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  1. Hunnibun

    Hi Everyone!💞

    Hi!!... I’m Kat, i’m new here! ^^; I’m 20 years old from the US, I love anime, art, and video games… and I’m still trying to figure out who I am. I suppose I’m a bit of a switch with a preference for being a little! I’m pretty new to the community as a whole, the same with being a pet. I’m new to everything and I want to be able to make friends and learn, and just grow from that! I’m single; if it matters any! I’m pretty shy at first but I warm up pretty easily to people! I’m an autistic freelance artist, kinda just looking for friends right now. Please be patient with me, as I’m working on my social skills. My pronoun preference is She/They please! Looking forward to talking with you all!!💕
  2. Lgkatiekat

    New little and member here

    Hello 😊 I'm new here and a little shy but wanted to say hello 👋 . I'm not sure if I belong here but I am hoping to learn that I do and am not just a weirdo. I hope to get to know some new people here. Thank you for reading.
  3. flowergrrl636


    HI! I'm Rose! I'm a 46 yo cis female (she/her pronouns) and I'm very much a nerdy geeky middle, with a *lot* of little tendencies. I have only recently learned that I am a middle and am beginning to explore that side of myself. It's been my way of life for so long though. A really good friend told me once "you're such a middle" and I went looking for what that meant. Sure enough, I found me. I have been in the BDSM community for 26 years as a slave and a sub. I do have a caregiver (Daddy/Sir) and we have been together for almost 4 years. What started out as a D/s relationship has evolved into a DDLG relationship.It's been about a year and we are still learning. I love to color, watch cartoons, play video games, dress up all slinky and sexy for Daddy. I enjoy reading, writing (fictional), hiking, walking, going to amusement parks, finding joy in all things, making new friends, & just overall chatting with people. I like to continuously learn about all sorts of things. I love sci-fi and am a HUGE Star Trek fan. Riker (Jonathon Frakes) is my favorite favorite favorite character. Data would be #2. I am not so much a Star Wars fan though, sorry. The old stuff is cool, but this new stuff by Disney just makes me cringe. I also am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. While Tom Baker truly is the greatest Doctor of all time, David Tennant won my heart as well. I have met almost all the cast of Babylon5 when I was younger. My claim to fame is being a David Copperfield act before he was a big time well-known performer. I was about 6 years old and got picked from the audience. He did a guillotine act where it appeared my head got chopped off. He wasn't even married to Christy Brinkley yet! I got a VIP session with him after the show and that was just so cool! I love to travel! Sir travels for work and I get to go with Him from time to time. We have been to a lot of places: Chicago, LA, Vegas, Philly, NY, Milwaukee... just to name a few. I love to explore these new areas I go with Him while He is at work and then show Him what I find after. I am an amateur stargazer and moon child. I have loved to look at the stars for as long as I can remember. I have, in the past few years, taken up learning astronomy and learning the different stars, constellations, and planets in the night sky. It is just so fascinating and intriguing to me. I don't know what more to put in an Introduction, but I think this was a lot and some good insight into who I am... look forward to interacting with everyone. I'll see you all in the forums!!! ✿ڿڰۣ—
  4. Guest

    hello!! ☺️

    hey everyone, my name is sosyo and I'm an Indian little. I'm 18 years old and I like buying new stuffies to cuddle with! My favourite one is a dog named Baggu! This is my first exposure to a ddlg community, I'm so nervous I would love to be friends with daddies and littles! It's so nice to meet all of you, i hope we can be friends☺ ( please be nice to me hehe) bye,bye for now :DD
  5. little_Luna_star

    Hii hiii~!

    Hi everyone! Just discovered this community 2 weeks ago and decided to join and learn more about my self and this beautiful community! Currently living in Sydney so I hope I can meet more fellow littles or daddies that lives in the area and share their experiences in this community. Nice to meet you all~
  6. papas.pupy

    hii im nayna

    hi im nayna im 19 and im a little and sub i use they/she pronouns im pansexual and i hope to find friends on here
  7. LilShyShay

    Giving Another Platform a Try!

    Hi! I'm Shay, I'm a Little (4-6 in Little years) and I'm excited to have found another community to try I've been on DDLGfriends and FetLife for a while now but, idk, never really clicked with either. I'm hoping to meet some new friends (and of course FINALLY a CG lmao). I'll browse some of the threads when I've got a little more time but my interests and stuffs are already up on my profile, so please give 'er a gander!
  8. Beepbookgirl


    Hello everyone! My name is Bee, I am a Domme (18 almost 19), and I decided to join because one of the two main types of relationships dynamics I love is CG/L. I am in California for school, but I am australian originally. I love to surf, write, read, travel and hike, among other things. I hope to make some freinds and meet new people here!
  9. babydollLV96

    Saying hello to make friends!

