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  1. I want the pure innocence of just a genuine love and care of a daddy & I donโ€™t know how to find it without the sexual/romantic parts added to it ๐Ÿ’” i guess iโ€™m just making this post to gain hope & know itโ€™s possible? It has to be right? ๐Ÿ˜ข
  2. DanishVikingDaddy

    Shelf-finding and navigating.

    I think I finally found my place - in what seems a jungle of sexual orientations. Frankly I don't think I would manage trying them all in a single lifetime anyway. I always knew I was biased in this direction, but I never had a place to put it before. I imagine almost everyone in this community can relate to that feeling of "i must be a monster" or "I gotta be wired wrong" or even worse... What I am trying to say is thank you. Feeling like you belong somewhere is key and I never been more sure of a shelf before. I am not the average minded caregiver - I think... See this is me being biased coz I have no freaking clue what is on the mind on the average minded caregiver... Don't mind me, just calling BS on myself... Back on topic... My ideal dynamic would be with a sassy and free spirited little. One who can turn the roles and be dominant and actually punish me if ignoring her, making her feel less than she is or being a distant douche bag. In essence, still caregiver/little relation but more balanced or even slightly tipped compared to a classic dominance power structure... Am I even making sense right now? Hope you will reflect and reply. Thank you
  3. ##1ยฐ*BeDaddy'sGoodGirl


    Answer the previous poster's question with something that is wrong - the further from true it is, the better Then post a question of your own. To start the game off: Why doesn't a snake have legs?
  4. Hi there, I am sincerely to know what are caregivers or daddies are looking for in a relationship. I somehow understand that as an adult to request for attention from another adult is not really common and making sense. That is somehow my nature is. I honestly feel kind of guilty for being not independent. And I doubt that there will be a man will take care of me as a child out of the desire of being a daddy to a stranger. I want to know what you guys as caregivers looking for in a DDLG relationship. Or what motivates you to take care of another adult in a parental way. What we as little can do that deserve this kind of kindness. If you are experienced, I would appreciate if you can explain how to make this type of relationship work. There are topics hard to escape. And I hope to get the answer. 1.Financial arrangements: Is daddy taking care his girl financially, assuming is fully, common or making sense? If not, how to arrange the financial responsibility without hurting the โ€œrolesโ€? 2.sexual interactions: Is sex involved in a DDLG relationship usually? Will it feel like incest. If sex is necessarily involved, how to avoid or reduce the confusion of the roles. Many thanks.
  5. PeachyPantsu

    Littles that smoke.

    Okay so I have a really big question.. Is it okay for a little to smoke cigarettes or weed? Like.. I don't know. I know that some people have rules against it but I'm the type that kind of uses these things to get through the week. So for me it's really annoying when I'm told I have to stop. I understand you're trying to help me but I will probably snap on someone at my job if I don't have a cigarette. And weed kind of makes my social anxiety go away (even though it's only an occasional thing). So I just want to know other people's opinions on it. Like am I being selfish for not wanting to quit or change that part of my life or is it normal? I don't even know.
  6. littledutchone

    Dutchies, lets talk!

    Hallo allemaal, Zoals sommige weten was er een poosje een Nederlands topic wat er voor heeft gezorgd dat er destijds een meeting was in een park in Utrecht. Ik weet niet of deze mensen het hebben gemerkt, maar de maker van dat topic zit niet meer op het forum. Dat is voornamelijk de reden dat ik deze nu start. Zo kunnen nederlanders toch nog met elkaar kletsen en/of tips en tricks delen. Ik hoop dat het net zo een gezellig topic wordt als dat de vorige was. Liefs Littledutchone
  7. Hello, my question is I feel it is quite hard to look for someone right online, as the information usually it is kind of limited by reading their online profiles. And you donโ€™t even know how they look like. Sometimes you get a pic of their faces but you donโ€™t know their figure, height, weight something. If you are thinking seriously, maybe even need to know their jobs. And it is kind of rude to ask away these questions in the beginning. I would will feel a little guarded if someone ask me a lot of personal questions when I donโ€™t know them as well. So how do you deal with the limited information when you are chatting someone who maybe your potential daddy. Is it more about patience or more being direct? How to balance it? What I feel worst is when you flirt with someone (or they do) and you guys kind of get along online. But when you get to know them more, you found you didnโ€™t like them. It is just a little bit guilty also not feeling good. Is any way to avoid it? Or it is just common for online dating.
  8. Married_Lg

