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  1. How many ddlg/bdsm songs can you name?I can name one?
  2. Hi there, I am sincerely to know what are caregivers or daddies are looking for in a relationship. I somehow understand that as an adult to request for attention from another adult is not really common and making sense. That is somehow my nature is. I honestly feel kind of guilty for being not independent. And I doubt that there will be a man will take care of me as a child out of the desire of being a daddy to a stranger. I want to know what you guys as caregivers looking for in a DDLG relationship. Or what motivates you to take care of another adult in a parental way. What we as little can do that deserve this kind of kindness. If you are experienced, I would appreciate if you can explain how to make this type of relationship work. There are topics hard to escape. And I hope to get the answer. 1.Financial arrangements: Is daddy taking care his girl financially, assuming is fully, common or making sense? If not, how to arrange the financial responsibility without hurting the “roles”? 2.sexual interactions: Is sex involved in a DDLG relationship usually? Will it feel like incest. If sex is necessarily involved, how to avoid or reduce the confusion of the roles. Many thanks.
  3. Hello! My name is Sam. I am from Texas and I am part of ddlg and little space. My little age is 3-5. I am bisexual and my pronouns are she/they. I can be a bit talkative or really reserved. I tend to be clingy once I get comfortable with you. I like games, horror movies, stuffies, the colors green and pink, dinos and frogs, drawing, writing, reading, and taking naps. Often you will find me sleeping or watching cartoons or in my play room text me if you are interested!
  4. Hey guys, so this is the friend of the account owner and I'm using it at the permission to ask a few questions. 1. My dom has been thinking of using a breast pump as a part of roleplay, whether its on her or me, with her she says it would be a m/baby boy roleplay. She says the innocence of the mindset it put her last sub in turned her on. Both when she did it as mommy and her sub did it as " the baby making milk ". I'm wondering if this is normal as it seems a bit out there but then again it's a kink so anything's possible. 2. How do you guys feel when "naughty" (sexually) in "littlespace"? 3. Some dude once told me that he actually roleplays as an actual child. Not in the mindset of a youthful immature person. Like he imagines himself as an actual kid (sexually meaning he gets aroused at the thought of being an actual kid in roleplay ) and not just roleplaying in a immature headspace. Does everyone do this? And if so is this normal? Is this p*d*philia? I'm not trying to kink shame but I wanna check as I have them as my friend on Facebook and if it isn't normal I'm worried. Again no offense I'm just curious. 4. Is the innocence of the mindset what arouses you? How do you describe it? (Both dd/md and lb/lg pls) 5. Some people experience pocd within this community I believe and I wanna know if you guys think that it'd be hard for those people to differentiate between DDLG and actual p*d**hilia? 6. As a general rule how can I tell if a person is taking said kink too far? I know some people have a extreme love for it but can anything and everything be considered sexually arousing? Is the naivety of innocence part of it? Also how do you differentiate between the actual mindset of a child and DDLG mindset?
  5. Hey everyone I'm, I hope this doesn't make me weird. I've been worrying about this for the past couple days now so I came here to ask a question and see if this lines up with what's considered DDLG. I have a dom and he suggested that we come up with some fun nicknames to call me, particularly ones that turn me on/get me into a maso/sub head space quickly. One of the ones that came up between us was kid. I kind of like it since he's older than me and it reminds me of how I'm much younger and inexperienced than him. That and when he says it it's kind of in a mean way as if he's putting me in my place. So is it normal that I find that nickname hot because of that? Or should I be more concerned?
  6. PrettyinPinkxx22

