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  1. Hello, Everyone! My name is Princess Liz. I am a Princess sub. To learn more about what being a Princess sub means to me, please check out my writings on FetLife. I am here to make new friends. With me is my Snuggle Bunny. She is half bunny and half cactus. She is also looking for new friends so if you have stuffies that are kind, please let us know. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Sweetest wishes, Princess Liz
  2. The story of loves lost. Two flames apart Burned brightly Both with broken heart A meeting by chance Seeking help as both trans A friendship was kindled No feeling came close To the flames playing host When hearts became one They burned brighter than the sun Though distance was trying Their fire never dying This girl and this boy Supposedly never felt such joy Sadly something seeped through She got really blue He couldn't keep crying Found another now she's dying Her flames in the dark Hardly making a spark She never stops loving In hope he'll be coming Sad i sit crying My Daddy denying Alone is my little No comfort no carer No lover no barer I need a new caretaker To make me feel safer Consider adoption This little princess needs oprions Aim only to please My doms every needs Please help with direction Im little need affection Ill be a good girl And give you a thrill Ill love you forever Can we be together
  3. tinybabyyy

    hiii โ™ก

    hiiiiii โ™ฅwho wanna be fwens? I wan wittwe n cawegiver fwends hehe (sowy I talk like thish when wittwe )
  4. Hello!!! I have questions!!! For littles, bigs, middles, everyone!!! Is it easy for you to fall in love? How fast do you fall in love? What are the factors for you to consider? (Be it consciously or not!!) How do you know you're in love? Sorry if this is too personal or something! I'm just curious!! My answers: I fall very easily in love!! I love everyone!! I fall in love immediately!! It's like as soon as I get to know a person I know if I love them or not! Their personality, how they treat others! I...don't... That's one of the reasons why I'm asking!! Thank you to everyone who is willing to answer!! Oh and I'm sorry if I chose the wrong... Category? I'm not sure where to ask this!!
  5. My Daddy and I have only been together for a week after meeting only 2 weeks ago, but already he is the most caring, kind, gentle, passionate, patient spirit I have ever met in my entire life. I feel so safe, happy, and at peace when he is with me and when I hear his voice. My body yearns for him when he's not with me and I hang on every word he says until I'm back in his arms again. I can't imagine ever belonging to anyone else. But I've never fallen for someone so fast. He's my 3rd Dom (I had HORRIBLE experiences with the ones prior.) Part of the reason I find myself in the BDSM community is because of how INTENSELY I experience emotions, and I know that a DDlg relationship invites and welcomes that intensity. Still, I have never felt this way this quickly before. So, my question is: when did you and your Daddy start saying "I love you?" When did you realize you were in love?
  6. Whiskey Lullaby

    How to Deal with Haters

    I feel like this is something we've all gone through before. We open up to someone about DDLG and get brutally let down and faced with hate. I was recently told some nasty things and have been doing my best to cope with it. Coping is especially difficult when I do not have a daddy to go crying to or any friends in the ddlg community. I feel this is an important topic to discuss and if anyone ever needs someone to talk to about haters or just about the difficulties that members of our community can faced with, I am here. for now I think I'll just do my best to focus on being comfortable with myself no matter what some immature person who doesn't understand says. I am new to posting on here. Sorry that I don't have much more to say.
  7. LolitaDaddy

    What is your "Love Language" !!??

