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  1. glitterymarshmallow

    tall littles?

  2. PiperParadis

    Hi hi~

    Hi to everyone~ My name is Piper, I'm from Spain. I've always been interested in kink bdsm relationships bc I've always had weird ideas about it that marries with what little I know. I've been searching and exploring about the theme, but here in Spain is quite hard to find people really into it from a respectful side. If I have to describe myself, I would say that I'm a mess. I've been looking to become a better person for so long that I kind of forgot how am I. I love punk/rock/goth/heavy music, I still listen to Linkin Park and Rob Zombie (just like when I was 14 years old), I dress as I wanted to dress back then, and I feel out of place like 99% of the time. For what my friends says about me, I'm a lovely person (?) I like taking care of my friends, even though I'm awful at keeping in contact. I can literally talk to you every six months and it's like those haven't existed, but if you tell me that you feel bad, I'm going to be there. I don't know what else to say, everything I write sounds weird as fck x) Anyway, I hope to meet nice people with whom to really dig in this way of living and maybe to be able to get to know myself better. Lots of love to everyone, Piper.
  3. 93243_1655600696

    I just learned about DDlg and realized it's what I've been wanting, but I'm very nervous if I tell my partner about it, he will be weirded out. We have been together a long time, but I'm still shy about asking for sexual things. It's not completely out of the blue, I guess. I often talk and act in a child-like way with him, and he seems to like that. I baby talk a lot. I have a stuffed "my melody" sanrio bunny I sleep with and often carry around the house with me. My house is full of cute and cozy things. I'll beg him to play outside with me and go skipping around the woods, etc... And lately, I feel like he plays along with it more. Calls me "baby" and snuggles me, and brings me food and drinks. Sexually,I have sometimes toyed with playing very naive and baby talking. Doing sexual things in a child-like way - but not so far that it is explicitly obvious that's what I'm pretending. Secretly, I have had a daddy/daughter fetish for a long time, but I have never told him about it. Though I'M the little girl in my fantasy, I worried it meant I was into children or something - or that he would think that. Or that he would think I wanted to get with my actual father - which I do not. The idea of DDlg seems like an ideal relationship to me, but how do I begin to talk to him about this? How did you tell your partner? Has anyone else come out years into a relationship or is every DDlg partnership pretty much started with that understanding? Did you ever tell someone who was weirded out or refused? How did you deal with that?
  4. How to live the subtle little space life (SLSL) for LBs and LGs I am a 22-year-old undergraduate being a little.... can be difficult to sometimes achieve, especially when I share a house with someone else. Little space can be a private, but also very vulnerable time for a little. Traditionally little space is a ‘mind set’ or a ‘place’ that a little metaphorically goes to when they are feeling their little age. However little space, just like favourite colours or stuffies, is different to everyone. Some live their life always being a percentage of a little, some are very black and white (adult or little), and other go in and out. It could be seen as a spectrum; depending on how little or adult you feel depends on where you are on the spectrum. But that’s just one interpretation. Regardless to how you and what your little space is like; it is personal to you, I have a few tips on how to cope when you either want to be little but cannot, or you are feeling little but are in an involuntary adult moment (such as socialising with people, work, college, uni etc). Some people find it easy to shut off their ‘little brain’, and others will be sat that hearing it scream at them while it throws the nearest available pillow. Here are just a few things that i use to help me! Clothes I find that with clothes, it can sometimes be easier for LGs opposed to LBs, as some LGs find skirts, dungarees, shorts a way to satisfy their little side, without it being too obvious. Of course, that won’t stop LB’s from being able to find something that can also support them. Some little related clothes are popular fashionable items, such as frilly socks, cute skirts, coloured shorts etc. Trial a few items and see how you feel. You might find you need more than one piece of clothing to make you feel more comfortable. All of this depends I think on what you’re wearing and where to. You might be going to work with a specific uniform, or maybe an event. or you could just have nothing subtle enough to wear on the outside, especially if you find playsuits, or onesies the most appropriate choice. The way I have coped, is with choice of underwear! I have a selection of underwear that are my ‘little’ pants/undies; they’re not specially made underwear, but the style, fit, colour and over all feel make me feel little. LBs might feel more comfortable in a brief instead of the typical boxers, but again its what you’re comfortable with. There are alsorts of LGs and LBs type underwear that are available, or you might already own some that you like; could be the colour, or the pattern on them. This can be a great way to make you feel supported, without it being obvious. Choice of bra can also make LGs feel more comfortable, the typical cupped bra can feel very adult, or you