    Hi! I'm new to the community and a baby girl. You can call me Bambi or Babydoll and I'm 25 going on 4. I'm looking forward to making little friends and learning more about the community. Some of my favorite things are superheros, Stitch is my favorite Disney character, anything pink and blue, painting, naps, pacis, and onesies.
  10. NaughtayPumpkinLatte

    Discovering Myself!

    Hi hi! I’m Latte, but my real name is Luna. I’m 20, and pretty new to ddlg. I’ve only been introduced to it a year ago, and was amazed by how well I was able to slip into headspace and how comforting it was. I come from a pretty toxic and abusive family with some trauma in my past, and I’ve tried a lot of different methods to help with my depression, but being able to let go and feel safe, and happy, and little? That has helped me so much to get through things. I hope you all are doing well, and maybe I’ll even come to know some of you as friends! I look forward to chatting with you all! Take care and stay safe out there!
  11. Pookee

    Hello, beautiful people!

    Hello, My name is Pookee and I am a new member of the DDLG Forum & Community! I also go by "Poo-bear" and "Pooks" for short and sweet. I recently discovered that I was into DDLG through ASMR Roleplay. I wasn't sure what the abbreviation stood for so I did my research on it. when I did, I was surprised to know how much positive feedback it received or even that it was a kink! Day by day, it became somewhat easy to lean into the role of a Middle/Little mix; it wasn't hard 'nor easy getting comfortable with being more childish and needy due to my current situation, background and society's 'expectations' on newly fledged adults. I find Age regression to be therapeutic and calming to me because it touches an emotional place that I wasn't able to have/produce in my younger years. I was scared of the thought of reenacting Little Space or having childish tendencies but understood that it would be as though I were kicking a part of myself for being.....myself! I am a 20-years-old, Pansexual, Bi-Genderfluid and confident in those two following departments. I'm an expert at cuddling and if that's not interesting enough, I can play a mean trumpet! Jokes aside, I'm always open to anyone in PMs for support. even if I'm a newbie, I respect my fellow Middle, Littles, Brats and Caregivers. so, lots of love to everyone and I hope your week is splendid! I'm happy to be here. Plus, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mine's mint-chocolate!
  12. Hi everyone! I'm super new, so let me give this intro thing a shot. My name is Ava, and there's no real way to shorten that, so we'll stick with Ava. A 'little' about me (see what I did there?): As I write this, I'm sitting in a robe with llamas on them I have two favorite hockey teams: Pittsburgh Penguins & Seattle Kraken My favorite football team is the Las Vegas Raiders I play video games, and I've been playing Forza lately I have a dog, and he'd love to meet you- he's *almost* as clingy as me I enjoy Marvel, comic books, and anime I hope that this will start up some conversations- I'm so excited to talk to you all!
  13. TimmerBear

    My Introduction

    Hello Community, I'm Timm, also go by Dood, and am a CG (though occasional switch). I like to think of myself as experienced in that I've been in a number of CG/l relationships, mostly LDR, but also aware that experiences vary. It has been a very rewarding journey. I'm here to network with others, engage in free exchange of ideas, and share my experience that may come to help others. I've just completed my profile About Me section, please feel free to visit to learn a little more about me. I'm also very interested in feedback, if you care to share. I look forward to meeting and getting to know many of you!
  14. BrattyBottomBoy


    Hi!! I'm new here but I've lurked off and on for a while. I'm trying to embrace my Little side more (which is SO HARD TO DO OMG), so I figured I'd join.
  15. DaddiRick

    New to the Forum, new to DDlg

    Greetings. Wow, here I am. I sure didn't see this coming. I am an active, healthy, youthful 60-y/o man that recently started dating a very attractive and youthful (she looks like she is 30) 52 y/o woman. I have been in a BDSM relationship (many years ago), enjoyed the dynamics of that lifestyle quite a bit, and understand the dynamics of D/s roles and relationships. Quickly as we started dating my little girl exhibited traits of a submissive, so I approached her with my observations and thoughts. She lit up! Admitted she had been wanting to be in a loving D/s relationship with a man, just never found the right guy. As our relationship developed she shared with me her admiration of her grandfather, in her eyes her hero and a very strong masculine man. She told me that she craved being treated in the loving and nurturing way he treated her grandmother. And then shortly afterwards in conversation she asked me what I thought of her calling me Daddy! Honestly I had not considered the idea, and in spite of my previous experiences in the BDSM lifestyle I never touched upon the DDlg kink, so I remained clueless! Then I started my on-line research and discovered that I truly like the idea, and feel I can slip into this role with her comfortably. Now we are starting down this path. I want to be the best Daddy I can be for my little girl (she likes me calling her little girl). I admit that in this moment I don't know what I don't know. ANY advice from other Daddies or littles will be welcome and appreciated. What are the challenges and pit-falls I may expect? Unexpected upsides? I want to get this right and set the relationship up for a long loving future together as her Daddy, as her Dominate. Thank you! ~DaddiRick~
  16. _Curious_Mind_

  17. wynsday ⛅️

    Hello!! first of all i just want to say thanks for checking out my intro! I am a new Little on the site just checkin' things out and getting comfy here, i think i'll stay. I'm hoping to make friends here, littles & caregivers alike I've been a little for about 5 years now and I love slipping into little space! my plushies are my best friends <3 I love anime, video games, animals and drawing. Let's bond over shared interest~ I hope everyone is having a good day/evening/night wherever you are & be safe out there much looooves xoxo
  18. Guest

    This is me...