    "We assume others show love the same way we do โ€” and if they donโ€™t, we worry itโ€™s not there." http://www.5lovelanguages.com 10 Physical Touch 8 Quality Time 8 Acts of Service 5 Words of Affirmation 2 Receiving Gifts Excellent resource to learn about your & your mate's love languages for more effective DD/lg relationship.
  8. It's just a teensy bit sexual and TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR painful bare bottom spanking, crying, & aftercare as a babygirl, ...but it's all mine and just to cover my butt I definitely DO NOT sell my writing or steal it from others. Its just for fun hope you like <3 ) ................................ I couldn't see his face, tears were tracking down my face and I was blinded.... my spankin's really hurt. As Daddy picked me up from his lap he held me close and rubbed my back comfortingly in small circles. "It'll be alright babygirl. Let it out. You know Daddy's not mad at you. All is forgiven." His large rough hands making me feel so small, running over the roundness of my ass now. Calming the storm of emotions within, for both of us. Daddy would never spank or punish in anger, I trust that, I trust him beyond anything. "There, there babygirl that's it." It hurt so bad, but it was my fault. I knew it. I had my rules to keep me healthy and safe. "I-I'm sssorry D-daddy." I say through my sobs. "I know baby. I know sweet girl..." He sighs heavily, hands running soothingly over me sending tingles of warmth throughout. "Daddy doesn't like when his babygirl breaks rules. Then he has to punish her. That's because he cares little one." He loves me. He's the only one that shows how much. So even though my spankin' hurt my booty, and its bright red I'm sure... His words soothed the ache. Everywhere.... Sniffling into his shirt I snuggle closer. He brings one hand slowly up my back to my neck putting it in my wavy locks. Then grabs a fistful of hair firm, yet gently brings my face to him. "Daddy loves you sweet girl never forget that." Foreheads touching together he brings his lips to mine and possesses me like only my Daddy could do...
  9. Guest

    What to gift my Daddy

    Hiiii this is my first post so i hope you can help me ... My Daddy and I have a Long Distance relationship and have done this for a while now but i really wanna send him a gift but i don't know what to send him... like im rubbish with gifts for my friends and family but like i really really really wanna send him something good and special because he is such a good Daddy and i wanna show him he is and how much i love him ( i love him soooooooooooo much ) ..like he knows he is but..Do you get what im saying, i feel like im rambling.... well if you have any ideas please help
  10. So Iโ€™ve come off a break up recently and Iโ€™m feeling very confused. I feel like Iโ€™m in a place where Iโ€™m ready to move on but Iโ€™m very confused as to what I want.Or I should say Iโ€™ve sent some time thinking about what I want and what I need but I still feel a little vulnerable. I feel like Iโ€™m questioning my choices a lot and am afraid of getting hurt again.Iโ€™m normally a shy person but I have been pushing myself to be a better, more brave version of my self. Iโ€™ve taken the time to make peace with the hurt and I want to break out of my shell but Iโ€™m still a little frightened. So what I want to ask you lovely littles ( and middles and such!) is how did you know your care giver was the one? What made you feel like that was the person for you? Did you make the first move or did they? What qualities or characteristics do you look for? If youโ€™re had your heart broken, what advice do you have for moving on and becoming strong?
  11. Sephora_TheLovelyPrincess

    My DDlg music

    Hi! I am Sephora, I make music under the name Sephora The Lovely Princess I wanted to share with you my music, please tell me what you think, it is very important for me. I am shy and introverted. Sephora The Lovely Princess - Daddy Loves Me (DDlg lullaby song) <3 on youtube ----If you like my songs, send me a message and I will send it to you. Please share with me the music you like! I like ddlg music. thank you
  12. Hi all, I've struggled with depression for a long time. Becoming a Daddy was a way of feeling needed, feeling like life was worth living, feeling like even though I feel so down.. well theres another little being that I make happy and am so important to... I haven't seen my little in awhile.. And its crazy how strong the depression returns.. I was wondering.. How do you deal with the depression and how do you keep it from your little? Are there any other caregivers because of the same reason..? What do you do if your little leaves you..? Is it better for someone like me, who is depressed and takes heartbreak so seriously, to just stay away from this sort of thing? I know it takes away from my ability to be a good caregiver.. Just looking to bounce some ideas off some heads. I had to make a new account on here so my little doesn't find out what I'm going through. Thanks for any response.
  13. AlexIzDaddy