    Thinking aboutโ€ฆ

    When theyโ€™re working and you miss them so you crawl under their desk just to hold onto their leg. They feel your cheek against their inner thigh and occasionally pet your head, but otherwise ignore you. At the end of the day you listen to how their day went, only adding in your thoughts and reactions when your head is tapped like itโ€™s an on/off button. Because it isnโ€™t all blowjobs and leg humping under the desk. Sometimes you just need to be close to the person who you care for most.
  9. Daddy Ivey

    Long distance punishments.

    Hello there, Iโ€™m a Daddy who has been in practice for about 3 or 4 years now. Iโ€™m looking to see what punishments other caregivers use for bratty/naughty Littles. Iโ€™d like to get some new ideas, for future use. Feel free to share your own experiences, or suggest anything you deem helpful.
  10. Guest

    Hello World...

    I've tried to be on this site in the past and had a few bad experiences so I stepped away. But, I've always felt something missing. So, this time I plan to take things slower. I am a bit different than most as I don't see myself as a Daddy Dom but as a caregiver. In my spare time when I'm not working I enjoy working on hotrods, gassers and discreet drag cars I love making a car look stock from the exterior but be a mean son of a... Well, you get the point. I'm the type of guy who tries to make everyone feel like family often reminding people including my employees that I don't have friends I have family. For some that means more to them than anything else. Life is short so as long as you stay humble and kind to those you cross paths with I feel you're doing pretty well. If you have any questions feel free to add and private message me. I tend to get notifications that way. Have a blessed day.
  11. Iโ€™ve been running into issues trying to find the right mommy. I feel like most of them have been getting really sexual right from the start and not wanting to actually have a real conversation first. Always like 5 messages in the sexual stuff starts happening. Iโ€™ve made it clear that Iโ€™m brand new to the cgl/ ddlg community and I just donโ€™t know what to do. I feel like Iโ€™m being a prude or too needy. I just really want someone to care for me and make sure Iโ€™m okay in little space. Sex is fine with me I just donโ€™t want the relationship to revolve around it. Does that make sense? Am I too picky? I just feel like Iโ€™m out of place for not wanting sexy stuff immediately.
  12. AngelSweet

    Not sure where i belong

    I am not sure where i belong anymore. I'm an older little, some days i don't even feel little to be honest. Am i a little after all, or a middle. I'm a submissive for sure but do i belong here? I do want a caregiver but maybe I'm too old for one??? I'm just so lost and feel alone.
  13. Lollipox

    Drawin' on your LDR CG

    Just a random goofy idea for LDR :3 Whut if you wanna be able to draw on your Daddy/Mommy/CG? They could get printable temporary tattoo paper and print your drawing out to wear. Discretely or not, that's up to the individual. ^^ Idk just thought is a cool idea, that could make ppl in LDR's feel closer to one another. Or could be used as a special reward thing, since it'll obviously come off eventually. And and and soft.bratty_little.kitty added this idea: "Your daddy/mommy/cg could have a bit of confidence on the fact that you are theirs and they are yours and know you aren't afraid to show it/mark yourself with them. I feel it would help bond people in ldr."
  14. wittlebunny_

