG. Enjoy being pet, played with and taken care of. A Kitten can be any age as well. Think cute little kitten ears, collars, tags, toys and tails!


    IMPS~ An imp is similar to a pet, many of them enjoy being collared, played with and taken care of. What defines an imp is their mischievous ways (similar to a brat).


    SWITCHES ~ A switch is someone who identifies as both a Little and a Caregiver. How often one goes into Caregiver or Little mode is dependent on the individual.


    DOMINANT LITTLES ~ A dominant little is a little that “calls the shots” in a DD/LG relationship, they still like to be taken care of and need the same amount of nurturing and love as any other little.


    SUBMISSIVES~ A submissive is a broad term that can encompass and be embodied by any little at any age. They enjoy being dominated and being taken care of.



    Keep in mind these are all very general and very basic archetypes of different types of littles. You can be more than one type of little or maybe none of these of all!

    What defines you being a little is not the terminology, just the fact that you are a little.

    If you don't feel as though you fit into any of these terms, do not fret!

    If there are any missing Little Types, please feel free to message me and I will add it on!

    If there is anything more I should add to any definitions, message me!

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    #58392 Searching High and Low For That Special Little

    Posted by StrictGentleman on 05 July 2016 - 01:01 AM

    Age: 47 
    Little age (If applicable)
    Name: StrictGentleman
    Role: Daddy
    Years experience (If applicable): 15
    Location: NY
    Sexual Orientation: straight 
    Looking for: little
    Hi. I'm a fit, active, handsome, and successful professional man and an experienced Daddy, and I'm looking for my lost little girl. When I find her, I will wrap my arms around her and keep her feeling safe and warm. I realize that I'll have to give up a lot in order to have time to pamper my little girl because I have to tuck her in each night and she needs to be given things like bubble baths, back rubs, and snuggle time. I will accept her for who she is, and I will help her be the best that she can be. My little girl will be given plenty of time to play, but she will be subject to strict guidelines and rules. She will be soundly disciplined for any disobedience but always in her best interest. She will spend much of her time with a sore bottom, which will remind her how well she is cared for. The relationship while not outwardly visible to others will be foremost in her mind when we are in public. A stern glare, a quick swat, or the tone of my voice will always be there to remind her that she is daddy's girl and that more serious consequences will follow when we get home. She can earn rewards like movie night, vacation/shopping trips, and more sensual time over my knee when she has been a good girl. Even if she is a strong, independent and successful woman to the outside world, she will know that she can retreat to the warmth and comfort of her Daddy and leave all of that behind. I'm looking for a full-time monogamous relationship with a hwp little who lives within driving distance or is willing to eventually relocate so that all of this can be provided for her daily the way only a loving Daddy can.  


    lf description here. What are your interests? What are your hobbies? etc.*

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    #9636 What are your rules?

    Posted by NotQuiteRapunzel on 27 April 2015 - 06:45 PM

    I have rules! Sir said it was okay to post them here.

    1. School is very important; you must go every day and tell Sir about homework and deadlines.
    2. Don't keep secrets from Sir; tell me your worries, I can't help if I don't know the problem.
    3. No swearing; Princesses have no need for vulgar words.
    4. Sir will choose your outfits, and you must ask when changing clothes; you can help with suggestions. You must send a description of what you are wearing in the morning.
    5. Bed time is when Sir says, and you must stay in bed if a time is given.
    6. Tell Sir when you're going to eat. Permission must be given for sweets and alcohol; fed and watered littles are happy littles.
    7. You must ask to go on tumblr, and ask to post things regarding Sir; I need to make sure you're safe everywhere, including online.
    8. NSFW: You must ask to touch your princess parts, and ask again to cum.
    9. You must ask to shower/have a bath. While there, you are only allowed to touch your princess parts for washing and shaving. Clean shaven princess parts are much preferred.

    These are the rules I've been following for over a year now. Some of them only applied to certain days when we started our relationship, and the clothes rule still does.

    Writing them all out has made me think we may need to refresh a few of these! I hope it was interesting for you x

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    #69810 Instant Gratification

    Posted by LittleBree on 11 September 2016 - 08:43 PM

    *Waves* So. I am going to play devil's advocate again. This time on something I feel passionately about. I just ask we all keep the peace and are able to have a mature discussion. Thanks everyone.