    Secret LDR tips

    So, i live with my parents and have a ldr little. My parents don't know about her. Any tips on stuff i can do with her?
  14. First off, I want to start this by saying, this is a fantasy of mine, none of it has been acted out by me but it is something to expect from me, or something similar. And sorry for the mistakes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waking up for work is something very desired for me, that moment my eyes open, my mind swirls back to reality and my senses begin to slowly come online. The scent of my partners hair or lotions loft in, pleasant to my senses. The reassurance of someone being there for me, everyday. My hand reaches over as she sleeps, brushing her cute disheveled hair out of her face. Her natural beauty far surpassing that of anything I have seem. A warm smile moves across my face as she snuggles subconsciously into my hand, still asleep. Her lips smacking together a little and her body shifting under the blankets, warm from the chilling cold air outside of those blankets. I lean in and kiss her forehead gently, rolling out of bed with a slight yawn. I pick up my phone and turn off the alarm, my body's natural rhythm always wakes me every morning at least 30 minutes before my alarm, which I set purposely later than when I naturally wake up as a precaution to my body's own rhythm being off by chance. I set my phone back down not taking it with me as I go to the bathroom to freshen up a little, exiting and heading straight to the kitchen. I ruffle through the fridge wondering what to make today, I settle on pancakes. cooking many different types from scratch, no store bought ingredients. blueberry, chocolate chip, cinnamon, and normal. I make a good amount of each and place them on plates on a tray with 2 glasses of juice, some fruit, and syrup. I open the door to our room slowly, not trying to wake my partner as I move to her side of the bed, kneeling at the bedside, letting the smell loft around her, which may rouse her slightly. My soft words more than likely doing the trick. "Babygirl, it's time to get up, Daddy made you breakfast." Energy could be heard in my voice, loving to spoil his princess. She wakes up looking at me, and seeing the food, she shifts in bed sitting up rubbing her eyes. "Good morning daddy! you gots me food!?! I love you so much!" She seems happy by the food almost more than she is with me, but I know she loves me. "I love you too Princess, you ready for some pancakes in bed?" She immediately nods at me happily as we sit and enjoy our breakfast while giving each other small little kisses and eskimo kisses periodically from the meal. After sharing the meal together in bed, with a little bit of banter, I get up and take ti all back into the kitchen and begin cleaning the dishes. She follows behind me in her oversized shirt which is hanging off one shoulder, showing she isn't wearing a bra. Underneath the draping shirt, she is wearing my underwear, very loose on her, barely kept up from her perfect figure, enough to drive me crazy just knowing nothing was under those and that shirt. I shake my head a little as she heads to the fridge to scrummage up a drink, maybe a small little treat. I look to see what she's up to, only to see her bent over, her butt sticking out, the shirt lifted enough where I can see My underwear hang on her, censoring her princess parts, but revealing the form of her butt and the crack. Her legs divine, they weren't in their typical stockings which would make this absolutely irresistible, but her legs were absolutely perfect. I turn away quickly, not wanting to start that before work, focusing on the dishes. She comes up behind me and wraps her arms around my waist, seeming so small, I look back and she looks up at me. "Thank you Daddy! Breakfast was so good!" I can only get a warm smile to match my melted heart. "Anything for you princess! I have to go to work soon, but I will pick you up Taco Bell. What do you want today?" She lets go and jumps up and down excitedly. "Crunchy Mexican Chicken Tacos!" She almost chants this over and over again. He just smiles and pets her head gently- "I will bring you some back, but you have to be a good girl or else!" She pouts a little over this comment and crosses her arms, almost resembling tinkerbell sticking her tongue out at me. "I am perfect! I am never bad!" He just smiles at this knowing it isn't true and knowing she knows it isn't true. He loved how bratty she could be regardless. After the dishes he heads into the bedroom grabbing his clothes, and then heading into the bathroom. He undresses and gets into the shower she slowly followed behind but pretended