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  1. 0Naughtys Kitten0

    Rules vs Requirements vs Protocols

    Rules vs Requirements vs Protocols I am having a discussion with my Dom about the terms rules and requirements...I was wondering what others thought about the differences. Then the word protocol came to my mind as well. What are the differences in BDSM as you see it?
  2. I have a history of trying to change myself too much for someone. I understand there must be a give-and-take in any relationship... But what if I feel like I'm the ONLY one expected to change? Changes that's are not necessarily in line with my natural personality and character? Btw... This has taken place over 2 1/2 weeks of meeting on here.
  3. I’ve been with my little girl for a few months, but we’ve known each other for years. The more time I’ve spent helping her do her little activities, the more I’ve realized that I may have a little side as well. When telling her about this, she took it very poorly and became distant, and I’m afraid she isn’t going to stay with me. I’m saddened at the thought of losing her, but also confused with myself at this moment. If anyone has any advice, I’d love to hear it.
  4. I am in my mid 30s and consider myself as a daddydom. So I got into touch via an online site with a female user which name contained "Little" and "Brat". Besides the "little" and "brat" parts, I visually felt very attracted to her. Her profile says that she is a masochist and she also needs very much emotional support. And that she is looking for a dom. I texted her and first no reply followed (this tends to be the case on the site, because I think females get flooded with messages). So I pinged her again and back came a nice message describing herself again in more detail. She said that she is nearly a 24/7 little. At home she needs a dummy, wears a body and needs stuffed animals, *but* that if something doesnt go her way, she can also turn into a jealous brat that starts to go whoring and become defiant. I thought "perfect, exactly what I want" and told her that. So we started texting very much. She often only responded with one-liner messages. Sometimes even only 1 word or 1 emoji. But she responded quite fast most of the time. And I thought we were building an (online) relationship of some sorts. One day she was asking if I had any plans (even though she said a bit earlier that she wont have time the next 2 weeks). I wasnt sure yet, if I was about to go out with friends and first said, that I might be going out. To be honest, I wanted to know also where she will be going with that. So she then asked if we could meet (it was for the same day), but I then had to decline because I didnt want to cancel the thing with my friends. She turned super bratty then, even threatened to delete me, etc. Then there was 1 day of silence, because I didnt want to give her the feeling that I will just stupidly go along with her bratting and let myself be annoyed by that. Anyway, to make up for this, I sent her a pic of a dummy and told her that I bought it just for her. We started to get along well again. She said she is still disappointed because I didnt have time for her, but she starts to open up again for me. We exchanged a lot of (short) messages again. She again said that she is busy with work these days but happy to chat. Then, 2 days ago she entered a date into the website we were communicating on (the site has a feature where you can create a date and people can then contact you). So I was confused, because she claimed she doesn't have any time in the next days. I was wondering, if she is just doing that to toy with me, or if she is straight out lying to me, or something else? On that day she also wrote to me that she isn't looking for a daddy, but a dom, even though she told me that she is nearly a 24/7 little. I know that not every little needs a daddy, but she appreciated that I bought her a dummy and she also stated that she needs emotional support. So I was assuming that she is also looking for a daddy and not "just" for a dom. Then I started to text something "dom"y to her, but she just replied with a shrug-emoji (which she generally often does). and then later with only "...". Anyway, as you might understand I am super confused. I don't know if she is teasing me all the time, if she is for real or just the perfect brat? If she says, she wants a dom, should I be dominant in our online conversation or is our online conversation just here to evaluate if a real-life meeting could/should happen? I saw so many of her faces, that I honestly dont know. She was bratty, she was little, she was asking me for pictures and replying that I am cute. She was telling me that she would need me to cuddle with her right now and would love to have my dummy. But then she is looking for dates with others. Honestly, I really don't know where to go with this. On the one hand I find all of this strangely exciting, but still I really wanna know where I stand here? Am I being trolled in the perfect way? Or might I be able to get somewhere here if I keep on hangin on? Disclaimer: I am really new to this stuff, but I've read a lot and I feel that it excites me. I dont want to play a role (e.g. dom) just to fullfil her needs.. I am authentic and I told her that. But she really makes life hard for me being like that. Is this all part of the game? I am a person that gets emotionally attached to a person (that does the right things, as is the case here with this little brat) really quick. I also tend to make myself dependent from others that I like. This maybe sounds like a sub role, but I think I can also be really dominant. But everytime I tried to throw something dom-like to her, she seemed not to bite (or maybe I didnt try hard enough or I didnt try in the correct way?). Sorry for this lengthy post. I think I just needed to write down much of this stuff just for the sake of it. It really plays with my head and I have to think about it nearly all the time (distracts me from working even), which probably is also a sign of how much I am into it. I think I am just looking for other people's advice on how to deal with this. Should I go on? Should I try to change my behavior (I wont change my behavior just to fit to her, but maybe I should steer everything more into another direction..)? How should I interpret her behavior? Is she for real or just messing with me, etc.?
  5. Corvo

