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  1. peachprince

    Diaper Curious [SFW]

    Hello all!! I come seeking guidance on the topic of DIAPERS! to start- i wouldnt consider myself a diaper lover by any means- i genuinly dont think i would enjoy them for myself but i also dont really get to the age that would use them when i get little- and most of my time in kink ive seen it as a hard no for me. BUT, that being said recently ive started likeing them more and more- porbably coming from me exploring my dom side more. Ive started really likeing hte idea of my partner in diapers while in the headspace, ngl While me and my partner both can get sexual in the space, this is in a non-sexual way! i take care of my partner most of the time, and he can get *super* little. Like almost fully non-verbal, and when i was able to visit him for a bit (its long distance sadly ) he enjoyed me doing most things for him while little- and i love it too! That being said, the past few weeks ive been seeing more art that has diapers involved that im finding really cute and enjoying. And since my partner gets super duper little i think he would benifit from diapers and the idea of putting him in them, checking him, cleaning him up- it makes me all soft inside and happy to take care of him like that! where we are, both of us living with parents, we would not be able to do this like at all- infact my partner has said in the past that he is super not into diapers. I think that when we move intogether he might be open to trying it once or twice- but right now its a no go.But im still super curious about them! So i guess what im getting at is anyone who likes them/ uses them, what are your feelings on diapers? How do they make you feel in the headspace? a little tmi but do you use them or are they just for aesthetics? Im very interested in learning more before i bring anything up to my partner- and if its in our future its far in the furute too lol- but yeah!! thanks for reading!! <3
  2. softbrattypuppy

    abdl crinklz first purchase size

    Hewwo guys, I'm puppy, 21 years old and I've got a question! I want to buy for the first time real diapers since I moved out of my parents home and I can order them online and not wear only pull-ups I just don't know if the size small from crinklz would fit me so I'm asking for advice here since it would make me sad if the would arrive too big or too small >.< I'm 1,63m tall and weight 50kg so would I fit inside an S? for reference i wear onesies from littleforbig in xs and from onesiesdownunder in s thanks! :3
  3. ~Littles during their period and using diapers~ I figured this was a thought I had in mind I've never see people talk about yet! Littles with their period, no matter their gender and caregivers can share their experience if they want and give tips to each other and maybe give me an answer or chat about this topic! So I know some of us like using diapers or seeing their little in diapers. Some use them to feel little and some others also use their utility. But What about when you're on your period? Do you still wear diapers? What if you're a little that uses them without using their functionality but leave a mess/stain inside? And what about littles who also do stuff inside their diapers while being on their period. How were your experiences so far? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Doesn't it remind you more of your physical age and kind of ruin your little space? Do the blood stains go through and stain the onesie if you wear it with a onesie? What about you caregivers? If your duty is for example changing the diapers of your little, do you have to be extra careful or do it as double as often because of the stains? Does it make your little less valuable or does it make them uncomfortable or shy? What are your guys experiences about the smell, do you smell it? I don't wear often diapers, I just own a pack of pull ups but they're super duper comfy! My problem is just that sometimes while on my period I feel even more the urge to get into little space, but end up so many times staining my onesies, which gets quite frustrating... Even if I wear panties under my onesies and a tampon or pads. And that get's me that frustrated because I love my onesies and am attached to them and get immediately adult thoughts once they're dirty like ''I have to clean them up'', or think too much about how to fix it asap, which ruins my little space. But due the hormonal change and stress I need to be more a little to relax and have some fun, so it's really difficult for me... That's why I though about the diapers, they could be like xxl pads and like that my onesies stay clean, but maybe seeing the red colour inside would again ruin my little space because it would remind me that I'm an adult since littles don't bleed... I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about that topic! Maybe if I read some more about it I can make up a decision if I should try it during my period soo I can be in little space and use my onesies without staining them or better not! Thanks for reading, greetings, puppy
  4. Little_Brat2

    Best Diaper?

    Whats the best diaper in your opinion? I'm looking for some and would like some suggestions please! I love loud crinkles and super padded, thank you! <3
  5. curiousvet

    New daddy's first playdate

    so i got a date set for the first as a daddy. I know I'm alot more caregiver than disciplinarian, and that's more what he's looking for. It is expected to get sexual, but also expected to lead to further encounters, and not based solely around sex. We both had shitty parents. We both want to wear diapers. We're talking a bunch online but not in character. IDK kinda drunk but really excited. Any advice? Oh-I'm engaged and in an open relationship, so while I expect it to lead to more, he'll never be my first priority. I take that back-my fiance's got less than a year left so that may change if things last awhile, though I expect I'd be in no mood to play a daddy for awhile after.
  6. Windfury97

    I am new here

    Ho there, i am a 19 year old male and Im new to this. I have been looking for a mommy to care for me and help me when Im done. Lately I've been feeling lonely because I feel that other see me as a bother and done like me. I am interested in this and think it can help me become a better person and respect other better. I say that because no on ehas held me responsible for my actions as I've been naughty recently. I enjoy videogames, walking, hunking, running, hanging with friends, diapers. I really like diapers but can get them. I hope to meet new people and make friends. ^^
  7. Hi! I'm new to the ddlg online community. Had the interest forever, but I'm a newbie at sharing it. Love to hear from you if you are female any age (esp 30s-40s...or under 50, give or take) who can give me ideas on how to pursue my fantasy dreams. My special interests: diapers, bare feet, nice legs, small chest. Lots of extra credit if you're close to Austin/San Antonio.
  8. babypup

    Diapers for plus size

    Hey all. New here, but not to being a little baby heh. I am looking for larger diapers. I'm a size 22-26 area and can't find any cute diapers. I'm worried about the ones that are size 18-24 because I know they will be super tight on me and hard to wear. Anyone has any help?
  9. Daddys Purrfect Little Kit

    Diaper Help

    So i asked my daddy how he felt about diapers. he said he didnt care but I would be the one changing myself and he also would be fine with it if i just wore them, not use them. What i want to do, it use them but only for number 1 and i want him to change me because i feel like it would help me in littlespace so i dont know what to do... Any advice?
  10. curlyheadspace

    Diapers... cloth or not?