not to at first. Normally she likes to watch cartoons or she asks to join, but not today. She played a sneaky role, watching me from around corners and following at a distance quietly waiting for me to get into the shower and turn it on. I turn on my Echo dot to turn music on. "Alexa Sync with phone" She dings and sings with my phone as I request her to play my playlist. It was set to random but a song I could really get into starts playing and I couldn't help but sing. I know I am not the best, but we are our worst critics, and we will do what we enjoy and have fun with despite being judged. But my little girl on the other hand.. Had different plans. She snuck in and sat on the toilet with her hands on her lap listening to me sing. She happens to know the songs lyrics and sings along at her favorite part of the song, making me freeze up and get quiet. "You going to join or not?" and before I could finish my sentence she was already undressed ripping the shower curtain open. I look over at her now exposed body, my own body reacting from it, growing from desire. She is beautiful while not being naked, this just exacerbates my "personal" situation of trying not to do anything before work. I was quickly growing weak to her amazing body as I looked her up and down, suddenly closing my eyes and turning my head into the running water. She gets in in front of me, closing the curtain behind her, nudging her body against mine naughtily. She knew what she was doing but played innocent. "Daddy is hogging all the water!!!!" I don't grin at this even though I want to, I am trying to concentrate not being overly aroused and pinning her against the shower wall, and taking her right there with the water caressing our skins. But I was going to be good, I knew I had to be or she would be bad later. I just back up a little letting her in, she kept "accidentally" bumping into my parts, it grows halfway but I manage to stop it there. I finish cleaning my body and I pour shampoo on my hands and lather it, rubbing it into her hair, massaging her scalp. Rinsing it then doing the same with conditioner, by the time I was done with the conditioner, letting it sit in her hair, she looking at me to wash her back. My hands don't hesitate at the offer as I lather soap against her back, rubbing firmly, yet gently, my hands moving to her shoulders, pulling her back against me as I lean down kissing her cheek gently. "I need to get out now princess, I am sorry. I have to get to work soon." Her face frowned deeply sad. She was disappointed and wanted more time with me. "You can text me though honey, or call!" Her frown disappeared mostly, but still sad I had to go. "Okay daddy... Be good! NO GIRLS!" I laugh a little as I dry myself off. "No girls? Does that mean I can't have you? because I would refuse.." she pouts at this comment and explains more pedantically. "NO GIRLS BUT ME!" She's crossing her arms, the water running down her sensual body as she pouts a lip at me, her legs spread apart. "I would never have another girl besides you. You are all I want and need and have eyes for." She smiles a bit. "Good! I feel the same about you Daddy! No icky boys but you!" She finishes showering quickly to catch me before I left. She quickly ran out of the bathroom naked past me, grabbing a white button up from the closet and putting it on over her damp body not bothering to button it up. She grabs another pair of my underwear and slips it on, struggling to get it to stay in just the right position. She walks out behind him as he is ready for work and at the front door. Her gaze at the floor and sad. he puts his thumb on her chin, and his forefinger under her chin, lifting her to look at him. "Princess, I will be home later and I will drive safe, I promise. Be a good girl for daddy today okay?" "Okay......" Her tone was sorrowful and almost lonely sounding. But she knew the wait would be WAY worth it. Food, love, cuddles, playtime! Everything she wanted! She she was going to fight to be strong and good for me. Her mood and expression seems a bit happier as she leans up on her tippy toes kissing my lips gently and giving me a big hug. "I love you Daddy! Be safe!" "I will be! Be good!" I smile not wanting to let go of the hug but eventually let go. I opened the door and walked out as she ran to the window, fully covering herself so no one could see her body, the body that belonged to her Daddy as she waved quickly at me, me waving back happily. Later that evening..... I have been texting her and calling her all day. I text when I leave for work, when I arrive, when I leave work, and then just surprise her when I am home. I had Taco Bell I had gotten made