    Greetings :D!

    Hellooo I am a 21 year old male daddy/dom. I am from South Africa and I studied psychology and communication science. I hope to travel the world soon. I have been a daddy/dom for about 4 years now. I am a passionate, ambitious and affectionate person. I love helping people and making them smile. Your happiness and pleasure comes first . I tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses, even though I deal with depression and anxiety sometimes. I tend to have a dark sense of humor and a dirty mind. I am an INFP, and my main love languages are physical touch and quality time. I have an endless number of interests. Some of my interests are writing, playing games, watching anime, running, true crime stories and creepypastas. I mostly write poetry, flash fiction and horror. Some of my favourite anime include Kokoro Connect, Made in Abyss and Darwin's Game. I love deep conversations and discussing anything and everything. Two truths and a lie: - I have been attacked by an ostrich. - I have never been stung by a blue bottle. - I love cuddles ! I love spending time with my little, whether it is doing something she loves, watching anime, playing games or just talking. I can be quite the romantic. I love leaving letters, surprising my little, dancing and more. Most of all, I am a intimate person. I love cuddles, hugs and whatever else your mind can conjure up. It is important to me that my little feels safe, comfortable and happy however. It isn't worth it if my little isn't enjoying it. If you struggle to sleep, I will stay up till you fall asleep. If you are sad, I will do my best to help. The only thing I like vanilla is my ice cream ! I am a pretty sexual person, with a high-sex drive, however, as I said before, my little's happiness and comfort is the most important to me. I hope to meet a little that I can love, care for and call mine. I don't like sharing ! Feel free to text me if you're interested . Stay amazing !
  6. Guest

    Older Daddy in NYC

    Good morning. My name is Eric, and I’m a 48 yr old Daddy currently without a little. I’m not sure if I’ll find her here, and I know I’m older than most here. But if I wind up with some friends only, I’ll be happy with that. You can’t go actively searching, I mean, you can. But it usually ends up with disappointment. So much better to wander about lackadaisical and see what happens.
  7. PainAndPerseverance

    From dusk till dawn..

    Hey, As I have another sleepless night, I pondered whether to create an account on here. I've been thinking about it for a long time, so finally, here I am. I'm not new to DDLG - I've been interested in the scene for several years (I'm 27, from the UK) - and recently due to a change in my circumstances, the feeling and need to explore this side of me has emerged again. My name is R, for now. I've always been assertive and a 'dominant' type of guy. In relationships and friendships, I tend to portray a 'leader' type role, which I never really thought about until I got into BDSM and later on, DDLG. I'm currently not looking for a Little/relationship. Just a way to find likeminded people. So don't be shy, make yourself known if you reading this want some deep convos or just want to express yourself. X
  8. *.bumblebee.*

