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    Omg TuT I ordered a new brand of vape juice for my shop to carry. I specifically ordered banana iced for myself cause I’m a spoiled brat. IT TASTES LIKE BANANA POPSICLES IM SO HAPPY!
    Apr 07 2021 08:27 PM
    • GayKitten's Photo
      nooooooice! oh that reminds me, i have vaping-related questions for you that i'm sure i'm going to forget to send you even after i type this out XD
      Apr 08 2021 12:00 AM
    • Vampiress's Photo
      I don't vape but that sounds yummy. Banana is my favorite fruit.
      Apr 08 2021 04:39 AM
    • DaddysMonkey's Photo
      GayKitten ~ I have all the answers ^-^ I take apart mods and put them back together for fun at work. You can ask me anything and I more than likely have an answer ! You can message me hehe
      Apr 08 2021 07:52 AM