    Here lately I have found myself talking to people, one on one, about the plague that has swept through generations. The one named Instant Gratification. We all know that need, the desire to get what we want and get it NOW. To put forth little effort and have things just fall into place. We are all guilty of it, at least sometimes, and we will always be guilty of it in some aspects. This is seen especially true when it comes to things like electronics and personal gains. In this day and age we are able to get so much instantly that we are conditioning ourselves into thinking this is the norm. Well. Let me make one thing clear. 


    Instant gratification in relationships will always lead to failure.


    Wait... Just once more... 


    Instant gratification in relationships will always lead to failure.


    I will use this forum as an example, but know this whole post can easily be applied to any other means of relationships. 


    I have seen a behavior here of people (and I will never name names) joining the site, or starts becoming active, or expresses their needs to just get what they seek and want it all to happen within that moment. To narrow the scope, lets turn just to the personals and chat. All too much a person will become increasingly impatient when their add does not get the responses they desire, or the attention they want in chat. And, from a third person perspective, this is so mentally damaging of a mindset.


    When people seek instant relationships, nine times out of ten they will fail. And if they don't fail, it will not be an ideal situation. These people who want their CG or their little NOW are those who are not educated enough in this dynamic. Let me explain:


    I am not saying those who are ready for a relationship are uneducated. It is the people who just expect to get a CG or a little simply because they are here or they want attention or that they are apart of the community AND they don't want to take time in getting to know anyone. These people are the ones who need to step back and start doing more research. These people are going to be the ones who are continually hurt or who will hurt (unintentionally) others because of their lack of understanding of social dynamics. You cannot expect instant gratification with relationships because it is harmful for those involved. This is psychological fact.


    But what I have noticed as an issue in this community are those who are expecting a relationship to just *happen* without even making an attempt at... anything. To me (as MY OPINION) these people are no where near ready to even be in a relationship. If you are not willing to be a part of a community (using this forum as an example) and get to know anyone, then that speaks to how much effort you are willing to put into a significant other. If you just expect someone to come to you and fulfill your needs, again, that just shows how lazy you are in relationships. And that is not something anyone needs.


    Moving away from my opinion - Psychology shows us that to form any kind of connection a basis of understanding and mutual knowledge is needed of one another. And this cannot be done in mere hours or days. A person does not experience the spectrum of emotions and triggers needed to fully show the real You in days. Am I saying you need to know your possible CG or little 100% before forming a relationship? No, not at all. I am saying you need to know more than the basics, just like any relationship. What are their theologies, professional goals, academic goals, future living plans, family goals, what are their pet peeves, fears, passions, etc? How can you even begin to make an informed decision if you don't know anything about a person? What happens when you get caught up in finding your new "Daddy" and you two are together and then only find out that he never wants to have kids, he doesn't believe in God and he is racist? But wait... you "loved" him? Remember? Or what happens when you get with your new "little" and find out she never wants to work, expects a high lifestyle and has a track record?


    Of course everyone has flaws and those can be worked on if you love someone - but you cannot love someone within hours because you don't even know that person. You know what they want you to know. There are exceptions of course - maybe you two talked for 10 hours a day for weeks. Or you form such a deep level of connection over a like passion that it drives the need to know more. But what I am saying is - you cannot expect this instant, serious, relationship after just meeting someone. You cannot expect to find your forever CG or Little the moment you post an add. You cannot expect to find a TRUE Daddy when you say in chat "I need a Daddy so badly" or vice versa (Daddy for a little). 


    These things take time. And that is a good thing! We, society in general, need to learn to take time for those things that truly matter. We need to savor the process of getting to know someone, to learning those little details that drive us wild with wonder and amazement. 


    We need to understand that instant gratification should be saved for fast food and Netflix, and not people and relationships. 



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    #9076 How To Make a Little Feel Little

    Posted by DreamieDaddy on 24 April 2015 - 06:43 AM

    I just posted this on my Tumblr blog a few days ago from an anonymous person asking. It got hundreds of notes, so since so many liked it I thought I would share it here. Anyone (Daddies, Mommies, and littles) is welcome to add more suggestions too. As this is a question I get asked a lot by not only new Daddies, but also by littles that are trying to get their partner to be a Daddy for them. So they know what suggestions to give them.