    Regular dom help

    umms so my dom doesnt like to be called daddy and i don't know what to do about it because i say it without thinking about it. he kinda seems uncomfortable with me calling him daddy or bubba. he isn't a daddy dom he is just a regular dom and i'm just wondering what i should call him when i'm small (also he doesn't enjoy taking care of small me)
  9. Hello! I'm kind of new to this (I've known about it for a while but tried to suppress my little/submissive side for as long as possible). I have a boyfriend who means well and we've been trying some things with control and things like that. It leaves me feeling very submissive and little, and while he tries to understand, he doesn't really. I'm just looking for a dom to talk to to understand how I can explain it to him in a way that he'll understand. Or, if that doesn't work, how I can take care of my self so I'm not left feeling depressed and upset.
  10. My partner and I were talking about something the other day that really resonated with me: in the DDlg community, the focus seems to be very squarely on the littles, pets, and submissive types. And, she's absolutely right. All the posts and content I see are for littles and how to get what they want or to enhance their own little space, or for Bigs on how to treat their littles like perfect little angels. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this content -- I'm currently enraptured with the little journal thread floating around here. There are countless littlespace boxes and gear -- I should know, I run a shop -- but there are very few things for Bigs and Dom/mes. It seems really bothersome that the emphasis is squarely on the littles, as it takes at least two people to have a dynamic. This also goes along with the greater pressure to have a "perfect" relationship, the representations of which are typically of two cisgendered heterosexual people, a Dom and a baby girl. I've also heard the phrase "fake" Dom tossed around all over the internet by people who have been rejected or reject those that don't meet their standards. If a person doesn't have all the time in the world to spend on their little, some littles will call their partner a fake. You never seen any posts about fake littles, but I see them all the time about "fake" Doms. I would like to clarify that I do think fake Doms (and littles) exist, and those are the abusive people who are into dangerous practices, don't practice SSC, and are either looking for minors or are minors. Outside of that, people's identities are valid as they speak them. I would love to hear from the greater community on this, Bigs and littles alike. What do you guys think? Dom/mes, do you feel underappreciated? Littles, do you feel the pressure to have a "perfect" dynamic?
  11. Hey guys, I'm new here. So, me and my boyfriend have been in a nice, safe, comfortable ddlg relationship for 9 months and some change. Well, we took a small, much needed break for a month. Now that we're back, he has told me that he has both a little space and he is liking being a sub every so often. I'm used to being the sub all of the time, and the little, and I've never been a CG. I've also been a dom a small amount with one person before him so I'm not as experienced there either. I love him and I'd love to be able to do this for him. Any tips/suggestions/advice?
  12. astroidboyy89

    Hello! I'm a 22 year old male from Surrey in England and have been a daddy / dominant for approximately 4 years now. I had a girlfriend who introduced me into it and have loved it since and have been looking to try again since recovered from a very toxic relationship. I'm more than happy to talk more about myself, but would love to hear from you first! I have a multitude of kinks and are open to more if you have any particular favourites. Don't hesitate to message and see how it goes!
  13. My little and I recently broke up due to my inability to be a daddy dom. I never been a dom before due to the miss labeling of this behavior being toxic so I repressed it most of my life for my past relationships and my former little said i am too nice for this and doesn’t believe that this is who I am. Largely due to my inconsistency and inability to stay in daddy mode. I have trouble because of the stress of being in charge, I work β€œtwo jobs” at the moment (Grubhub but my full time job is a cancer researcher) to keep us a float during her leave from her job to improve her mental health from her PhD program. Sometimes I just feel tired and relax without her in the room but I take it too far sometimes and end up spending a few hours by myself instead of tending to my little which made her feel lonely and neglected. Is there any helpful tips to prevent this from happening in the future? I want to be able to be a dom for 24/7 like my former little wanted and wanted to know if there is anything I could due to make this slowly more into a habit/lifestyle. I’ve broken my former little heart by consistently failing her every time I said I would try harder and don’t want this to happen again.
  14. Guest

    Safe word for CG/DD?

