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  1. I need friends who have social media! I always get so lonely when I'm in Littlespace. I need friends!!! >.<
  2. Hello everyone! So I've been wanting to post about this for a while now, but didn't know how to write it out. What I wanted to talk about, is why curvier, or plus size littles, whether that be female or male, transgender or nonbinary etc, are not what a lot of people are looking for? I understand that to a lot of people appearance and a persons attractiveness in their future partner is a big deal breaker, but why should it be? Every person whether you are bigger or not, should be given the same opportunity to have a chance with someone. What I find too often is that people I've talked with have been so cold hearted to me because I am in fact a bigger person. I'm not gonna lie, I am over 260 something pounds at this current moment in time, but why should my weight have anything to do with me being an acceptable suitor for someone? The way people think is so backwards sometimes. I once had a guy who I met on here that I was talking to, that was a potential daddy for me. One day we finally decided to skype. This man had no knowledge of my weight at all. I rarely ever tell someone my weight, because it doesn't matter to me. I answered his skype call and we talked for a good five minutes or so, and he had asked me to stand up, so he could see all of me, so he could know what I looked like more. I kid you not, this guy took one look at me, and literally said,"Wow I wasn't expecting you to be obese.." "I don't like fat people.." And after those words were exchanged to me, he told me he didn't want me, and that no mommy, caregiver, or daddy would ever want a obese little like me. It's truly disheartening when something like that happens, and it really has made me not want to look for someone anymore, but I try to keep trucking on, and not letting it bother me. I hate also that when I start to read a personal and get to see what kind of a person that specific person is, I end up reading the whole "I would prefer someone who is skinny.." or something along those lines, and it just automatically gets me upset. I'm sorry if this post is a little long, but I wanted to make it, because I've felt very uncomfortable with how I've been treated on here, by several daddys now, especially that one skype call incident. I wanted to voice something, that maybe a few others might not have the courage to do. I'd love to hear what others have to say about this or how they view this topic. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this
  3. I want the pure innocence of just a genuine love and care of a daddy & I donโ€™t know how to find it without the sexual/romantic parts added to it ๐Ÿ’” i guess iโ€™m just making this post to gain hope & know itโ€™s possible? It has to be right? ๐Ÿ˜ข
  4. littleoneaesjorna

    Littles & Daddies in Jamaica

    A place where littles, cgs, daddies, and mommies who live in Jamaica can get to know each other.
  5. claireqxox

    Daddy little girl day (story)