    - Pat her bottom
    - Pat her head 
    - Sit her on your lap
    - Get her dressed 
    - Get her undressed 
    - Diaper her, check her diaper, change her diaper
    - Kiss her forehead 
    - Call her pet names like sweetie, honey, sweet heart, baby doll, princess, kitten, and others like that
    - Cuddle her 
    - Hold her hand (especially crossing street)
    - Pick her up
    - Tickle her 
    - Give her raspberries on her tummy 
    - Feed her with with a spoon or fork
    - Cut up her food for her
    - Wipe her mouth when messy 
    - Give her a bath and wash her
    - Brush her hair 
    - Tell her she’s your baby 
    - Buckle her seat belt 
    - Hold her bottle or sippy while she drinks
    - Tell her bed time stories

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    #81150 Please Screenshot and Report not text and kik

    Posted by LicklePrincess on 25 November 2016 - 02:51 PM

    It has come to the attention of the team in recent weeks that rather than screen-shotting issues and making a report on them to be dealt with, people are texting and kiking moderators and administrators personal accounts.


    This is not fair, most of you who have these contact details for us have been given them so we can chat or engage in conversation outside of the site. Not so that you can get us on our downtime to talk about something that could just be reported.


    Every single one of us on the team are here on our spare time, not being paid and are taking many hours out of our already busy lives to try and make this site a better and safer place. We have full time jobs, we have health concerns, we have partners, we have families and we have lives outside of here. 


    When we take a little down time to have some time off, or even to sleep, let us! If we are not on site there is a reason we are not on, it's not because we are feeling lazy and don't want to log in.


    Yes we understand there can be "emergencies" which are more serious than others and sometimes need a quick look. However many of the times we have gotten these messages to our personal contacts, these issues could have been dealt with once a moderator signs on and did not need immediate action.


    To remind people how to use the report feature and how to help us deal with these issues I am going to post the existing post re reporting here. Please read it.



    This report feature works, when it is used. However it is not being used enough.


    So next time please you feel like texting or kiking a moderator who is not on site please think is it fair or necessary to be waking this person up or taking from their down time?

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    #98693 Sometimes the obvious needs to be said

    Posted by LicklePrincess on 15 March 2017 - 09:00 AM

    This will be a clear cut and quick post.


    Any person found screenshotting ANY aspect of the site and reposting it or sharing it externally will be immediately and permanently banned from the site.


    This includes any details of any members which have been posted on the site or any activities, photos or site content.



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    #69301 A Starting Point for Rules, Rewards & Punishments

    Posted by Spooky on 08 September 2016 - 07:50 PM

    Let me preface this all by saying, most of this post is from personal experience. I am a middle but I believe Little's as well as Caregivers caring for Little's of any age can learn from this and the general outline.

    This is just a starting point.




    Every set of rules is going to be different, simply because every Little and CG is different. There are a few important things to keep in mind when making your own set of rules.


    #1 Rules are not meant to control and restrict.

    #2 Rules are meant to guide and enrich.

    #3 Rules can and should be modified as seen necessary.


    We know everyone is different which means what I need to help myself grow and enrich is going to be different from anyone else. This is why communication during the making of rules is so important.


    The following are rules that I personally use, below each rule is a short reason for why this rule is used. Most rules are meant to help me personally cope and be the best that I can be, with the help and encouragement of my CG. We both sat down and made these rules together.


    • No television until I have read for at least 30 minutes.

      • Reading is something I LOVE DOING. But when you are facing depression, it is difficult to keep doing the things that you love.

    • Daily Chores must be completed before going out

      • This one is a lenient one, if I am working that morning, obviously this isn't feasible.

    • Wake up by 9am on Weekdays & 10am on Weekends.

      • To us, waking up early means a longer, more fruitful and productive day

    • Must be showered & dressed by 11am

      • Once again depression factors into this rule. If I had my way I would be in my pajamas, in bed all day most days.

    • May only be on the computer or phone for 30mins after bedtime (reading is okay)

      • This is also a lenient rule we have, due to my position on this site. It is a rule because I do struggle with sleeping, taking away screens helps calm me down before a night of rest.

