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  1. Hello everyone! So I've been wanting to post about this for a while now, but didn't know how to write it out. What I wanted to talk about, is why curvier, or plus size littles, whether that be female or male, transgender or nonbinary etc, are not what a lot of people are looking for? I understand that to a lot of people appearance and a persons attractiveness in their future partner is a big deal breaker, but why should it be? Every person whether you are bigger or not, should be given the same opportunity to have a chance with someone. What I find too often is that people I've talked with have been so cold hearted to me because I am in fact a bigger person. I'm not gonna lie, I am over 260 something pounds at this current moment in time, but why should my weight have anything to do with me being an acceptable suitor for someone? The way people think is so backwards sometimes. I once had a guy who I met on here that I was talking to, that was a potential daddy for me. One day we finally decided to skype. This man had no knowledge of my weight at all. I rarely ever tell someone my weight, because it doesn't matter to me. I answered his skype call and we talked for a good five minutes or so, and he had asked me to stand up, so he could see all of me, so he could know what I looked like more. I kid you not, this guy took one look at me, and literally said,"Wow I wasn't expecting you to be obese.." "I don't like fat people.." And after those words were exchanged to me, he told me he didn't want me, and that no mommy, caregiver, or daddy would ever want a obese little like me. It's truly disheartening when something like that happens, and it really has made me not want to look for someone anymore, but I try to keep trucking on, and not letting it bother me. I hate also that when I start to read a personal and get to see what kind of a person that specific person is, I end up reading the whole "I would prefer someone who is skinny.." or something along those lines, and it just automatically gets me upset. I'm sorry if this post is a little long, but I wanted to make it, because I've felt very uncomfortable with how I've been treated on here, by several daddys now, especially that one skype call incident. I wanted to voice something, that maybe a few others might not have the courage to do. I'd love to hear what others have to say about this or how they view this topic. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this
  2. Lil-shykitten20

    Hi! I'm Amy!

    Hi! I'm Amy! I've been a little for a little while, but it's hard to be little with who I'm living with. I've been on here before, but it's been over a year. I'm hoping to make more friends who are little or just making more friends in general would be great! I am married, and he knows about my little side. He's just not really liking being my daddy Dom.
  3. !!! These collars are NOT meant for BDSM or any kind of play / rough scene ; they are simply day collars !!! !!! They are accessories: they can break very easily and won't make it through tugging in one piece !!! I recently got into crafting cute satin collars ! They're mostly used for kitten play, but I wear them in Little Space too~ they're just too adorable ! > v < I just thought I'd share the process with you all; if you can't understand a part in particular, don't hesitate to ask ! = v = ) / http://i.imgur.com/lwItHc2.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/gIFwqfQ.png I made a few collars and used different techniques for each of them: those instructions were followed while I made this collar ! (The pictures are a VERY big help, I'd strongly recommend looking at them if you get stuck ! Especially for the d-rings part ! ) http://i.imgur.com/yywbmD5.png What I used : Satin ribbon (that large simple back ribbon) Grosgrain ribbon (the thinner ribbon with characters on it) 3x D-rings ("D" thick shaped rings, often used for BDSM products) Thread Measuring tape 3x Jumprings Regular needle Ambroidery Needle Hot glue (optional) Lace (optional) Charms, Bells, etc... (optional) x1 Cabochon to decorate the bow Steps (without pictures, sorry :c ) : Measure the diameter of your neck & remove 5 centimeters (so you can attach the D-rings and get a nice fit) ! Carefully cut your ribbons and lace following the previous measurements ! Get the thread and needle ready ; double your thread using this method (It'll make the collar steadier) ! For a pleated collar, use this method (you can do it without the rectangular thingy, but it might end up looking very messy) ! ♥ Don't forget to leave some ribbon space to fold back around the D-rings ! Leave two ~3CM long non-pleated areas at both end of your collar. Cut the sides of the areas so you can neatly fit a D-ring around them and fold both (grosgrain on top of the satin one, see steps #6 to #8) ribbons around it ! ♥ Use veeery thin, 2CM wide spreads of hot glue to glue your lace onto the satin ribbon (too much glue might make the collar uncomfortable to wear) ! Grab one end of your grosgrain ribbon, and lightly hot-glue it onto the end of your satin ribbon ! Lightly hot-glue the middle + other end of the grosgrain ribbon onto the satin one (again, it'll make the collar steadier) ! Double your thread if you need to, and start sewing both sides of your ribbon onto the large one. Have patience ! Take a piece of satin ribbon you haven't used yet, and cut it so it is 4CM long and large enough for you to fit a D-ring around ! Use this method to sew the ring onto the piece you've just cut (instead of one side of the ribbon being longer than the other, make them equal) ! After you've sewn the bottom of the ribbon around the D-ring, put a tiny bit of hot glue in between the two loose ribbon pieces ! Sew the top of the fabric holding the D-ring onto the middle of the collar (be sure to measure and stuff before) ! ♥ You can either order pre-made bows on eBay or Etsy, or make your own ; if you don't have any bows laying around, here's how I learned to make my own ! ♥ Glue your either pre-made or handmade bow onto the middle of your collar : be sure to hide the top of the D-ring holding ribbon ! Using this kind of blurry technique, get one of the ends of your collar (the flat part with trimmed sides) and insert a D-ring around it. Slide the D-ring further until it reaches the pleated (and larger, if you followed the steps right) area ! Fold the trimmed ribbon nicely around the ring. Hot-glue it onto the inner part of the collar, and finally, sew the sides of the ribbon if you're looking for a steadier result ! ♥ Make sure the D-ring doesn't touch the hot glue : the collar might not be as comfortable as it could be if the rings aren't able to rotate smoothly around the curves of your neck ! ♥ Connect three jump rings together, then connect an extremity to the D-ring under the bow (middle of the collar) ! Attach the bell / charm of your choice ! Be patient for this part, especially if you don't own any pliers (just like me n v n ~ ) ! Repeat as many times as you'd like, be creative and personalize it as you wish ! ♥ ♥ ♥ Cut a piece of the same satin ribbon you used before to tie the collar around your neck : make it pretty long ! Wear and love your very own kitten / little collar ! ♥
  4. Hey Y’all, I found this forum and I’m in love. I think its lovely here and I hope I find a CG/DD and some new friends which ones are thinking like me. 🧸💕
  5. AllyceD