    It was Friday morning a nice sunny day the sky was so blue and pretty i thought great it had to be on a school day. But then daddy came in and he was excited about sometimes he picked me up into his arms and said princess you don't need to go to school today how about you come out with me on a little trip? I was overcome with joy yay just a special daddy little girl day daddy helped me pick out some cute clothes to wear a pink flower dress with white tights and my sweet little pink dolly shoes to go with it. I went downstairs and daddy made me breakfast pancakes and chocolate syrup my favourite. Once done daddy told me to pick up a stuffie to bring with me. If was a really hard decision but I finally settled on my neon bright blue pony Mr snuggle worth daddy won him at the fair for me and he's been my special favourite stuffie ever since but shhh don't tell the others they might get jealous. I ran downstairs daddy was waiting by the car I hopped into the car seat he buckled me in give me my sippy cup full of strawberry milk and started driving. Where are we going daddy i asked him. He told me we're going to the zoo princess. I was super excited I LOVE THE ZOO!! I know daddy replied that's why we're going. We get to see all your favourite animals. Yay pandas, tigers, penguins meerkats unicorns and ponies! Sweetheart you know unicorns aren't real. Yes they are daddy use your imagination!! Oh right ofcourse they are silly me. I giggled hehehe we arrived shortly after before I knew it I was out of the car at the front door of the zoo โ˜บ๏ธ yay ok let's go buy our tickets give me your hand. Yes daddy we walked over to the customer service desk and bought the tickets we went and saw the pandas first I cried I was soo happy. Then we saw the giraffes, gorillas and lions. Would you like some ice cream princess? Oh yes please daddy! I want chocolate!!!! Very well lol chocolate it is. I got the biggest yummiest scoop of ice cream ever. Now Princess have you had a good day so far? Yes daddy the bestestest. Oh well that's good but you know all good things must be paid back? What do you mean daddy? We'll talk more about it later princess just enjoy your ice cream. Yes daddy! I couldn't help but think what he meant by that. But Id forgotten by the time we were at the ponies I wanna ride the brown and white one he's so cute! Ofcourse princess! Daddy picked me up and placed me on the pony for a ride. I couldn't help but notice the smile he made as he watched. But I was having way to much fun. Afterwards it was time to go home but I didn't wanna I cried and pleaded to stay longer! Daddy please I wanna stay just 10 more minutes. No sweetheart we have to go get dinner! 5 more minutes? ๐Ÿฅบ I'll tell you what let's go to the gift shop and pick out a toy then we can go? Yay!! Toys I ran ahead to the gift shop. Princess slow down don't go running off. Sorry daddy ๐Ÿคญ I looked at all the toys the colouring books the animal figures. Then I saw it a brown and white pony toy just like the one I was riding. I want this daddy! Are you sure honey you already have loads of pony toys in the house. Yes but not this one or this colour!! Very well if that's what you want. And this colouring book I said grabbing it โ˜บ๏ธ ok but that's all we have to go to get dinner at your favourite restraunt! You don't mean?? Playtoy burger platinum softplay park??? YAY I ran around excited. Calm down princess save some energy for the softplay. Daddy purchased my toy and book and I played with my toy on the way to softplay. As soon as we got their I ran straight for the ball pit! NO CLAIRE! you know the rules no play until you've eaten something. But daddy ๐Ÿฅบ No! Now come on he grabbed my hand and we headed to be seated. Table for 2 please we where then seated. HURRY UP!! I shouted. Now Claire you haven't even read the menu yet!. I know what I want chicken nuggets and fries with apple juice!! Ok well I have to order hmmm I think il have a spicy beef burger with chilli cheese fries and a cola. It seemed like forever waiting for the food to arrive! It finally did and I grabbed and ate as quickly as I could. Princess slow down you'll wind up with a sore tummy if you eat like that. Fine! I ate a tad more slowly but still pretty fast!. When I was finished I stood up. Can I go now daddy? Yes. I went speeding toward softplay as daddy shouted. But be careful. I climbed up the tunnels and slid down the slides into the ball pitt I was playing for what felt like ages then I heard daddy call. CLAIRE time to go home. No I shouted hehe I kept playing. CLAIRE IF YOU DONT COME OUT THIS MINUTE YOU WILL BE IN BIG TROUBLE! he sounded pretty angry so I reluctantly slid down the slide and made my way out. Did you have fun princess? Yes daddy! So much fun can we do this every Friday? Haha now what would the school think if you were off all those days? I don't care you could just say Im sick?. Haha no sweetheart now get into the car. I climbed in he buckled me up I coloured my colouring book on the way home. We got back it was pretty late 7 pm it was dark outside like a dark blue coloured sky. I watched some cartoons. Ok princess it's time for bed. But daddy I yawned I'm not that sleepy. Yes you are he picked me up and took me to my bedroom and put me down the bed. Now remember what I said earlier about a good thing doesn't come free? Yes daddy? Its time for you to do something good for daddy ok? Umm ok what daddy?He started by taking off my tights then my dress I stood up to go get my pyjamas but he put his arm in the way. Hehe daddy what are you doing he then pulled me back and tickled me heheheheehe stop it daddy heheheeheh. He stopped looked at me. You know I love you princess? Yes daddy โ˜บ๏ธ and I want to be able to spoil you every so often. Uhuh? โ˜บ๏ธ Good girl he kissed my forehead and rubbed my chest with his hand. You're getting so big princess. You're a big girl. Its time you learn what big girls have to do to make daddy happy ok? Umm I guess so. Good he moved his hands toward my panties and stroked the outside of them gently. That's tickles daddy. Good girl aslong as daddy isn't hurting you it's ok ok? Yes daddy. Daddy started to look nervous about something he stood up suddenly. Are you ok daddy? Yes sweetheart I'm fine. Daddy what's that? I pointed at the bulge in his pants that's just daddies magic wand princess. Would you like to see it? Ummm ok? He unbuckled his belt unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers exposing himself. You see princess when daddy's happy this is what happens. Oh? And daddy has to play with to get rid of it. Do you.....wanna....touch it princess? Ummm idk daddy. Well remember you want to make daddy happy remember? Yes daddy but I. He came toward me put your hand on it princess just feel it. Ook I touched it it felt smooth and squishy. Its bouncy! Yes princess it's very bouncy. He went and sat down on my chair. What are you doing daddy? Nothing sweetheart. I'm just remembering you riding that pony earlier. Was it fun? Yes daddy very! Ok we'll go get Mr snugglesworth for me. Ok daddy I got him and brought him to daddy. Now put him down on the bed. Ok daddy. I want you to ride in him for me. But daddy he's not real? Just do it to make daddy happy princess. But da... DO IT! Or I will spank you! Yes daddy I climbed ontop of Mr snugglesworth and bounced up and down. Good girl! Keep going. I kept bouncing daddy was playing with his wand. Now stop and turn away from daddy and pull down your panties. Yes daddy I faced the wall and pulled my panties down. Now put you hands down on the bed and lean forward. As I did this something warm and gooey hit my back. Its ok princess that's just daddies magic wand squirting you with magic goo! You can get up now. I got up and daddy pulled me in for a hug and kissed me repeatedly. Your such a good girl! Well done! Let's go wash you up now. He took my hand and took me to the bathroom and ran the water. Once it was ready he plopped me inside the bath. Now let's get that goo off you he wiped my body with my wash cloth and soap. Then pulled me out and dried me with a towel I put my pyjamas on and he tucked me into bed with my sippy cup and read me a story about. Being a good little girl. Good little girls obey daddy's every command Good little girls hold daddy's hand Good little girls share daddies special bond Good little girls play with daddies Wand Good little girls ride their teddy's Good little girls sleep naked in Beddys I fell asleep as daddy turned the light out Good night my little princess.
  6. DaddiesLilSpooper