special for her, and lots of it. I brought home her favorite drinks as well, and I fumble the food and drinks around as I put my keys in the door and open it stepping in. She is in my button up, underwear slipping down, bent over the couch with a guilty look on her face as she was trying to hide something but was caught in the act. Her hands covered, the house was a mess, papers everywhere, clothes all over the floor, she obviously was playing dress up and didn't clean her mess. Plates and dishes everywhere with chocolate hand prints on the wall. His face dropped a little in surprise. "What did you do!?!?!" I am not mad, more surprised at how she could make this big of a mess. Inside, I loved it. It put me further into Daddy space than ever. She didn't bother moving, but her head looked at me with the most guilty look ever. "D-Daddy! I thought you would be home later!" She drops something behind the couch, standing up on the couch holding her hands behind her back facing me. The shirt still unbuttoned, stained at that. My underwear almost slipping off her at this point. I walk to the kitchen, rather ground zero, and set the food and drinks down. "This place is a mess. I thought I told you to be good!" my voice stern, but there was a love behind it, a love for her, a love for this scenario, a love for it all. "But Daddy...." She looks down pouting, her expression not really sad, but is full of guilt "Bedroom NOW young lady!" I start to undo my outfit to change into my home clothes as I walk behind her to the bedroom. She dragging her feet slowly and me rushing her with my words. She stands by the bed, her knees together, her hands behind her back looking at the floor. I take off my work shirt, my pants unbuttoned and unzipped as I sit on the edge of the bed. "I told you to be good, now you will get punished." "Yes.... Daddy...." She says turning towards me. I pat my lap, she knew where this was going. "Lay across my lap." She immediately does so. My eyes look her over, as my hand moves to her bottom, pulling down the underwear already almost off. Her bare bottom was exposed to me directly now, my hand resting on it, suddenly moving away and slamming back down. A loud smack echo'd through the room as her butt instantly turned red, a small moaning yelp escaped her lips, as I repeated it, getting harder every time in response to the light moans she's been having unwillingly trying to yelp or cry from the pain which she really enjoyed. Her princess parts got wet, as it ran down her legs onto mine, my bulge growing out of my pants, pressing against the band of my underwear almost expose itself, as I stopped. "Have you had enough?" "Maybe..." she said with a little bratty attitude. My hand slipping between her legs, my fingers touching on her princess parts. She lets out a sudden and loud gasp as she feels my warm soft fingers dominate her princess parts. My finger slides up and down her wet slit, rubbing against her clit, pressing against it. Her legs tighten and loosen, unsure how to react. She was trying to resist to become the brat she really is, but loosened wanting more of my touch. Her hand moves down to my pants, touching my bulge a little, she pretended it was an accident, but she really ached for it. As she did that I press a finger into her, a moan escaping her lips, her breathing getting heavier and unsteady as her body grew hotter. I move it around in her, her legs loosen more, almost begging for me. My finger spreads her open, her wetness soaking me and dripping down as she becomes more vulnerable for my touch which quickly ends when I pull my finger out, her legs tightening to keep it in but failing. She lets out a pouty bratty moan as she shoots a look at me. "Daddy is mean!" I shoot a stern dominating look back at her. "I am what?" My voice deeper, more stern and slightly cocky. She looks a little more timid but still bratty, as if her facade was about to crumble under my command. "You're a meanie!" She said sticking her tongue out. "That's it!" I say as I pull her to a stand next to me, me following in the stand. My pants wet from her juices. I lean to her, and kiss her forcefully, yet passionately, my tongue pressing into her mouth. She let out a noise that was muffled by my mouth, as she eased into it after a little while. I break the kiss and pin her to the bed on her back, the shirt exposing one breast now, the other still barely covered, her arms pinned, head level as I straddle her looking down. My hair falling past my eyes, they have a dominating and commanding look to them, also full of lust as I leans down biting her neck gently, my tongue touching it barely as I do, nibbling down to her