    Hi hi, Allyce here :3

    Hi! I am AllyceD (Laura - I don't mind sharing my real name) and I'm 29 years old. I am a little/pet, age between 3-5, and I like kids' coloring books. I also have adult coloring books with small details. I have tons of "favorite" colors but pink, purple, gray and black are definitely my top. I have a round Stitch that I carry everywhere and want more plushies. I use binkies, call them dodis because of a book I read that mentioned Irish kids' legends. Reading is my passion. Especially, MM romance. As mentioned, I like coloring too as well as gaming. I tend to watch the same movies because they make me happy like "How to train your dragon" or "The Emperor's New Groove" and anything Disney princess-y. Aside from that, I'm a bit awkward, shy and been in the community for about 3 years. My main language is Spanish, second English and third and fourth (which I'm learning) Japanese and German. I'm probably a bit of a praise addict and I know for a fact that I like to be and feel useful but also be pampered. I have 4 cats and 4 dogs. All females. I prefer cats, love tea and coffee (but I drink decaf because of the pills I take). I'm a bit introverted and like to text best but I get overwhelmed easily and avoid answering at times. Thank you for reading my wall of text
  6. Gungnir47

    Collaring a Kitten?

    Hi all, I'm incredibly new to this lifestyle. I recently reconnected with someone I knew a decade ago and she introduced me to it. We seem to work together very well in our Daddy/Kitten roles and she has hinted very strongly that she will accept a collar if I offer it. I have been doing as much reading as possible to be a good daddy for her, but I am at a loss as far as collaring goes. Is there a certain etiquette I should be aware of when presenting her a collar? She does modeling, so my idea is to schedule us a Daddy/Kitten shoot and present it to her during the shoot. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. nekobaby

    new to this site!

    hi everyone! as the title states, i’m new to the website! however, i’m not new to ddlg. i’ve been a little since i was 18! hmm let’s see. what should i add on this post about me? oh! yes! well first off, i’m a cat girl! meow! i really love pet play and being a kitten! i love playing video games like stardew valley, minecraft, skyrim, gta, animal crossing, and pokémon. i love other games, but i haven’t gotten the chance to play them so i’m just listing the ones i like to play! i’m from texas! i never misbehave. i’m being serious when i say that. like why would i want to misbehave and be punished when i can be a good girl and get rewards? there’s lots of things about me that i probably can’t fit in this post so! yeah! this is just a very small bio about me! please don’t refer to me as kitten or baby. you can call me renee c: thank you for reading!
  8. Hello! I'm into petplay but I mostly play as different animals. Sometimes I'm a kitten, sometimes a bunny. But most of the time I'm a skunk. The problem is that no-one really liked skunks (they are mostly seen as disgusting or scary) thus is it hard to find things like tails or to be loved by other people than my Daddy (he loves it that i'm a skunk!) I want to prove that skunks can be really cute and classy! But are there any littles on here who also play as an really unpopular animal?
  9. kitty_boi_meeewww~!