    • Must eat something before 5pm

      • Was originally "eat before 3pm" I am sorry to say that proved difficult to implement so it was modified to make it easier for me to accomplish.

    • No coffee after 8pm

      • Too much caffeine = bad night of sleep for me. Another modified rule, originally "No coffee after 5pm" psh yeah right :p

    • No energy drinks without permission

      • As you can probably tell, I have a caffeine problem. Honestly got so tired of waiting for the okay, that I have not had an energy drink in ages.

    • Monitored drinking (alcohol) & smoking

      • Both of these are mentally and physically related. For my health across the board.

    • Negative self thoughts & feelings should be directed to my CG.

      • I understand that many have rules stating "no negative talk/thoughts" and ideally this would be good enough. Realistically, one cannot hope to completely stop such thoughts and ignoring them is not effective. So my CG prefers that I talk to him about these things, so he can converse with me, soothe my feelings, help me think positively and help me change these things I dislike.

    • No online shopping without permission

      • hehe

    • No art projects requiring paint and/or glue without permission/supervision

      • hehehheehehehehehe

    • No phone or computer out during meals

      • Just a common courtesy thing.

    Note that a few rules were amended. This is because rules are not meant to be broken however, those rules were broken an incredible amount of times. Rather than continue senseless punishment, amendment of those rules was made to help me.

    Modify rules as much as needed and go over rules every now and again, some rules may be taken out and some may need to be added.


    If you are having difficulty getting your Little to follow a rule, take a time out from the dynamic and talk about it as adults.

    If you are having difficulty following your CG's rule, take a time out from the dynamic and talk about it as adults.




    Rewards are the best thing that comes with having rules!


    Depending on if you are LDR or close, your form of Rewards or Reward System may differ.

    Rewarding your Little & your CG is very important, that is right, you should reward your CG for taking care of you! It is not an easy job!


    Rewards Systems


    • Choremonster & Mothershp ~ Easy to use Reward System, good for LDR and near by. Create daily & weekly tasks for rewards! Doing ‘x’ amount of chores or tasks unlocks ‘x’ reward!

    • Time Bank ~ For doing various chores and tasks your Little can collect “time”. The time can be used to stay up late, play games or watch television instead of doing chores!

    • Chore planner ~ Everyday is a new day with new tasks, have your Little write out goals and things to accomplish that day, reward at the end of the week or monthly! (I personally use this concept, helps me keep track of what needs to be done)

    • Sticker chart ~ You can take a calendar and everyday chores or tasks are completed add a cute sticker!! Then make a reward bank, x amount of stickers gets you x reward! You can cash in the stickers for smaller rewards or bank them for awhile for a super cool reward!


    Rewards for Littles!


    • Special rabb.it movei night ~  Your Little had such a good week, let her/him pick out a movie for the two of you to watch together!

    • Amazon Wish List ~ Have your little make their very own wishlist, books, stuffies, movies, clothes, collars and so much more! Makes getting the perfect gift so much easier!

    • Special game night ~ If you have the same gaming console or maybe a fun game on your phone a night spent gaming together will be a good reward!

    • Send a Little Care Package ~ New stuffie sprayed with your perfume/cologne, coloring books/pencils, stickers, glitter, bath bombs,

    • ALL ABOUT LITTLE DAY ~ this is a HUGE reward. Plan a day the two of you have off and let your Little GO WILD. A few hours at the beach/zoo/toy store/build a bear, maybe a movie night out, or a movie night in the cool blanket fort you guys made! Maybe a tea party! The possibilities are endless and you are both sure to have TONS OF FUN!


    Rewards for Cgs!


    • Send a CG Care Package ~ A bunch of drawings and colourings you made, pictures of you and your favorite stuffies, a stuffie sprayed with your perfume/cologne so they have something to cuddle!

    • Gaming Console Gift Cards! (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, etc)

    • Buy your CG a subscription to something like Hulu, Netflix or Spotify, something you know they would enjoy!

    • Amazon Wish List ~ Have your Cg make their very own wishlist,  books, video games, movies, clothes and so much more! Makes getting the perfect gift so much easier!

    • Make/Send your CG a homemade craft!