shoulder. Moans escape her lips, her knees moving together, as she struggles against my pinning which was for nothing. I move my mouth down, just above her breast, her body starting to tremble a little with excitement. Once I got to her nipples, I began to suck and lick, her legs going limp, but her knees still together. "Dadd....." Her voice weak, her mind all over the place, she couldn't even finish what she was saying at this point. I suddenly stop and flip her onto her stomach, her eyes growing wide with surprise and upset from the teasing. A hand leaves her wrist as it moves down to remove my pants and underwear, her hand moves back to struggle and fight against me. Her body and eyes said otherwise, but she was just playing the brat. I grab her wrist and pin her down again, leaning close down to her ear. " Daddy is going to punish you now for being bad." I begin to kiss her ear gently, my warm breath making her quiver, my body leaning down is now closer to her, she could feel it rub against her butt which she wiggles a little which looks like she is trying to get away but she really wants it. I move down a little, kissing the back of her neck as I position myself against her princess parts which quickly wet the tip. I slowly press it in, her letting out a gasp and a moan as I do so, her legs growing weak. It spreads her out, her juices flowing around me, inviting me in, further and deeper in. Pressuring me for more. I take her juices up on that offer and I start to thrust into her, my body pounding against hers, squeaks and moans escape her lips, her legs spread out more inviting me. I slowly release the pin on her, her hands now clenching the bed. I stop for a moment to reposition myself grabbing her hips, staying deep inside her, and pulling her butt into the air. She could feel it inside her move around from this and she clenches the bed more being obedient for Daddy. She buries her face into the bed as I start to pound deep inside of her, the sound her juices make from myself pounding in her aroused the both of us more. After her rhythm matched mine, my hand moved from her hip and stroked up her back to her hair, pulling it gently. Her head moves backwards, her back arching, the shirt now open her breasts exposed just hovering over the bed, bouncing to my rhythm. My other hand starts to explore her butt, pressing the tip of my finger inside, teasingly. Her body tenses suddenly not expecting it, but welcoming it in. I presses a little harder, my finger fully inside her, she can feel my finger rub the wall between me pounding in her and her butt, making it tighter, making the pleasure more for her. She throws her head back a little more, moans escaping her mouth, almost as if she can't take the pleasure. All I could think about was breeding her right now, I pounded harder and faster, My body slamming against hers, specifically her clit. She's getting wetter and wetter from this, causing me to become more aroused. It swells inside of her, throbbing, jumping, my finger moving around, and rubbing inside her butt, it wasn't too long after that, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I shoves it as deep as I can inside of her roughly, and it begins to jump, shooting my thick liquid deep inside her. She can feel it fill her womb, warm, thick, overflowing out of it, past Myself covering all inside her. She starts to cum at this, squeezing me hard, not letting it out of her. Her moans louder than ever, squeezing hard on me, as she gushes around me, it spilling out from around me, my hand pulling at her hair more dominantly. After we both cool down from our orgasms, I slowly pull out of her, her body collapsing to the bed, me soaking from her juices I pant lightly. "Have you learned your lesson? " my breath a little shaky, I look down at her with love, but her eyes are closed and she look exhausted as my juices slowly spill out of her "y....Yes... d...daddy..." she says exhausted. "Good girl, I love you..... " She seems almost passed out at this point until I say some magic words. "Are you going to eat your Taco Bell?" If she was an animal, her ears would perk as she almost shot awake "OMG! I LOVE YOU DADDY!" she hugs me tightly, her breasts and skin pressed against mine as she gets up and runs out of the room naked straight to the Taco Bell bag, me following behind slowly. We sit and eat Taco Bell watching a movie, her passing out not long after, and I get up to clean the mess she made, just do it all over again. I then carry her to bed, and cuddle next to her, hoping the next day would be the same as this, just with a different playtime. He has other things he wants to try.... -Continued?-
  15. wargod06