    Hello everyone my name is chet I'm from Augusta ga and I enjoy fishing, hiking, long walks, conversations, wine, cooking, and generally life... I don't have many friends, those I did have are gone now... so a little about me, I'm a Daddy Dom, I can be very strict and very stern and yet very nurturing supportive I have a keen understanding of how the works and how we work within it... I served in the USMC for 7 years and have seen more then I'd like to have on that... but I'm mentally complete with only a few issues, all things in life are experiences and have helped me become the man I am today... I am 6'4 tall and weigh exactly 235lbs been there since I served... I am a very physical person I exercise alot and I'm my spare time I enjoy video games even modding game servers for a popular steam game... I am honest and believe that for any relationship to work out there has to be trust... especially with in the ddlg community... I've been a dominant for more then 10 years and though I've tried subbing once I felt it wasn't the right role for me... and well I was a day for the last 2 years 1 months until my little left me for another man... so this is me cut and dry I enjoy reading others knowledge that I know, I love to laugh and make others happy even at the expense of my self... maybe one day I'll get someone that will want to take care of me as much as I would them.... one day....
  19. LeafyBabi


    HI-HI I am Leafy! Big Age: 21 Little Age: 3-5 Only Here to find some liked minded people, I am interested in meeting people from DDLG//AgeReg, either Roles! Feel Free To Message Me! Cis-She//Her//Hers, BiSexual, Little Taken(Open)
  20. Corvo

    Greetings :D!

    Hellooo I am a 21 year old male daddy/dom. I am from South Africa and I studied psychology and communication science. I hope to travel the world soon. I have been a daddy/dom for about 4 years now. I am a passionate, ambitious and affectionate person. I love helping people and making them smile. Your happiness and pleasure comes first . I tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses, even though I deal with depression and anxiety sometimes. I tend to have a dark sense of humor and a dirty mind. I am an INFP, and my main love languages are physical touch and quality time. I have an endless number of interests. Some of my interests are writing, playing games, watching anime, running, true crime stories and creepypastas. I mostly write poetry, flash fiction and horror. Some of my favourite anime include Kokoro Connect, Made in Abyss and Darwin's Game. I love deep conversations and discussing anything and everything. Two truths and a lie: - I have been attacked by an ostrich. - I have never been stung by a blue bottle. - I love cuddles ! I love spending time with my little, whether it is doing something she loves, watching anime, playing games or just talking. I can be quite the romantic. I love leaving letters, surprising my little, dancing and more. Most of all, I am a intimate person. I love cuddles, hugs and whatever else your mind can conjure up. It is important to me that my little feels safe, comfortable and happy however. It isn't worth it if my little isn't enjoying it. If you struggle to sleep, I will stay up till you fall asleep. If you are sad, I will do my best to help. The only thing I like vanilla is my ice cream ! I am a pretty sexual person, with a high-sex drive, however, as I said before, my little's happiness and comfort is the most important to me. I hope to meet a little that I can love, care for and call mine. I don't like sharing ! Feel free to text me if you're interested . Stay amazing !
  21. caroline03


    hiiii! i’m caroline and i am a little. i have loved to be called little one because it makes me feel so little and soft. i just turned 18 days ago and yeah, i am proud of it! i hope i would gain friends in here! thanks a lot from little cawoline!
  22. Lilpolarcub

    I'mma polar cub!

    Hai! I'm a polar cub/mermaid/dragon! :3 My name is Gabz or Gabbarex and I'm 28! I'm from North Carolina. I have been in the lifestyle since I was about 21. I have tried DDLG and always thought it was right for me, but haven't really found a care giver that fit me right. Currently. I am a single Pringle. I'm a chubbybunny pansexual and my pronouns are she/her! I love Concerts, beach trips, adventures, hanging out with friends, relaxing, comics, videogames (lollipop chainsaw is my favorite!) and sleep!! Halloween is my favorite holiday next to my birthday. I love horror and comedy movies! As for shows, I love anime and cartoons! i also really like to color when in littlespace <3 I'm also 420 Friendly and my favorite color is purpleee I really love making friends! feel free to send me a friend request and message meeeeee! have a great day!!
  23. BabyAngel1001

    Hi I'm Erica

    Age:23 Little Age: Ranges between 0 to 13 (Yes I know 13 is a middle) Gender:Female Pronouns:She/her If I respond to you with nothing but emojis for a long period of time that means I am at baby/ toddler age at the moment. I discovered the little community in 2017 but I didn't get too into it until this year. I am single and currently not looking. I'm visually impaired Vegan Christian
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