    wat ta do wen sicky?

    I been sick for a few days and was wondering if when you get sick and are in little space, what do you do? ive mostly been sleeping and snuggling with fuzzy wuzzy, my comfort stuffy. hes been instrumental in keeping me sane during this as i can get slightly delirious when sick. ive also eaten some comfort food. that being said, i can often not function when i am sick, so should my daddy take over? i feel like that might be burdensome though as he works a manual job cleaning up apartment yards. ive never been sick in littlespace before so dis is a first....
  7. Hi there, I am sincerely to know what are caregivers or daddies are looking for in a relationship. I somehow understand that as an adult to request for attention from another adult is not really common and making sense. That is somehow my nature is. I honestly feel kind of guilty for being not independent. And I doubt that there will be a man will take care of me as a child out of the desire of being a daddy to a stranger. I want to know what you guys as caregivers looking for in a DDLG relationship. Or what motivates you to take care of another adult in a parental way. What we as little can do that deserve this kind of kindness. If you are experienced, I would appreciate if you can explain how to make this type of relationship work. There are topics hard to escape. And I hope to get the answer. 1.Financial arrangements: Is daddy taking care his girl financially, assuming is fully, common or making sense? If not, how to arrange the financial responsibility without hurting the โ€œrolesโ€? 2.sexual interactions: Is sex involved in a DDLG relationship usually? Will it feel like incest. If sex is necessarily involved, how to avoid or reduce the confusion of the roles. Many thanks.
  8. PrettyinPinkxx22