    It's all known that Little and Sub have a safe word if their DD/CG is crossing or on the verge of crossing the limit. But what about DD/CG? We are humans and at some point have faced trauma. Shouldn't their be a safe word if the little might be triggering one of the not so good memories which they were trying to forget? Am I the only one who thinks that this lifestyle might need this update? Or does it violates the sole purpose of Dominant?
  15. Guest

    The Reluctant Puppy

    A story that I thought of, I'm not an aspiring writer, nor am I a good one, but I hope you all like it nonetheless. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My mind is clouded and I'm so sleepy. I try to stretch, only to wince and manage to barely restrain a yelp, as my body reminded me what state I'm in, everything hurts. My body feels numb, heavy and warm, so warm... I can barely remember the Hantz brothers paying me a visit after they went to the bar as well, damn those pigs to hell. How could anyone tolerate being close to the offspring of an ashtray and a bucket of vomit. I inhale sharply as a sharp pain radiates from my stomach, making me aware of my involuntary fasting. Living on the streets will do that to you, I suppose. I try to breath slowly, through my nose and gritted teeth, but smell no garbage, no sweat, no not even that drunk that relieved himself on me a while back. I clench my fist at the memory, only to feel the softest fabric I've ever felt. It feels like a cloud in pillow form, did I die and go to heaven? . . . . WAIT, Pillow?! I jolt upright, tossing the thick, warm duvet partially off of me. I mange to sweep the room with my eyes, seeing that I'm in a huge bed, in an even bigger room . . and then Pain. My vision blur and fades as I fall back and into the unnaturally soft bed. Quickly loosing consciousness from the immense pain in my head and left arm. The last I remember is the smell of the sheets, and Vanilla. My name is . . . Was Ivar, but it has been a long time since anyone has called me anything that didn't drip malice, venom or disgust. . . I am a half-breed as the nicer ones would call me. My father was a soldier in the Argath army who got the "Honor" to be enhanced. From what I heard, it was supposed to turn you into a super soldier but the side effects, turned you more into a Lupine beast or werewolf of sorts. Regrettably, I inherited some aspects, but with no way of turning it off, like some of them could. I got the ears and tail of a wolf, sort of, along with the smell and hearing to match. I didn't get anything of the positives, you know, the strength and speed, or else I wouldn't have taken all that abuse like some mutt. Safe to say, people aren't happy to see us lupines walking about. I emerge from the fog that is my mind some time later, faintly remembering the mistake that was getting up too quickly. Only one thought register loud enough to latch on, "Where the Fuck am I?!" Last thing I remember is laying in the streets and covering my head, having been caught off guard by the ever so loving Hantz twins, showing their interest in my "Well being" I look over at the faintly throbbing pain in my left arm, seeing it splintered and wrapped in pristine bandages. Looking around, I see a huge room with white-ish walls and ceiling with ornate carvings or protrusions in them with flowing patterns. Having learned from my mistake, I slowly right myself, taking my time as I almost pass out several times from the minor exertion. Now that I have a better look at the room, it looks like a very rich or important person's mansion. Coming from a very lackluster background, to put it mildly, I never understood the need for so much space.This room is big enough to be a generous sized apartment for a small family. Suddenly, a heavenly smell grabs a hold of my nose and almost suplex my stomach into submission. The gut-wrenching hunger has me on my feet, almost forgetting my pains as I am led out of the auditorium of a room by the nose. That almost perverse aroma of cured and salted meat being fried, Bacon. I shamble through the hall, steadying myself on the wall. My mind almost doesn't register the thick carpets lining the slightly cold marble floor. I follow the smell down a flight of stairs to the first floor and through a corridor with a glass wall, leading to a inner courtyard with a pond of fish. The fish only managed to hold my hungry gaze for a moment before the waft of food yanked me along once more, growing stronger. I round the corner to a big kitchen, figuring it was the kitchen by the benches that lined two of the walls, framing a large slab of marble in the middle and by the perpetrator who stood by the stove with his back turned. The figure was a tall human with broad shoulders and a muscular but athletic build. His hair was light grey, if not white and buzz cut. He was wearing a slightly loose white shirt and brown cargo pants. He cut an impressive figure as he worked the stove silently, not shoving any signs of having noticed me. Before I knew it, I had walked up to the table, resting my hands on it as he spoke in a low and deep voice and I could almost hear him grin. "So the puppy has finally woken up" I flinch and step back from the table, snapping out of my haze as I remember the situation I'm in while he moves the contents of the pan onto a plate. He turns around and slides the plate in front of me, but I don't dare take my eyes off him. His pale grey eyes drill into mine, locking me in place as I barely dare to glance at his features. Despite his hair being the color of dirty snow, he looks like he is in his late twenties, maybe early thirties. He has a strong, broad jaw and a nose that I don't know any other way to describe than masculine. He stands there, hands on the table and just looking at me with an impassive face, no hint of the smirk I heard in his voice. "Well? you must be hungry, eat up, there is plenty more where that came from" He gestures down at the plate and I take a reflexive step back, looking down at the plate . . . Did he just make a smiley face with eggs and bacon?? The confused expression must be evident on my face, because I hear him fail to hold in a snicker, trying to cover up his mouth with his hand as my stomach screams it's protests. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you so much for reading and let me hear what you think and I'll do my best to reply as quick as I can.
  16. Le Grumpire