    • CG’s Movie Night ~ Let you CG pick out their favorite movie and enjoy it together!

    • Special Snacks ~ Make your CG their favourite snack to enjoy when they get home! Brownies! Cheesecake! Rice Krispie Treats!

    • ALL ABOUT CG DAY!! ~ this is your CG’s very own special day! Let your CG drag you all around town doing the things they want to do! Make you CG food! Tuck them in for a nap! Buy them the candy from the store!




    The worst part of having rules and the most difficult part of being a CG.


    Once again, communicating during the creation of Punishments is vital.


    Inform your Little why are you punishing them before starting any punishment.

    Lack of communication can cause serious psychological damage.


    Make sure you have a safety word if any punishment is going too far or getting uncomfortable. Abide by the safety word.


    Note that not every broken rule is worthy of a punishment. Some broken rules simply need a stern, loving and guided conversation. You wouldn't punish someone for not eating, not taking medication or things of that nature. In certain cases like those, punishment may just make your Little afraid to talk you about things like that.


    Examples of positive reinforcement.

    • Drinking coffee after the allowed time = No coffee tomorrow.

    • Using phone or computer during meal = No more phone or computer for the night

    • Not doing daily reading before television = No television for the night and/or next day

    • Doing "x" without permission = Loss of doing "x" for the week or month

    • Talking back (excessively) = Writing lines

    • Not doing daily chores (with the exception of certain unavoidable circumstances) = More chores tomorrow

    • Loss of an earned reward for excessive bad behaviour

    Examples of negative reinforcement

    • Cut off communication

      • Not communicating with your significant other for no apparent reason is psychologically damaging. Even if you are beside yourself, unsure what to do, generally angry. You owe it to your significant other to send, at the very least "I am upset and would like to talk about this tomorrow"

    • Degradation, belittlement & name calling

      • Unless specifically given the okay for punishments.

    • Slapping, hitting, punching, spanking anything considered physical abuse

      • Unless specifically given the okay for punishments.

    • Taking away anything that violates consent. Such as; taking away bathroom rights, eating or socializing.

      • Unless specifically given the okay for punishments.

    • Manipulation. Such as; taking away collars or physical affection. Sentences that start with "You don't deserve ‘me’ ‘my love’ ‘any love’ etc….”

      • These are psychologically damaging, cruel and not okay unless specifically given the okay for punishment.

    If you are having difficulty getting your Little to follow through with a punishment, take a time out from the dynamic and talk about it as adults.

    If you are having difficulty following through with a punishment, take a time out from the dynamic and talk about it as adults.


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    #68336 The Official DDLGForum Coloring Book

    Posted by Lillin on 02 September 2016 - 10:08 PM

    That's right! Your favorite forum now has its own official coloring book!

    It's printable, free, and all drawn by me!

    Though right now there's only a few pages, I'll be updating it very often with more and more pages for you color!


    The first batch of pages will each feature the personalities of one of our beloved moderators, featuring their usernames and their favorite things! And soon we'll move on to drawing all things DDLG!


    Feel free to post your colored in pages and any suggestions you have in the comments!


    page 1


    page 2


    page 3


    page 4


    page 5


    page 6


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    #905 huge list of little activities

    Posted by ashwee on 05 March 2015 - 03:59 PM

    So like for some reason i've always wanted to come up with a huuuuge alphabetical list of activities to do as a little, and I'd figure I'd share what I have so far.  Feel free to add to it if there's something missing!

    • baking (esp. cookies or brownies)
    • bedtime stories and being tucked in
    • being a princess
    • being told you're too little to do ____
    • blanket forts
    • blankies
    • blowing bubbles
    • braided hair & pigtails
    • bubble baths
    • candy & cookies
    • candyland the board game
    • cartoons
    • chocolate
    • chocolate milk
    • cute clothes
    • coloring (esp. with crayons)
    • cotton candy
    • crafting in general
    • if relevant.... diaper checks & changing
    • helping make dinner
    • dressing up
    • firework sparklers
    • forehead/cheek kisses
    • giggling
    • glittery things of all forms
    • glow in the dark anything
    • cute hair accessories
    • hair brushing
    • head patting
    • holding hands
    • hugs & cuddling
    • ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles
    • juice boxes
    • jump rope
    • letters to caregiver
    • lolipops
    • macaroni and cheese (esp. the shaped kraft kind)
    • milkshakes
    • having caregiver / daddy / mommy open jars and cans for you
    • cute names for you or your caregiver
    • naps
    • nightlights
    • pacifiers
    • playgrounds
    • reward charts & calendars
    • having shoes tied
    • sidewalk chalk
    • sippy cups
    • skip it
    • slip 'n slide
    • cute snacks
    • smiling :)
    • stuffed animals
    • talking cutesy & using your little voice
    • tea parties
    • tiaras
    • tickling
    • walking in the park
    • water gun fights
    • water sprinklers