    Letting go?โ€ฆ *UPDATE*

    Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a new little girl (27yo), I just discovered my kink a couple of months ago. Luckily, I found the most amazing Daddy! I now know he is everything I wanted in a daddy. He was really patient with me and took the time to know me and little me. Despite our time differences, me from the UK and him from Australia, we talked every single day. If we werenโ€™t sleeping or working, weโ€™d be talking. We've been together for about nearly 5 months now. It has now been over a week since he last messaged me and I feel so heartbroken. I have no idea what's going on, everything with us was normal and fine (although a few days before he left he did mention that his grandmother had had really been unwell). And I also remember when we first started talking that he may go through some periods of anxiety/depression. (I also don't think he would ghost me on purpose.) His last message to me was that he was thinking of me. We've been using the Kik app and all my messages have received an auto reply saying that his phone might be off/disconnected and my message will be delivered when they connect again. It is really frustrating! So I've not really been coping well without him. I was so used to us talking every day. I feel like we really connected and I hate how this has affected me, feeling so vulnerable. I hate feeling this way. I love my daddy and I know he loves me too and I'm scared that he won't come back. I just know that I won't find another with the same connection as us and I don't really want to (this is not my first daddy btw, he is my second). The reasonable and rational part of me says that maybe something could have happened with his grandmother or his anxiety/depression has been triggered. If so, I just wish he could have told me, I would've understood and given him space. We always said we would be open and honest with each other. But then I also think what if he's really hurt or something could have happened to him! Or what if he has forgotten about me?! What if he doesn't come back?! I just feel so lost and I don't know what to do. I can't really talk about it with people around me and then I found this. I'm hoping maybe this will help or maybe I'm just overreacting... Do you think he will come back? I really hope my daddy comes back to me... Has anyone else experienced something similar? Anyways, whoever is reading this I really appreciate it, thank you. PiPxx
  9. Alexdander

    Relationship with your parents

    Hi! I'm curious about something -but I understand if you dont wanna talk about it. I think sometimes we get attracted with the idea of being a caregiver because we wanna give to somebody the love we didnt had as children, and in the same way we get attracted to the idea of being a little because we wanna feel this love, care and protection that we didnt had as children. Im not saying that I think it's an universal truth, but I believe it happens in lots of cases. What are your thoughts about that? I believe it is true for me -for both my daddy and little parts- but that I also hae this tendency to be a daddy dom in my personality. I have been one since I was born like for my personal characteristics (and I behave in some ways like one when I'm in little space)
  10. littledutchone

    Dutchies, lets talk!

    Hallo allemaal, Zoals sommige weten was er een poosje een Nederlands topic wat er voor heeft gezorgd dat er destijds een meeting was in een park in Utrecht. Ik weet niet of deze mensen het hebben gemerkt, maar de maker van dat topic zit niet meer op het forum. Dat is voornamelijk de reden dat ik deze nu start. Zo kunnen nederlanders toch nog met elkaar kletsen en/of tips en tricks delen. Ik hoop dat het net zo een gezellig topic wordt als dat de vorige was. Liefs Littledutchone
  11. Hi everyone, I am new to DDLG, but it feels like home. I have been living it in ways throughout my life. It is so, so exciting, but it is also vulnerable and scary, so I would love to meet some new little friends and experienced daddies to chat things through with. My litle me is around 5 years old. I am really interested in learning more from more experienced people, primarily how to explore little space to it's fullest while nurturing and protecting little me. I would also like to know if people got to know their little self first, without a Daddy, or if a Daddy helped them through it. I have a bit heart, and a lot of love to give. Really up for making new connections. A bit about me: Big space interests: Yoga, exploring, meditation, fun, photogrpahy Both space interests: adventuring, violin, singing, dancing, craft, drawing, the beach Little space interests: so far- colouring, stuffies, lego, model villages, water parks Hope to chat to some people soon. Princess mononoke
  12. Hello, my question is I feel it is quite hard to look for someone right online, as the information usually it is kind of limited by reading their online profiles. And you donโ€™t even know how they look like. Sometimes you get a pic of their faces but you donโ€™t know their figure, height, weight something. If you are thinking seriously, maybe even need to know their jobs. And it is kind of rude to ask away these questions in the beginning. I would will feel a little guarded if someone ask me a lot of personal questions when I donโ€™t know them as well. So how do you deal with the limited information when you are chatting someone who maybe your potential daddy. Is it more about patience or more being direct? How to balance it? What I feel worst is when you flirt with someone (or they do) and you guys kind of get along online. But when you get to know them more, you found you didnโ€™t like them. It is just a little bit guilty also not feeling good. Is any way to avoid it? Or it is just common for online dating.
  13. Teddybearbaby

    Any Asexual Littles?