    Hi everyone I guess it's question for ABDLs. I was wondering which diapers do you prefer, disposable or cloth ones? I am thinking on getting my first diapers ever and am not sure which ones to pick... I would like the cloth ones but don't know if they're comfortable. What do you think? What are your experiences? And maybe... where to buy them?
  11. Slipperybaby

    Diaper lover rant

    Hi for those of you who don't know me I'm slippery baby and a little. I use that term loosely because honestly? I'm not that little, I'm really in my twenties but have the attitude of a teenage, and the potty skills of a two year old lol. I am an avid diaper wearer...so what, who cares. I wear them as often as I can and use them just as much. But that doesn't make me odd or different and I'm tired of being ashamed . Do I want someone to hold my hand when I'm scared, tuck me into bed and yes change my diaper when I need it? Absolutely. But I also want someone who will make me a better person, challenge my view points, share exciting moments with me and yes of course play with my kitty. I think that sometimes we often get pigeonholed into these certain labels but that's not fair. Just because I have a full saggy diaper (current predicament lol) doesn't mean I'm not a kick ass business woman. Some women might come home from a long day of work and want a big bottle of wine and a bubble bath, and me? Well I'd take the bubble bath as long as my toys are allowed and it ends with a fresh clean diaper. So don't be ashamed if you don't fit in one category. So what! Who cares! Wear your diaper proudly, after all it sure makes my ass look awesome at work Okay...endless rant over, this girl needs a new diaper and a little extra kitty time hehe.. Xoxo Slipperybaby
  12. wanderer

    From DL to Little Boy.

    Hello everyone, I just found this site while looking around the internet for little boy clothing. I recently asked my loving wife of seven years about a couple of adult onesies I was considering purchasing. She has known about my love of diapers since before we were married and been growing gradually more comfortable with it. (she has always been accepting). Also I am becoming more comfortable around her. Well she completely surprised me and not only supported the idea for me getting a little outfit actually made some suggestions. She recommended a toddler style pajama set since I could feasibly wear it around the house even when our kids (Ages 2 and due late 2017). Taking her suggestions to hear i have been looking around for a suitable set of little boy pajamas. She took it a step farther and did some looking for me, even purchasing me an adorable cloth pocket diaper of her own initiative. While i have been curious about little space for a long time, I can not say I have ever really entered it. That is until the other day. After all this occurred my wife had to go out for a couple of hours. My daughter was in bed already so I was left to my own devices. Nothing much happened during that time, but when I heard her car drive up I got so exited and bounded to the door and out to the car. I realized this is exactly how my daughter behaves when i come home from work and was my first real experience with little space. I look forward to meeting all of you and making some new friends. Wanderer. Also I love role playing games such as dungeons and dragons and would love to get a game probably play by post together consisting of Littles, ABDLs, Caregivers etc. Let me know if you are interested.
  13. Bbygirl1996

    Looking for my perfect daddy

    Hi! I'm a 21 yr old female with a little age of 3-7. First off, I like being put in diapers in my little space and made to wet them. I love the abdl aspect but also have times where I want to play a little older. I am very obedient but I like getting punishments. I'm looking for someone that would be willing to meet, not only an online relationship. Looking forward to being your baby girl
  14. Okay so me and my Daddy have been together for about 8 months now. I really like diapers but I'm afraid if I bring them up to him he won't like them. How do I bring it up to him the right way?
  15. Hello everyone! Lately Ive been thinking about more punishments for my little and an idea popped into my head of a punishment with making her wear a diaper. Now the issue is that before we got into DDlg, we were both like no never why would we? woahhhh. But we kinda had the same view on a view DDlg things before we got into it. I was just wondering if any of you littles and fellow Daddies of course out there have any advice on how to bring this up? I don't want her to think I'm weird or something or me not bring it up correctly and not get a good outcome. Im kind of nervous about it haha
  16. CollaredAndCuffed

    DDLG Accessories

    Hello everyone I have joined this forum as I intend to start an online store selling toys and fun things for littles. So to all the Daddies and their littles out there, I'm just wondering what you would like to see in an online store. Is there any custom items that you struggle to find? Any toys and treats that you wish there was a bigger range of? I'm intending to start with pretty decorated princess pacifiers, but I'd love some suggestions. Also, what sort of price bracket you think is reasonable for certain items. Once the store is up and running in a few months, I'll link it here. Thank you in advance for your help :3
  17. littleannie

    Another newbie here~!

    Just wanted to post a quick thingy here to inform everyone that I'm new here..! Don't hesitate to send me a message; I'll nearly always respond..!
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