    That's all I can think of for now, but I figure I'll add more too as I think of things.

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    #12125 What are your rules?

    Posted by tiemeupwithyourlove on 22 May 2015 - 11:46 PM

    We don't really have written down our rules, but we have an ark of paper with the following rules that Daddy wrote down after a very tiring week (in my defense, I was sick and full with antibiotics... and bored).

    1. Princess is always to ask for permission before eating cookies or any other sweets. (I cleared the stash.) 
    2. Princess is to obey all orders when playing with others, even those not by Daddy or take the punishment in silence. ( I didn't want a babysitter.) 
    3. Princess is not to cut her stuffies hair alone and without supervision. (My Barbies needed a fresh style and I cut my finger) 
    4. Princess is not to maneuver the stove or oven alone and without supervision. ( I wanted cookies and I burnt my hand) 
    5. Princess is not to climb the furniture alone and without supervision. ( I wanted to reach the cookies Daddy bought after I failed baking my own) 
    6. Princess is not to leave Daddy's sight without clearing it with him first. (I walked off to find a place to sit when Daddy was buying said cookies)
    7. Princess is not to take out the batteries out of Daddy's alarm because she doesn't want him to go to his job. ( I was feeling lonely.)  
    8. Princess is not to refer to her Daddy's job as stupid. (He asked why I did it.) 


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    #66916 IMPORTANT! We are starting an awareness week!

    Posted by LittleBree on 26 August 2016 - 03:51 AM

    Some of us in the Caregiver/Little community are starting a means of communicating with each other! We are trying to get an Awareness Week up and running! This is to help those in our community silently, and safely, show who we are to other Caregivers and Littles!

    Here is How:

    Starting September 26, 2016 those who wish to participate is to wear a piece of ribbon on their left wrist for the whole last week of September. We want to make this a monthly thing! So the last week of each month will be the time to wear your ribbon to signal other members of the community which role you are and that you are open to friendship! Each role has a designed color and needs to have the first letter of their role written clearly on the ribbon itself.

    Ribbon Colors:

    Daddies - Blue (with a letter D written on it)

    Mommies - Purple (with a letter M written on it)

    Boy Littles - Green (with a letter L written on it)

    Girl Littles - Pink (with a letter L written on it)

    Middles - Orange (with letter T written on it)

    Switches - Yellow (with a letter S written on it)

    We are trying to spread this as far as we can. Too many people in our community feel alone or segregated because it is incredibly hard to find each other. So help spread the word!

    Remember! This is a SAFE means of communication! Do NOT wear a ribbon if you do not want anyone (in the community) to know who you are! DO NOT mistreat this process as well! Just because someone is showing who they are does not give you the right to harass them as a fellow member!

    Lets make this movement work, everyone! We need to stick together! There are enough people out there who do not like our community! This will allow our support systems to grow! 


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    #45805 Why I wont talk online with underage littles

    Posted by wolfdaddy on 29 March 2016 - 08:32 AM

    Hey everyone! I just thought I would share a very recent experience and some general thoughts about a delicate subject, but one that is important to discuss out in the open.

    I was recently contacted by someone on this forum, and they are the most amazing little! Unconventional, sensitive, a little bit rock-n-roll but with the sweetest heart. Someone very new to things and working out what’s right and what isn’t for them. This is someone I felt immediately kindly towards. If you’re like that, the chances are high I’m going to like you!

    Buuuuut - they did the right thing really early into the conversation and let me know that they were underage and that their forum age isn’t their real one.