    HOI MEEWW~! 3;

    hoi mai nayme iz mathew nyyyaaa and i want dadee, i a tall kitty boi and i 19 and i liv in michigan and i wuv diet soda alot 3;
  10. Guest

    Shy Switch

    Hi, I’m Bobby but my friends call me Be. I’m 19, Non-Binary (they/them), and Pansexual. I love anything creative; coloring, painting, drawing, playing instruments and singing. I am very shy, but once you get to know me, I don’t shut up. I’m always looking for friends, and maybe something more. I’m not new to the community just to this website. I am a little, kitten, but also a CG.
  11. Guest

    Daddies Outfit Ideas

    What should daddies wear when out with their little/kitten? I have a few date nights and “out on the town” nights coming up, as well as some littol dress up days and sexy “going out” + rope lessons coming up and i know what i want to/should wear... buuuuuttttt daddy is a new daddy and idk how to tell him what to wear/how to dress... Ideally id like him to not clash with me.... like dress correspondent to the event. (: id love some suggestions.
  12. Guest

    Somebody Mew

    Just a little explorin a big world and helping daddy find his way. >u<
  13. Helloo I’m new to the forum but I’m excited to get more involved! My name is Sophie, I’m from Alabama and I’m a little(big age 18)! I enjoy playing overwatch on my Xbox, making crafty things, and watching Netflix. I’m always looking for more Xbox friends so if you want to be friends then certainly let me know!! Currently I’m not looking for a relationship but I’m always up to talk if anyone wants to get to know me.
  14. KeiKitten

    Evening everyone

    Evening everyone! My name is Kei and i am a UK based little, im 22 years old but my little age is around 9 to 12 years old! My favourite things are video games, watching mythological/fantasy-based TV shows, my stuffie's (which i have a LOT of!), colouring, going to the arcade and spending time with people i care about I have a daddy who im in a LDR with but i love him very much and am simply here to learn from other little's and caregivers/daddies/mommies .ect as well as share information where i can i love to meet new people and chat about nearly anything and everything! So feel free to say hi in the comments/get chatting with me Hugs and Cuddly kitties! See ya around everyone Kei
  15. Guest

    hELLo!! ^^

    HI!! Call me Hoonie! I am a little of 18 who currently lives in Madrid (Spain) I love ducks, they are my favorite animals. Someday I would like to have one as a pet I still do not have a Daddy, but I hope I can find one, at some point of my life I wish I could make friends here too If you wanna Talk to me, you free to do it! I don't bite! Lot of love for everybody, Hoonie CUACK CUACK
  16. Caracolkitten


    Hello, I'm new to both this website and the lifestyle. I recently accepted the Middle part of my personality after being shown I already constantly display the characteristics, but was already aware of the Kitten/prey/submissive/brat sides of myself. I'd love to make new friends, but any male friends (even if Littles/Middles) have to gain my Master's approval first. (We prefer saying Master rather than daddy for our dynamic) I do tend to be a bit shy and can have a hard time accessing my little space and middle space due to depression/anxiety/PTSD, but I am looking for ways to reach out despite that and make friends who understand what it is to be Middle/Little. Thank you!
  17. Playtime_kitten

    I'm new....help

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this lifestyle and was wondering if any of you would be willing to give me some good tips/tricks to it. Maybe even have a mentor if anyone is willing to take time and put me under their wing.I love to please and wanna be a good baby girl.I have never had a daddy before. And I want to make sure I can't do everything I can to be good to him. Kisses, Playtime_kitten
  18. alienkitty15

    Meow! Hello everyone!

    Meow! Hello everyone! I am a kitten/little in the western united states looking to gain more friends in the CG/L community. My Daddy and I are fairly new to DDLG and pet play but have been in the greater Dom/Sub community for a while. I identify more as a Kitty than a little girl as I am gender nonconforming and would prefer they/them pronouns, but I do present fairly femme. My Daddy and I are both fairly "alternative" looking and I would describe my sense of style in and out of subspace as 'alien goth', hence my username we are into piercings, tattoos, metal and rock music, horror films, spooky documentaries, and more. We also love being outdoors and cooking as well as trying new and interesting foods! I would love to gain more friends in this community online or IRL, especially if they share any interests. Much love! - Alien Kitten
  19. Little Baby Satan Spawn

    Hewwo! I'm A Pet!