    Hello โ™ก

    Hii everyone, my name is bunny and I'm a little looking to make new friends and maybe find a caregiver as well. A bit about myself is I'm from the US. My big age is 25 and my little age is around 1-3. I'm really friendly and easy going but also shy in the beginning. I love animals, cutesy things, and gaming. There's a bunch more things about me but feel free to write to me if you'd like to be friends
  15. ~Littles during their period and using diapers~ I figured this was a thought I had in mind I've never see people talk about yet! Littles with their period, no matter their gender and caregivers can share their experience if they want and give tips to each other and maybe give me an answer or chat about this topic! So I know some of us like using diapers or seeing their little in diapers. Some use them to feel little and some others also use their utility. But What about when you're on your period? Do you still wear diapers? What if you're a little that uses them without using their functionality but leave a mess/stain inside? And what about littles who also do stuff inside their diapers while being on their period. How were your experiences so far? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Doesn't it remind you more of your physical age and kind of ruin your little space? Do the blood stains go through and stain the onesie if you wear it with a onesie? What about you caregivers? If your duty is for example changing the diapers of your little, do you have to be extra careful or do it as double as often because of the stains? Does it make your little less valuable or does it make them uncomfortable or shy? What are your guys experiences about the smell, do you smell it? I don't wear often diapers, I just own a pack of pull ups but they're super duper comfy! My problem is just that sometimes while on my period I feel even more the urge to get into little space, but end up so many times staining my onesies, which gets quite frustrating... Even if I wear panties under my onesies and a tampon or pads. And that get's me that frustrated because I love my onesies and am attached to them and get immediately adult thoughts once they're dirty like ''I have to clean them up'', or think too much about how to fix it asap, which ruins my little space. But due the hormonal change and stress I need to be more a little to relax and have some fun, so it's really difficult for me... That's why I though about the diapers, they could be like xxl pads and like that my onesies stay clean, but maybe seeing the red colour inside would again ruin my little space because it would remind me that I'm an adult since littles don't bleed... I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about that topic! Maybe if I read some more about it I can make up a decision if I should try it during my period soo I can be in little space and use my onesies without staining them or better not! Thanks for reading, greetings, puppy
  16. princessfreckles

    Stress Preventing Little Space

    I haven't been in middle space in well over a year. There are a lot of issues preventing it: stress from the pandemic, life stress, my living situation, lack of a dynamic, not hanging out with other littles irl, and mental health struggles to name a few key reasons. Please tell me I'm not the only one still struggling with this after a year! How have you handled it? Are you still feeling overwhelmed? I thought I was doing well but some personal struggles about a month ago showed me that wasn't the case. Do you have alternative healthy ways to handle stress that don't involve going into little space, since it's clear that's impossible for me at the moment? Thank you for your feedback!
  17. wolf parade

    Am I a switch?

    Hi new member. I don't know if I am a switch. I've been a DD for quite a few years, but I also like to be little in the carefree, no responsibility sense of the word occasionally, especially around a group of littles (that are not my little). I don't have any desire to have a DD or MD. Would I still be correctly considered a switch? Can you be a little without wanting a caregiver? Thank you for helping me clear this up!
  18. I'm going to edit this post as we go, but lets brain storm some things to call your Little or Caregiver. :3 I think this also would be really useful, because sometimes people have a hard time figuring out what might fit for them. :3 (Please don't give out personal pet names, or your name. This is general pet names. Also please no other names for other languages! ) Littles Girls- Little one Little Girl Doll Princess Baby Baby girl Sweetheart Beautiful Boys- Prince Little Boy Baby Boy Handsome Gender Neutral- Princett Honey pie Love Bug Munchkin Honey Love Cutie Little One Kitten Pup Brat Button Sweetie pie Pumpkin Muffin Fairy Bunny / Bun Buttercup Pudding Cup Kiddo My Special Little Girl/Boy Little Owl (Or another animal) Cutie pie Poppet My Treasure Sugar Plum Pirate Middles: Girls- Little Lady Miss Kitten Doll Dolly Baby doll Sweetie Sweetness M'lady Boys- Prince Handsome Gender Neutral- Princett Sweetie Love Hun Darling Puddin' Nerd * Sweetie pie Cutie pie Booger Darling Sugar Plum Poppet Caregivers: Daddies- Mister Daddy Dada Papa Sir Master Papa Bear King Lion Mommies - Ma'am Mommy Mama Mama Bear Queen Miss M'lady Gender Neutral - Pudding Love Nerd* Owner * = Ask before using so you don't offend your SO/partner(s) Please don't take these sections as 'this are terms only one group of people can use.' If you see a term you like using and your SO is okay with you using it with them, Go for it! Your comfort is important. I just set it up into sections because I like making sections.. >.<
  19. Im A little new to this community, Iโ€™ve had a little before and Iโ€™m seeking advice from other caregivers for bettering my position as a caregiver. Some questions to guide more of what Iโ€™m looking for is: What are appropriate punishments, ways to help a little get into their space through long distance, how could I help a little feel safe and proud about their space with me, What are some games I could play with them while in space, from past littles what are good pet names, is being a caregiver through friendship normal and if so whatโ€™s okay and not okay with that compared to a relationship cg/lg, and what are definite donts when it comes to littles?
  20. Guest