    Letting go?… *UPDATE*

    Hello 🙂 I am a new little girl (27yo), I just discovered my kink a couple of months ago. Luckily, I found the most amazing Daddy! I now know he is everything I wanted in a daddy. He was really patient with me and took the time to know me and little me. Despite our time differences, me from the UK and him from Australia, we talked every single day. If we weren’t sleeping or working, we’d be talking. We've been together for about nearly 5 months now. It has now been over a week since he last messaged me and I feel so heartbroken. I have no idea what's going on, everything with us was normal and fine (although a few days before he left he did mention that his grandmother had had really been unwell). And I also remember when we first started talking that he may go through some periods of anxiety/depression. (I also don't think he would ghost me on purpose.) His last message to me was that he was thinking of me. We've been using the Kik app and all my messages have received an auto reply saying that his phone might be off/disconnected and my message will be delivered when they connect again. It is really frustrating! So I've not really been coping well without him. I was so used to us talking every day. I feel like we really connected and I hate how this has affected me, feeling so vulnerable. I hate feeling this way. I love my daddy and I know he loves me too and I'm scared that he won't come back. I just know that I won't find another with the same connection as us and I don't really want to (this is not my first daddy btw, he is my second). The reasonable and rational part of me says that maybe something could have happened with his grandmother or his anxiety/depression has been triggered. If so, I just wish he could have told me, I would've understood and given him space. We always said we would be open and honest with each other. But then I also think what if he's really hurt or something could have happened to him! Or what if he has forgotten about me?! What if he doesn't come back?! I just feel so lost and I don't know what to do. I can't really talk about it with people around me and then I found this. I'm hoping maybe this will help or maybe I'm just overreacting... Do you think he will come back? I really hope my daddy comes back to me... Has anyone else experienced something similar? Anyways, whoever is reading this I really appreciate it, thank you. PiPxx
  7. BabyBunnyPrincess

    Struggle of feeling little without a cg

    Hii so I’ve recently broken up with my partner and therefore lost my caregiver. I’ve been struggling to regress and slip into my littlespace and whenever I do manage it, it doesn’t feel happy or comforting like it used to. I want my enjoyment back of being little I just don’t know how to go about getting that feeling back. So if anyone has any tips or advice on how I could feel more happy in littlespace without a caregiver anymore I’d be more than happy for your help!
  8. Sweet_MeowMeow

    Hewwo ♥

    Hi hi~♥ I'm completely new in here and sometimes I might don't understand how a forum works but I'll do my best to not to do something inapropiate. You can call me "Sweet" Because It's my nickname and I will appreciate you not calling me other names. Just sweet ♥ I have a Daddy and I'm here looking for more fwiends and activities to do Cause I would like to learn a bit more about Ddlg :3 I love watching tvshow or netflix/disney/primevideo shows and movies ♥ I also like anime and manga :3 Music is one of my fav things, I like singing and listening to it and I love plushies! I hope I can find new fwiends here and learn a bit more :3 ♥♥ Thank you for reading!
  9. Daddy to little Ash


    Hello! My wife/little and I are new here. From Nebraska. In our early 30’s. Always looking for friends to chat with. Friends with similar interest can be hard to find these days it seems. My little is on here as “little ash” feel free to chat!
  10. Child Of Light

    Alternative names to Daddy

    My S/o and I have PTSD related to child abuse and we both refuse to call him Daddy. So far, I've nicknamed him Boss or Lifeboss. But trying to find something that fits us Does anyone else use something other than Daddy? Xx Thanks in advance xxxxxx EDIT: As of May of 2018 -- we are starting to come to like the Daddy term
  11. Guest

    DDLG youtubers

    Could you guys post your fav youtubers who talk about DDlg? And that dynamic, life style, ect?
  12. Hi all! I'm looking for cute and/or fantasy games I can play on a pc. I like animal crossing and final fantasy, but as far as I know I can't play them on a computer. I don't like minecraft. Any recommendations? Thank you!
  13. Hello, my question is I feel it is quite hard to look for someone right online, as the information usually it is kind of limited by reading their online profiles. And you don’t even know how they look like. Sometimes you get a pic of their faces but you don’t know their figure, height, weight something. If you are thinking seriously, maybe even need to know their jobs. And it is kind of rude to ask away these questions in the beginning. I would will feel a little guarded if someone ask me a lot of personal questions when I don’t know them as well. So how do you deal with the limited information when you are chatting someone who maybe your potential daddy. Is it more about patience or more being direct? How to balance it? What I feel worst is when you flirt with someone (or they do) and you guys kind of get along online. But when you get to know them more, you found you didn’t like them. It is just a little bit guilty also not feeling good. Is any way to avoid it? Or it is just common for online dating.
  14. KittyKat419

    Littlespace picrews

    what are some links to Picrews for littlespace/DDLG?
  15. Guest

    ☆ petplay and cgl ☆

    henlo there buddies. i was wondering if anyone else mixes their petspace with their littlespace? for example, sometimes i'll feel very kitten-ish when in middlespace, and sometimes very puppy-ish in littlespace. it doesn't happen very often, but i'm curious to know if anyone else experiences this? and one last question: what are your pet spaces? mine are kitten, puppy, fox kit and fawn. have a great day ☆
  16. I am currently growing a beard foreard the first time ever because I look more like a little than a daddy even though I am a daddy My question is are beards attractive or not and why? Discuss below and let's find a majority answer
  17. StellaLittle