    My Princess Dumped Me

    Me (now 21 M) and my now ex-fiance (now 21 F) (who has severe depression) have been broken up now since April 11th 2018. We used to do gymnastics together back in middle school but that was it, then in college we re-met and it just took off it was perfect. Since then we didn't spend a moment apart we slept over every night and our first night apart was about 6 months later. On our first date February 12th 2016 I got her a pink princess bear with a heart that read princess and the year on its foot and she loved it beyond anything I could hope for. She slept with it every night and I slept with my princess every night. It became such a big thing in our relationship and every year I would get her a new pink princess stuffy (In other stuffies I got her over 200 and we didn't have room for most of them and she felt sad that she couldn't take care of all of them). November 16th 2016 I proposed to her did a big thing had everyone come down and light floating lanterns out on the beach and recreated the boat scene from tangled in our own way she said yes and it was so happy. (she loves Disney) About 4 months into our relationship ( about the same time we said I love you for the first time) I bought us platinum annual passes to Disney world and we went a lot about 3 to 4 times a month. There was a bunch of littler things that happened throughout but that would take forever. Long story short most of my life we did together and everything new and fun and exciting we started with each other I made her my life and nothing else was done with out her and I loved it. We got so close with each other I knew everything about her I love her. She got me into dd-lg about a month into our relationship (she was the first and only person I had sex with although she didn't know that) although it wasn't just with the bedroom we did a lot of experimenting and growing together with it and it just came one night when she called me daddy in bed and it grew into this huge thing that no one say coming. It was both our first times with it. She taught me so much about care and I just tried to make her as happy as possible. Some nights it was more than others she rarely called me daddy but it was always there whether it was just coloring Disney princesses together that I would print out or spending a week end at Disney doing what ever she wanted and buying her what ever she wanted she was my princess to me always and from day one that's what I called her 'princess'. She was a very spoiled princess I made her that was and I loved it. we had a lot of stuff together with dd-lg and more than that she was my family 'ohana' and that was big for me. It was my life now and there was no one I would rather spend it with then her forever. I don't think I can move on from it it was so special between us. She made it special and I hope I made it special for her. I just tried to make her happy at all times. When we met she smoked weed about twice a month and drank even less than that and I was fine with that but then it started getting worse about a year in she was doing it every night and if I asked her to stop for just one night we had a big fight and nothing was resolved. Those were a majority of our fights and it lasted that way for the rest of the relationship. She is more of the hippy spiritual type and I'm fine with that and I love it about her (and I was a mixture between redneck and hippy) but I didn't want things to go over board with drugs she acted different on them and she knew I didn't like it I just didn't want to be around it and for a little while she respected that but she still did it anyways and her best friend encouraged it along with a lot worse stuff like acid or coke. When she went to festivals with her friend I told her please don't do acid I'm fine if you smoke weed but please don't do it I don't want to be with someone who does that basically the choice me or drugs and she didn't do it (we had a big fight about that) but about a year later at the same festival she did even though when I asked her not to she came back home and told me she did it and her and her friend were discussing it and said she thought I was going to brake up with her (I would have but I love her so I couldn't) but regardless she did it anyway (this was near the end). I didn't want to be around it and she knew that but that wasn't enough. (These were the only bad times we had) I miss her so much she didn't give me a reason for the break up just that she wasn't happy and she hasn't been happy for a while now about a year and broke it off over text. Since we had been living together now for about 2 years the moving out process was long and hard but we got through it. and ever since that day I have been cuddling with the first princess bear every night basically pretending that its her. She wont talk to me at all and it's been hard (and I know its still hard for her too) and I was just asking for help or advise I still love her and I want to be with her the rest of my life.
  16. Orguposnow

    Cooking with Cg in little space

    So I'm a fan of fancy dinners on a stormy day Does anyone else do this with there daddy Or do you want to?
  17. Orguposnow