    There goes the neighborhood.

    I tend to dislike introduction posts, because I kind of suck at summarizing things about myself and then I like to think myself a writer. But I think I'll just stick to my awkward self and just say hello! I am a Daddy Dom and have been into the scene around three years. Ever since I discovered that the way I enjoyed domming, as well as the role I used to take in relationships was a care giving one things just sort of clicked for me. I like to think myself an artist, as I am a music producer, as well as a graphic designer and writer. I am currently working on a project on the side that may or may not become the basis for a book, but that is perhaps a couple of years down the line. I am a very open minded individual, and also rather blunt and may come as curt sometimes. However, it is not intentional, It may seem that way since I am rather awful with social cues. Sometimes I fail to grasp simple concepts when it comes to conversation, which makes me seem callous/unemotional or cold but truthfully I do admit that I'm a bit of a softie and I do really sometimes just fail to understand some things. So feel free to point it out if I do that, since I don't do it intentionally and I'm just simply unaware of it. I followed LittleCinder here since she's a very close friend of mine, seeing how she seemed to have such positive experiences here I decided to join as well. Hopefully I'll get to meet and learn from the community, and perhaps do a bit of growing as a DD dom since I feel I've got quite a ways to grow still into such a role. Peace.
  17. softbrattypuppy

    Newbies here

    Hello! I'm Jenny and 19 Years old :3 I don't know if a thread exactly like this one already exists, but I'm new here (just registered today) and thought all new people could meet up here to add each other n stuff to get some friends! :3 It can get very scary and stressful to be alone because you're new in a community, so feel free to add me to can chat together! Or to get together and ask stuff about this forum and community. Maybe some experienced people here also would like to help newbies! I'm in general new to ddlg and bdsm relationships in general, so if you have tips, questions or are also new in the lifestyle we can chat about that too! Thanks and with lots of love, Jenny
  18. Draken

    Greetings from Sweden!

    Salutations and welcome to my humble introduction. Please, take a seat and feel comfortable. I won't take too long, (I hope), and I shall entertain you for the duration. Name's Simon and I'm a young man from Sweden. I'm an hourly paid grocery worker, primarily cashier because of my mind to serve the customers with out-most professionalism. I am also finding myself working at kindergarten, and from time to time during the seasons' shifting I'm working for elderly, helping with their lawn work. I live a life away from tobacco, alcohol, energy drinks and coffee, and is currently on my path to dispel as much sugar from my life as possible. Leaving people in shock as I tell them. Some outright refuse to believe that I have never gotten wasted, high or even drunk an energy drink. (To that point, I might have had a sip when young, but that's about it). I am mostly bringing this up to shock some more people, it is quite the joy. I am, and I am not a new Daddy. I have roleplayed and cared as a Daddy before. However, it has been mostly in the spirit of fiction and often been temporary. I am however, not wholly inexperienced as a Daddy irl as I have had a short fling little brat once before, and am currently in a LDR with a brat little whom lives far away. My little and I have been together for years, having a LDR, which has worked really well for the both of us. However, it is not until recently that she has voiced, and proclaimed to have submitted to me "officially". (Took her a 3-4 hour skype session to finally have the courage to shyly and quietly voice her submission). Afterwards, everything that she is has increased by several folds and there have already been slight twists because of my inexperience as a Daddy. Realizing what I have agreed to, I feel like I need to up my "Daddy-game" for the sake of both our enjoyment and to deepen our relationship. Therefore I am freshly new to the community but not unfamiliar. I want to learn more how to be a loving, yet stern Daddy. I desire to talk to more experienced folks of various positions to better understand what I have dived into. Besides that, I'm am enjoying myself a few hobbies and interests that I try to keep circulating to keep my life interesting. Which involves hobbies such as: Drawing, writing and painting. I enjoy video games, board games and card games. I also have a varied assortment of plants of common trade, and a few terrarium pets to admire which includes lizards and insects. I collect odds and ends that fancy my eye and I enjoy nature in all its ways. Which usually involves hour long walks with two dogs to accompany me. I also have hobbies that are ready to come into my grasp when the time comes, such a astrology, ethology, archery and geology. Two of which are at the first step. Alas, a bit of a dispirited side of me is that I 'suffer' from a poor memory since I was a little child. I was one step away from clinically severe, but with practise I managed to be deemed good enough. I live every day thinking I could have forgotten something and I have developed a rather happy-go-lucky personality, with a fling of nonchalance. I value the things, events and other that I see the moment I see them, since I know there is a high chance I won't remember them after a while. My oh my I have babbled on, are you still seated? Perhaps I can offer some tea, it is the least I can do since you have stayed with me throughout my chatter. I also believed that it'll be enough for now, I thank you for staying, and if you're curious or such, you are most free to come say hello. Have a good day, Regards, Simon.
  19. mommydomm