    I am a little newer to the ddlg/mdlg community, and I see a lot of sexuality involved. However, I identify as asexual (meaning I donโ€™t feel sexual attraction.) and I do not desire to have a sexual relation ship with anyone. Having a daddy or a mommy would be so special to me but I donโ€™t want to be a disappointment if they want to engage in sexual activity. Any advice on how to approach someone interested in ddlg/mdlg and wants a sexual relationship? And if so, what can I say to someone who wants to have sex, but I donโ€™t?
  14. Arthur Brulmar

    Hey there :)

    Greetings, I am Arthur Brulmar A plant nerd, PC Gamer, MBTI enthusiast (ENFJ 297 tritype Sx/So) as well as among other hobbies I enjoy. Looking to make friends and intellectual banters. In a committed relationship with my Middle (Nathalia Archer). If you want to talk to me just say so, I enjoy people and like to learn from others.
  15. Nathalia Archer


    DDLGFORUM, consider yourself 2 members richer. I'm a Babygirl and just joined w/ my Daddy (Arthur Brulmar) with whom I started exploring the lifestyle. We might have a lot of questions since we're both new to DD/LG, so yeah... Hi! Stay safe and enjoy the holidays, guys. See you around.
  16. MrWhiteX

    Hi from Portugal

    Hello Everybody I just recently moved to Portugal from Germany where I lived for a long time. My country of origin is mexico so I speak spanish and I'm now learning portuguese. It would be great to make new friends and learn the language, so if you are patient and willing to teach me some basics feel free to send me a message. My experience is more as a pet owner but also some as a daddy which was very rewarding and sweet as I'm very patient and really enjoy to teach skills, play and take care of someone special. I'm very protective as well. So I'm really looking forward to make friends in this new space and learn more about it and grow. Maybe even my forever little or middle! I'm 37 years old and tall (185 cm) with fair skin and dark hair and beard, kind of a broad strong guy. I love making music and art and doing some sports outside as well and riding the motorcycle. If you enjoy movies, games and books we won't have a lack of topics to talk about. xoxoxo
  17. ##1ยฐ*BeDaddy'sGoodGirl

    3 Stack word game

    3 Stack Word Game Lose a word and add a new word to all 3 lines of the stack: Good Girl Little Lamb Cottage Gardens By losing a word and adding a new word to each line could then become: Good Times Little One Cottage Pie Carry on from here....
  18. Daddy Ivey

    Long distance punishments.

    Hello there, Iโ€™m a Daddy who has been in practice for about 3 or 4 years now. Iโ€™m looking to see what punishments other caregivers use for bratty/naughty Littles. Iโ€™d like to get some new ideas, for future use. Feel free to share your own experiences, or suggest anything you deem helpful.
  19. Shalashaska

    Allow me to introduce myself

    'ello! I'm very new to the DDLG lifestyle. My wife and I are into the non-sexual version of the lifestyle. She has more experience while I have none. I'm trying to learn more and become a more effective daddy dom. Any and all help is welcomed. I appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction! I'm a pretty basic dude, very friendly and open-minded! Again, I'm very new to the lifestyle! I want to talk with more people in the community.
  20. Guest

    This is me...

    Hello everyone my name is chet I'm from Augusta ga and I enjoy fishing, hiking, long walks, conversations, wine, cooking, and generally life... I don't have many friends, those I did have are gone now... so a little about me, I'm a Daddy Dom, I can be very strict and very stern and yet very nurturing supportive I have a keen understanding of how the works and how we work within it... I served in the USMC for 7 years and have seen more then I'd like to have on that... but I'm mentally complete with only a few issues, all things in life are experiences and have helped me become the man I am today... I am 6'4 tall and weigh exactly 235lbs been there since I served... I am a very physical person I exercise alot and I'm my spare time I enjoy video games even modding game servers for a popular steam game... I am honest and believe that for any relationship to work out there has to be trust... especially with in the ddlg community... I've been a dominant for more then 10 years and though I've tried subbing once I felt it wasn't the right role for me... and well I was a day for the last 2 years 1 months until my little left me for another man... so this is me cut and dry I enjoy reading others knowledge that I know, I love to laugh and make others happy even at the expense of my self... maybe one day I'll get someone that will want to take care of me as much as I would them.... one day....
  21. AussieMelbourneDaddy