    Now they weren’t underage by a lot, but they were still underage and I’d just like to speak a little about that.

    Firstly, there is NOTHING wrong with discovering your identity early (although of course be open to things changing for you), and knowing who you are at whatever time you realise that about yourself, young or older. I think a lot of us wish we had known other aspects of ourselves earlier in life. If you’ve come to an understanding of your nature early, then maybe you’re a real adventurer and are going to go some pretty special places on that unexplored road ahead.

    But there are massive issues with anyone over 18 talking to anyone under 18 online ESPECIALLY in a kink or dd/lg context. Sure it’s an arbitrary number that changes country to country blah blah blah – this is the kind of reasoning manipulative people use. And sure there are legal implications, but they are so obvious I want to skip them because what I want to share runs a bit deeper.

    Us daddies are typically, I feel, attracted to the little/youthful sides of our partners - innocence, playfulness, naivety. You'd hope so, right? But the thing is - that’s actually not so much about age as it is about who a person is. Seeking to explore that with someone younger BECAUSE someone is young is gross.

    Here’s the thing - talking to someone underage is just morally indefensible. If you are an underage little, you are in a really tough spot and I do feel for you, because the good daddies will not want to talk to you, but the predators will.

    Here’s a very recent example of this playing out in another forum. This young lady talked to someone online who knew she was 17 and who patiently waited until she was 18 to start talking sexy to her. So what’s the problem? Well, I think this thread illustrates the problem exactly. If you are an underage little I feel you should learn from this girl’s story – and please note how the community responded to it:


    Note that this dom turned out to be pretty disgusting and manipulative and was using her naivety, that beautiful innocent characteristic, against her. It’s clear what his agenda in talking to someone underage was.

    If you meet someone in a kink context online of the opposite gender and a daddy to your little or whatever, it would be silly to assume there is not an agenda there. And so underage littles – PLEASE be smart. An adult who is interested in you is not a very mentally healthy guy, or at the very best has incredibly poor ethics and judgement. You don't want someone like that being an early experience for you. Or a later experience, for that matter. But you will get better at spotting creeps the more people you meet.

    Talking to someone underage in order to maintain some sort of rapport so that once they are of age you can start talking about kink with them is grooming. It is manipulative, and it is morally deeply gross. Grooming is about establishing an emotional connection with you and gaining your trust so that the relationship can later be made sexual. And as such, it’s not a very real interest in who you actually are – can you see the element of objectification in that?

    It’s great to find a more experienced mentor to help you learn about yourself. We all learn best about ourselves in the context of our relationships with others. I myself have been very lucky to have had more experienced mentors at every step of my journey.

    So here is my advice for underage littles:

    1. By virtue of your age, no matter how special and clever you are, you are easily able to be manipulated. Something that even feels good or OK at the time can end up being damaging later.

    2. DO network. Be online. Have a tumblr or talk here or whatever. But I would encourage you to talk to other underage people. And I would ESPECIALLY encourage you to seek out older, more experienced, littles and befriend them.

    3. Avoid daddies who want to talk to you, knowing you are underage. It’s just not good. Full stop. I’m not at all a black and white thinker, but this is one exception.

    4. Always be honest about your age even if you feel like exploring now. I am so deeply thankful to this person for being honest with me so early. That’s just a sign of great character. Please be aware that if you even have overly-flirtatious talk with someone, let alone send a pic, then you are causing them to commit a crime for which they might be severely punished even if they thought your age was different. Please don’t do that to anyone! It's also a real risk to this community to have you here. So it's a risk to yourself, whoever you chat with, and also this forum. Please consider that.

    There are TONS of great guys out there who you can experiment with as you get started. The good ones to find will be underage too. Yeah, they won't know much yet and you need to be picky but that's exactly the thing - if you're just starting out you have the opportunity to do exactly that. A daddy who encourages the whole 'boys my age are so dumb' thing may be trying to manipulate you. So be totally OK with ruling people out early. There is NO need to interact with people who aren't exactly right. Ok, so those are my thoughts. Anyone else? Are there any good resources or spaces for underage littles to gather? Any threads here? Anyone who was an underage little themselves, or a daddy who has been in this situation, want to share advice with the community?

    Thanks, and peace all J

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