    DDLG Book recommendation

    I am looking for recommendation to read about DDLG romance book on Amazon. Can anyone gives their recommendation? Thank You.
  18. My daddy and I have talked about the future when we might have a daughter, and I can’t help but already feel a little jealous. It sounds selfish and I don’t like thinking this way especially because it would be my child too, but I feel as if I’d be replaced the moment she was born. And as she grows. Obviously she would be my daddy’s real little girl and I’m scared I’d take a back seat. I have anxiety and have always competed with others to be loved, and I always lost. I was always disregarded, and the cuter one always won. I’m scared this will happen with daddy and I. I’m so used to being daddy’s little girl, that I feel like I’ll be replaced when he has a real little girl to love. Please don’t judge my thoughts, I’m aware that they make me sound absolutely crazy. I’m just an anxious person and I worry about everything, even if it’s not rational.
  19. Hi everyone! I'm super new, so let me give this intro thing a shot. My name is Ava, and there's no real way to shorten that, so we'll stick with Ava. A 'little' about me (see what I did there?): As I write this, I'm sitting in a robe with llamas on them I have two favorite hockey teams: Pittsburgh Penguins & Seattle Kraken My favorite football team is the Las Vegas Raiders I play video games, and I've been playing Forza lately I have a dog, and he'd love to meet you- he's *almost* as clingy as me I enjoy Marvel, comic books, and anime I hope that this will start up some conversations- I'm so excited to talk to you all!
  20. sunflowerxprincess

    Scared I’m too much or weird

    I’m always scared that I’m too weird and not enough. I don’t feel like I can get into little space easily. It’s hard especially if I’m by myself. I do love stuffies, my paci, coloring books. I’ve always wanted a Daddy who’s okay with cooking for me and giving me food on cute princess plates and I want sippy cups. I want to be able to wear cute dresses and do my hair and feel pretty. I honestly want my Daddy to be okay with me wearing diapees. It’s embarrassing but I do have issues with holding it sometimes, so I pee myself every once in a while but not often. I just like diapers because it makes me feel safer. But I want Daddy to tell me it’s okay if I do have an accident and even help me clean up or change me. But I only want daddy’s help if I pee or if it’s my big girl time of the month. No other stuff, that’s embarrassing. I feel like I want too much. I feel like I’m not enough because I do like sex but I’ve had a lot of bad experiences so I just get scared about sex sometimes. Not really sure I’ll ever find someone.
  21. dre4myang3l

    daddy is away and I miss him ):

    does anyone have any ideas of things I could do to keep busy? He won't be gone forever, but I'm really clingy, and he won't be back until late tonight ): he told me to get pretty for when he gets home, but in the meantime? I'm kinda stumped
  22. sunflowerxprincess

    Struggling Little

    I’m 21, will be 22 next month. My boyfriend is 24, almost 25. He likes to call himself my Daddy but it doesn’t feel right. When I was 19 I dated a 52 year old man for 6 months and there were issues but I was happy. I miss being with an older man so badly. I miss having a daddy I could be myself with. I just want an older Daddy. but I can’t just break up with my boyfriend, he’d kill himself. I’m miserable and idk what to do.
  23. I wanted to do a fun one so witch Pokemon are you or do u think you are list the reasons why.(please dont just say pikachue if you dont know any other pokemon)http://1.media.dorkly.cvcdn.com/13/68/090721ae99573e9d00cbf7006d77623c.gifi is a squirtle
  24. Hello I'm Ayaka most people just call me Aya. for about two years now I've been trying to get my partner to participate in littlespace with me but he really seems to hate it... what do I do? EDIT: my partner says he loves littlespace and has done it with his other partners in the past so this is why I'm confused
  25. softbrattypuppy

    abdl crinklz first purchase size

    Hewwo guys, I'm puppy, 21 years old and I've got a question! I want to buy for the first time real diapers since I moved out of my parents home and I can order them online and not wear only pull-ups I just don't know if the size small from crinklz would fit me so I'm asking for advice here since it would make me sad if the would arrive too big or too small >.< I'm 1,63m tall and weight 50kg so would I fit inside an S? for reference i wear onesies from littleforbig in xs and from onesiesdownunder in s thanks! :3
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