    I love cutesie things and have a very cutesie personality! I am a slight gamer girl : WoW, LoL, Overwatch, Etc.. I love animals and they love me I love desserts and I don't like veggies! I've watched many animes: Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Fairytail, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Ouran High School Host Club, Seraph of the End, Date A Live, No Game No Life, Is it Wrong to Try To Pick Up Chicks In A Dungeon, and some others... I am a Bunny and Kitten I love nature but asthma doesn't let me enjoy it as much as I'd like Dank Memer a.k.a I am lame
  20. Peachlollies

    Hai!! I’m Peaches :3

    Well hello~!! I am Peaches! I am nineteen years old. I just got out of a pretty long relationship. I’m getting over it, slowly but surely. I’m just looking for people I can talk to with similar interests. I love cuddling up with my stuffies. I love love watching cartoons and coloring. Coloring is nice to get my mind off of real world things. I’m often very nervous. I always think I annoy people. So I’m very quiet. It’s hard to get myself out there. I’m just used to being rejected? I dunno.. I didn’t mean to make this sad!! I’m sorry. I just wanna think about nice things like butterflies and glitter.
  21. .bunbun.

    hi there~

    hello! to keep my identity more hidden, you can call me lil, bun, or lily since I don't want to share my real name...I am an 18 year old female or is relatively new still to ddlg. I have been poking at it for a few months now, trying to figure out if it truly is what I am, and only recently have I fully accepted and started to understand that I am a little. I believe my little age is anywhere from 3-6, I am unsure myself! I am still learning new things everyday and with my new caregiver, we are exploring and learning together! I don't know anyone personally who is a little so I was hoping I could make new friends on here. I live in the very cold state Alaska, where I speak English. I love kpop the most, I love my stuffies, blankies, cuddling, movies, coloring, and going to the playground too! I am shy in person but online I tend to be really friendly and outgoing so don't be scared to message me! I do type in lowercase very very often so I am sorry if that bothers you. it is very nice introducing myself to you all and I hope I am make new friends and learn fully about myself in the process!
  22. LiddoStella

    Hellos.. ^^

    ✿ нelloѕ everyoɴe! ι αм ѕтellα :3 ✿ ✿ ι αм 23 αɴd ғroм cαlιғorɴια. ɴтмυ αll. ^^ ✿ ♡ ι αм α ѕιɴɢle, вιѕeхυαl lιттleɢιrl/ĸιттeɴ ♡ ♡ ѕeeĸιɴɢ: мoммy/dαddy doм & lιттle ғrιeɴdѕ ♡ lιĸeѕ: colorιɴɢ, мυѕιc, ɴιɢнт-тιмe, dιѕɴey мovιeѕ. pυppιeѕ!!, ѕтυғғιeѕ, leмoɴαde, cαɴdιeѕ, cυddleѕ, pιzzα dιѕlιĸeѕ: rυde people, вeιɴɢ coммαɴded 24/7, ғιɢнтιɴɢ, clowɴѕ, ғιreworĸѕ, cloѕe-мιɴded people **ιғ yoυ αre мιldly ιɴтereѕтed or wιѕн тo ĸɴow мore, pleαѕe doɴ'т вe αғrαιd тo нмυ! ^^** ĸιĸ: ɴe2ĸ18 ll dιѕcord: ѕтellα#6281
  23. Hi everyone, my name is Izzie and I'm a little (and also little kitten) from The Netherlands. I'm still pretty new to DDlg and mostly looking for some new friends. I really like gaming (PS4), being crafty, cooking and baking and also anything cute! Feel free to add me and thanks so much for reading. ❤️
  24. SadEmoBunny

    Little Moondoll here

    Ello, I'm new here. As of like, half an hour ago. You can just call me Moon, I'm an 18 year old ginger, new to Ohio. I'm not particularly a little, as and in itself. I'm a mix between a little and a kittn, as in kitten play. I think the community is exceptionally lovely and I just wanted to meet some people who I could befriend talk to about the lifestyle and just make friends.
  25. AngelKittens

    Heyo, am new here /.\

    Just wanted to say hi to everybody, just made my account today and thought I'd make myself known
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