    lonely mommy!

    Hey my name is Elisabeth and I am new to this forum. As you can probably tell, I am a dom and looking for a sub to take care of. For more Information do not be shy and message me or read through my profile I am 21 years old and from Europe. I really enjoy cosplaying, reading books, anime, watching youtube, drawing (I am studying art) . I also enjoy just looking at the stars and enjoying the silence. If you want to know more about me feel free to dm me! Anyone.
  20. Guest

    Daddy Dom

    Thought I would introduce myself. My name is ShadoWolf or Shadow for short. I'm 42 and a dad of two girls. I have been in BDSM/Gor for a little over two decades but am new to the DDlg scene. I'm into many things including music computers (yea I'm a tech head) cooking and chess. If you want to know more don't hesitate to ask I don't bite unlless your into that
  21. Guest

    Caregiver or dom?

    I'm not sure where I belong in the community. I definitely consider myself a caregiver and love being called daddy. Though the BDSM side of things isn't really something I'm hugely into. I'll still set punishments for my little but nothing crazy extreme. Are there others like this? Daddy's, and mummy's too, who like being a caregiver but not a dom? If so what sort of things brought you into the community?
  22. Hi all, I hope this intro finds you well. I'm Josh, a 25 years old university student from Canada. I study both with a Canadian and a UK university and my field is molecular biology. I also work during my studies as it's good for my career and a necessity both. I've been in the bdsm and ddlg communities for quite some time but have never had a real presence online. I decided to introduce myself to hopefully meet some people from the online community and make new friends, gaming buddies, and conversation partners, and maybe more, who knows? I have too many hobbies and interests to list them all, but here are the main ones: reading, hiking, gaming, painting, programming, etc. I enjoy interesting conversations about pretty much anything and I like getting new pen pals to exchange handwritten letters with. I don't bite, or at least not too much, so feel free to send me a message should you wish to chat for a while ^^! Ciao Josh
  23. Guest

  24. XxCottontailxX

    Expressing My Dom Side Finally

    I don't really know how to start one of these things so I guess I'll just start. I have recently decided that I would like to start showing my Dom side and not just my Little side, which I guess makes me a switch. I guess I just feel really weird thinking about talking to other Littles about this side of me because I've only shown that side of me for so long. I feel like they'll be weirded out or won't like me. Any advise?
  25. Celinka

    Hello! Me and my boyfriend have a ddlg dynamic (rules, punishments, rewards ect.) but I don’t want to call him Daddy. Also not a fan of β€žmaster” or β€žsir”. Currently I’m mostly calling him by his name or β€žBear”, but I was wondering if you guys have any nicknames suggestions that would kinda imply that he is my dom and a caregiver.
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