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Found 15 results

  1. Daddy&mommy08

    Mommy & daddy in Texas

    We are a mommy and daddy in Texas Mommy : 24 Daddy : 30 We been in the lifestyle for 6 years.
  2. FeistyHandful

    Greetings & Salutations

    Hiya!!!! I'm Janae, and clearly new here OoO. Please feel free to call me by my name or my screen name Feisty. I am good with either. I'm chronologically 39. I live in the lovely Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex of Texas. A tad bit about me. I've been in the LS for a little over a year. I am active in the local kink community. I go to events, and am part of a group that does demos and educational classes at various dungeons. I know many do not care for labels but for assisting with knowing where I fall in the BDSM world, I am a brat sub/masochist/rope bunny and so on. I am single/poly/bi-sexual. I recently found my little headspace about 6ish weeks ago. I tend to be more middle than little but I have a bit of a sliding scale. I'm into tutus, coloring and listening to music. I love my stuffies and crave lots of color in my life. I also adore snuggles and naps. I'm still learning about this part of me. I'm looking forward to venturing through the forums and learning from you all here. If you'd like to know anything else please let me know! Tootles!
  3. BigLovingDaddy

  4. Guest

    hello from texas

    hey guys imash or ashlee and i’m from texas!! i’m looking for a daddy, but that’s not what i’m talking about here. Here, i’m looking for friends!! if you wanna send me a message or friend request, feel free to!!
  5. Hi! I'm new to the ddlg online community. Had the interest forever, but I'm a newbie at sharing it. Love to hear from you if you are female any age (esp 30s-40s...or under 50, give or take) who can give me ideas on how to pursue my fantasy dreams. My special interests: diapers, bare feet, nice legs, small chest. Lots of extra credit if you're close to Austin/San Antonio.
  6. Dallas_Atty

    New from Dallas

    I'm new to DDLG. It's something that has interested me for awhile. I'm looking forward to learning more about it and getting to know new people along the way.
  7. I've just moved to DFW in Texas from Arkansas. I'm 24 6'2" and I'm ready to check out the CHL community here and online as well. I'm not gonna get into to much detail on this post as I have to get up in a few hours, however; I'm a daddy domme predominantly, very primal. I know I look big and scary, but littles need not be afraid because I'm here to protect you even if you aren't mine. I'll be posting in the personals next. If you have any questions you can either reply here if it would benefit the ddlgforums or if you have personal questions you can contact me directly through pm, kik, or Snapchat. However if you message me through a non cgl platform, let me know who you are and where you came from. Kik: eatbig.liftbig SC: eatbig-liftbig Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Especially all you little cuties out there!
  8. Hello there! I'm not the most experienced in making new friends and new connections, but that doesn't mean I can't try! I guess a little bit about me is that I'm only about a year into being a Daddy, and I've loved every moment of it. It's so fulfilling taking care of a little/pet and I couldn't imagine living a different lifestyle anymore. I'm kind of a pushover sometimes, and I can't help caving in and spoiling sometimes. But pushing too much will bring the Dom that will put you in your place... At least that's how I imagine it'll play out. Anyway, feel free to add me, I like making new friends!
  9. 000Alex000

    New little in Texas

    Hi ya'll. I go by Alex and I identify as non-binary. I'm also pretty shy and introverted irl. I'm new to being little and would love to hear some activities I can do alone to feel little. I'd also love to make some little friends. Edit: I forgot to say I'm 19 and in college. I'm going to transfer schools soon.
  10. Little-kitten-Eli

    Hello Austin~β™‘

    Hey there my name is Claire, but you can call me Eli. I live in the Austin and think it would be interesting to meet up with other littles some time soon. I already have a Daddy but he lives in San Antonio so im really lonely and would love some new frienda to play,hang out, talk with.
  11. LuckenbackTX

    New, New and NEw

    Hey all! Brand spanking new here. Not even sure what to type here. I've experimented in the past. Would like to find a new little, preferably also in Texas to learn and grow with. A little nervous and skeptical that i'll find what im looking for but i suppose I can hope to get lucky. There already seems to be some great people on here. If there is anyone who thinks they fit what im looking for, could offer some advice or just wants to chat is more than welcome to hit me up. looking forward to the adventure!
  12. My Daddy and I are visiting the DFW area for 3 weeks (end of June through middle of July.) What would you recommend we do and see? Any little friendly activities you love in the area? Any great restaurants you would recommend we try?
  13. Guest

    Half Daddy, Half Beast...

    Hello to all the wonderful littles out there in the world. I'm a new Daddy, 3 months now, and I am so very in love with this lifestyle. I am in Houston Texas, and I do travel pretty often for work so I get to see lots of interesting places. I had a truly amazing little who helped me discover who I am as she discovered who she was, but I lost her. Not because of DDLG things, but because of deep emotional demons that she was just too afraid to let Daddy help her with. I'm broken, I'm destroyed, I'm a Daddy who lost his little one. Maybe she'll come back to me... All I know is that she was and still is my world the way a little should be to her daddy, and I'm lost without her. (Sorry, kind of went sideways on a "I miss her" rant..) Meeting all the wonderful people out there has helped me in many ways. They have given my guidance as a Daddy and have helped me learn how to deal with common problems that are associated with this lifestyle. And It is a lifestyle, not a singular role. I plan to continue to better myself as a Daddy which is exactly why I joined this site. The wonderful information that I have found is so very appreciated. Maybe someday I'll find the amazing girl who will need her Daddy, and love her Beast. Why do I use the name "Daddy Beast?" The name was actually given to me and I use it with pride. But why the Beast? Everybody loves the idea of a big, strong cuddly beast. They see the lovable creature and want to snuggle. But they forget that the beast is still a beast. His heart is twisted and broken from a lifetime of abuse and manipulation. Wild and feral needing pure love and compassion. If you ever meet a beast, and fall in love, be patient with him. Constantly show him the pure love that you have for him. Show him that you crave and desire him. Because the beast will always have doubts.. It's not his fault, he was made that way by everybody that hurt and destroyed him before he found you. A beast is not born, he is made. If you can love him the way he needs, then he will love you with an intensity that you've never felt. He will be fiercely loyal and will cherish and protect the one he loves with his very life. You will know his gentleness and you will know his wild rage. And you will never want another.
  14. mac6531

    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone! My name is Sean, and I'm a 28-year old daddy from Texas. I have three years of experience in the lifestyle, so I've been around awhile, but I'm always learning. I'm currently looking for a little, but I'm in no rush. I'm new to the forums, and so I thought I'd just say hi here. If you want to know more, feel free to ask!
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