    Black Pet!!! Ahhhhhhh

    Hi I'm sure I'm going to sound ridiculous But does anyone on hear do Southern people things With there pet? Is anybody into going to catfish restaurants And like sitting by the train station talking Most of all does anyone want to do their pets nails? I'm just asking cause I really have a million other things that my culture alone do that I don't want to give up doing or have to do alone because my owner doesn't know what it is Also tailgating football team hosting parties and spades DOES ANYONE PLAY SPADES IF YOU DO KIK ME AT BREAKFREEBEAR
  18. I need major advice. Iโ€™m in a loving relationship with my boyfriend for a while now. We are very close and tell each other everything. Recently I gathered the courage to tell him about my littlespace. He was very accepting and wanted to try it out. So for a while he became my daddy. Weโ€™re both new to this but it was loving, fun and safe. But the last couple of weeks Iโ€™ve been staying out of littlespace. Weโ€™ve talked a lot and it turns out he canโ€™t handle it. He used to like it but lately something switched and now he canโ€™t deal with it. As soon as I slip into littlespace he freaks out. We both have anxiety and depression; along with other issues. I love him so much but this is a healthy coping mechanism for me and he canโ€™t provide. I donโ€™t want to leave him. What do I do? We donโ€™t know if heโ€™ll ever be able to be my daddy again...
  19. KindBabyDaddy

    Relationship Stuck At An Impass?

    Me and my little have known each other for three years and been in a DDLG relationship since March 2016. These past three months she's been having a lot of trouble communicating with me, more so than usual. She's done this before, weeks and even a month without so much a reply. I'm a man of incredible patience and always strive to stay positive. After four weeks of nothing, I finally got through to her. This was her reply, "I donโ€™t know what to say. Sometimes I just feel so trapped. I feel like I donโ€™t really know you. I feel like you donโ€™t really know me. I feel like our conversation dies to easily, and that we always talk about the same things. I'm scared every time you say that you want to come and visit me, because I donโ€™t want to commit to anything, because people are never the same online as they are in person. Iโ€™m so grateful for the relationship we have shared together as friends and dd/lg. You helped me become so much more comfortable with who I am as a person. Supported me when I felt like no one else would, and pushed me just enough outside my comfort zone to become the women I am today. Honestly I canโ€™t put into words how thankful I am for that. I was thinking that maybe we could take a break from our dd/lg relationship and get to know each other better. Maybe in a little while when Iโ€™m feeling more comfortable we can reintroduce it. Mainly I donโ€™t want to lose you as a friend, because of how much of an impact you have made on me and my life." I understand her fear of commitment, yet she knows I have deeper feelings for her than just as a LG. However it's very hard to me to shutoff the Daddy side of me around her. I want nothing more than to see her fully become a woman and possibly have a relationship outside the DDLG dynamic. I need advice on how I should approach this problem. Thanks.
  20. Orguposnow

    Little poetry

    Little like me But i can stand up Alone like me but i can walk away Lost like me but daddies come home daddies come home daddies come home I lost most feeling in my hand today I felt it in my toe toes Daddies come home daddies come home daddies come home And when my dress dropped i was still there such an interesting bit of data such a log of deep compression I was the being entered myself tied in central Daddies come home daddies come home daddies come home
  21. yeh so I've deleted this post because I am no longer looking for advice on it. I have evaluated my relationship with her and there are a few different things we are looking for. although she admitted to being sexually attracted to me and might was to have a relationship I decided that long term it would effect our other friendships and it would be best to stay friends.
  22. Indiandaddydom

    Daddy from India

    Hello , I am a 26 year old daddy dom from India , been doing this for 8 years now , new here. I am looking for both online and in real life slaves. My kik is ironheart123. About me : Body type : Athletic , I give a lot of time , like controlling whole life of my slave. Love slaves in all shapes and ages. I am very understanding with new slaves , I give them the time to adapt with this lifestyle. I am caring yet harsh , loving and playful , just and naughty . I would spank you like crazy and still cuddle with you to sleep. And hey one thing I hate is ghosting , if you are gonna leave midway say bye.
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