    Safe word for CG/DD?

    It's all known that Little and Sub have a safe word if their DD/CG is crossing or on the verge of crossing the limit. But what about DD/CG? We are humans and at some point have faced trauma. Shouldn't their be a safe word if the little might be triggering one of the not so good memories which they were trying to forget? Am I the only one who thinks that this lifestyle might need this update? Or does it violates the sole purpose of Dominant?
  21. punica221

    Greetings from Germany

    Hey Simon here, I'm a Daddy for two years now and joined that forum to share what I've learned so far and maybe learn some new stuff as well. Currently I'm not in a relationship but look forward to be. As English is just my second language there may be some sentences that won't be correct. If you're speaking German yourself like I do, you can write me in German as well. In addition if you want to learn some feel free to ask. Looking forward to some nice conversations. See you, Simon
  22. scene

    Caregiver Space Question

    Okay so, I'm fairly new to this whole aspect of being a CG/Daddy. When I see cute things it seems as if my personality changes and I just feel as if I have to protect those things. My little told me that this is most likely Caregiverspace, is that true? Thank you ahead of time for the answer!
  23. spillingfluids

    Age/Size Difference Appreciation

    This is a thread for small/younger daddies, and bigger/older littles as well as anything in between, because they deserve appreciation too Youโ€™re welcome to share wholesome experiences youโ€™ve had when having a size/age difference in your dynamic or anything at all that youโ€™d think would fit here This is mostly for those who may think that they are any less desirable because of their size/age, to show them that there are people who would love having them around no matter what! Personally, Iโ€™m a 5โ€™3 daddy in a relationship with a 6โ€™1 little whoโ€™s more on the bigger side as well as quite older, and sheโ€™s been my best partner so far โค๏ธŽ
  24. spillingfluids

    new daddy here

    hello, I stumbled across this site when looking for cgl-oriented communities online, so hello I suppose that I engage in ddlg and rarely mdlb when Iโ€™m in the right mood I have a few months of experience being a caregiver with my partner, who is my little I joined this site with the intention of perhaps having questions I might have answered, and to listen to the experiences and input of other daddy doms as well as learn more vocabulary haha so that I can better support my little girl I also hope to make friends, so by all means reach out to me
  25. CGL Related I am a dutch bisexual 23 y/o boy who is mostly into Caregivers and Littles. I'm a switch, so I am a Daddy and a little. Moreover, I switch depending on the person I'm with. As a Caregiver I am not strict and very caring and loving. I do take good care of my littles and will correct them when needed. Oh, and I'm bad at dealing with brats... As a Little, I love to be in my onesie and hug my (pokemon) plushy. When a caregiver looks after me, I often feel warm inside and I just wanna snuggle up against them. I am not a brat and always want to be a good boy :3 Non-CGL Related I am still a dutch bisexual 23 y/o boy. I like to play piano/keyboard, which I do regularly. I also like to draw/paint, which I don't do regularly. I'm still a very caring person and often worry about other people. I am looking forward to meeting y'all here <3
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