    A Daddy's Biggest Fear

    A daddy's biggest fear is always that their 'little' will outgrow them. Their love, nurturing, comfort and safety will eventually take second place to desires to explore the bigger world and walk on their own, taking valuable teachings and life lessons into a 'big' life. While there may not be specific reasons for this and nothing been done wrong, other life commitments, life priorities and time factors can create a sense of 'trappedness' and inhibit further personal growth. It is always a personal honor and privilege to show such heightened respect, to provide such a safe and comfortable environment that promotes growth, to reinforce that (despite past partners behaviors and/or experiences) all the above is essential to create trust, happiness and love. It is always my hope that I am able to provide the above nurturing environment. That it helps a 'little' to move forward in a much better frame of mind, that all the walls that we work on together to pull down help them to move forward with confidence, that a 'little' may learn valuable life skills through my nurturing and guidance. A daddy always hopes that he has made a positive impact, that he has helped to slay demons and scare away the monsters under the bed. A daddy's love knows no bounds and they hope that these lessons can be taken with their 'little' throughout their life. A daddy knows the risks but sees much more value in the reward!
  22. Corvo

    Greetings :D!

    Hellooo I am a 21 year old male daddy/dom. I am from South Africa and I studied psychology and communication science. I hope to travel the world soon. I have been a daddy/dom for about 4 years now. I am a passionate, ambitious and affectionate person. I love helping people and making them smile. Your happiness and pleasure comes first . I tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses, even though I deal with depression and anxiety sometimes. I tend to have a dark sense of humor and a dirty mind. I am an INFP, and my main love languages are physical touch and quality time. I have an endless number of interests. Some of my interests are writing, playing games, watching anime, running, true crime stories and creepypastas. I mostly write poetry, flash fiction and horror. Some of my favourite anime include Kokoro Connect, Made in Abyss and Darwin's Game. I love deep conversations and discussing anything and everything. Two truths and a lie: - I have been attacked by an ostrich. - I have never been stung by a blue bottle. - I love cuddles ! I love spending time with my little, whether it is doing something she loves, watching anime, playing games or just talking. I can be quite the romantic. I love leaving letters, surprising my little, dancing and more. Most of all, I am a intimate person. I love cuddles, hugs and whatever else your mind can conjure up. It is important to me that my little feels safe, comfortable and happy however. It isn't worth it if my little isn't enjoying it. If you struggle to sleep, I will stay up till you fall asleep. If you are sad, I will do my best to help. The only thing I like vanilla is my ice cream ! I am a pretty sexual person, with a high-sex drive, however, as I said before, my little's happiness and comfort is the most important to me. I hope to meet a little that I can love, care for and call mine. I don't like sharing ! Feel free to text me if you're interested . Stay amazing !
  23. Iโ€™ve been running into issues trying to find the right mommy. I feel like most of them have been getting really sexual right from the start and not wanting to actually have a real conversation first. Always like 5 messages in the sexual stuff starts happening. Iโ€™ve made it clear that Iโ€™m brand new to the cgl/ ddlg community and I just donโ€™t know what to do. I feel like Iโ€™m being a prude or too needy. I just really want someone to care for me and make sure Iโ€™m okay in little space. Sex is fine with me I just donโ€™t want the relationship to revolve around it. Does that make sense? Am I too picky? I just feel like Iโ€™m out of place for not wanting sexy stuff immediately.
  24. Hey people out there I was here a while ago. Had some chats, but never a real match. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to give it another try. You never know, right? I am a Daddy, living in Germany, and would be happy to talk to some people around here Maybe find a little to own and take care of. Have a great day, all of you Bye
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