might have bras that don’t look little at all. If you’re able to go braless that can sometimes be comforting (obviously this depends on your little age and how comfortable you are with that and such), however sport/wireless/crop tops can be a nice substitute. I have a few that are baby pink bralet and bottom sets, and the soft fabric can make me feel more comfortable, alongside feeling like I am wearing suitable undies for my ‘age’. Socks; thigh high socks make me feel little, as do frilly rimmed edged ones; I have successfully worn both of these under my work trousers, and no one knew but me. COLOURRRRRRRRRRRRRR: for me pinks, purples, blacks and teals make me feel little (I know black...), but it's personal to all littles. Maybe if you can't go all the way, just a light change of colour might make you feel more supported, and it's very subtle as well. Drinks and Food Drinks that make me feel little; © Juice boxes © Flavoured milk © Watered down fresh juice © Smoothies © Ice cream milkshakes © Squash Sometimes its not the drink itself, but what you drink it out of that can support SLSL, I find anything without a spout (like the Lucozade style bottles) can mimic sippy cups if you like those. Lots of water bottles have these typed spouts that can feel nice, but also make you feel more comfortable. I also have a huge love for those water bottles with built in straws; they 100% help me, because straws make me feel little (that’s why I love juice boxes so much). A lot of these bottles you can’t see through, so if you wanted chocolate milk or something and don’t feel comfortable to drink it in front of others, you can disguise it that way. The way you even hold the mug/cup/bottle can help me as well. If I am an adult I drink my drink with one hand, but the minute I go near little space; two hands straight away. It’s typically a way for children to support independent drinking, however its really subtle. A lot of people who suffer from muscular difficulties or dyspraxia, etc. have found that using both hands support them to be independent to avoid spillages; there are a variety of non-little reasons why people do this. So it’s very unlikely someone would see it and think; YOU’RE ACTING LIKE A CHILD OH MY GOD. Foods that make me feel little; © Yoghurts WITHOUT BITS (okay if I am an adult) © Jaffa cakes © Oreos © Cereal © Ice cream © Jelly © Butterfly cakes © Plain pasta © Anything I can eat with my fingers © Spaghetti Bolognaise © String cheese © Rice © Potato smillies/faces/numbers/stars/waffles © TURKEY DINOSAURSSSSSSS © Carrot and cucumber sticks © Sandwiches cut into cute shapes! © Soft boiled eggs with marmite on toast soilders Just like drinks, food can be eaten slightly differently in a way that can be subtle! I find either using a bigger spoon to make my mouth seem smaller, or a smaller spoon to make me feel like I am tiny can be something really simple and comforting. I personally don't like big spoons, and I eat everything with a tea spoon. Give it a trial, see how you feel, and experiment what is good for you. There are so many ways you can eat something in a little way, just have a play with things, a lot of the things on the list you can incorporate into an ‘adult’ looking lunchbox. You can try having cuter lunch boxes, I know it seems silly and simple, but I have a Japanese bentō box that makes me feel little when I eat from it. I love yoghurts as well! Especially without bits, EW. Behaviour and environment There are a variety of slight behaviour changes that could support SLSL. Chair raising; as a little I like to feel small... and that’s not exactly hard for someone who is 5 ft 3 ½ hah! However, the average desk chair I can sit at and my feet sit firmly on the floor or on the peddles available. I like to make my chair higher so that my feet just dangle, and I can swing them freely. This might be a little more difficult if you’re taller, but you could always try putting your feet on a small table under your desk. Can mimic the feeling of being sat at a playing table, or just like a little. Pen lids and small cylindrical objects. I don’t use a dummy or pacifier; however, I am very much orally fixated. I enjoy having things (in a non-sexual way) in and around my mouth. The pressure on my teeth, tongue and gums is very therapeutic to me. A lot of littles use their mouth to feel and taste things; so sucking on, or tasting the end of a pen or something hard but soft; can sometimes help with oral cravings. There is a nasal inhaler I have to relieve a stuffy nose, and the lid is a great size and shape once I take the label off. It does its job, but it feels nice, and could impersonate the dummy shape. This is very much a personal thing I think, as some people might not feel comfortable chewing or sucking on things in public, however use the common habits people have to your advantage; like pen chewing or holding things between their teeth while they type or something. Bedroom Here are some things that have helped me with my bedroom; © Fairy lights © Canopy © Pillows © Cushions © Stuffies © Blankets/layers © Music; I like ocean sounds I uploaded a picture of my room on a separate post I did: https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/31767-little-space-friendly-décor/#entry162198 I am very much a girly girly so I think in some way I can get away with the everything IS SUPER PINK AND SPARKLYYYYYY! But I spend pretty much all of my time in my room at the moment, so I find this really helps, mostly when I am about to sleep I love being able to look up at the canopy and the lights. From a more neutral perspective, stuffies and toys and blankets can easily be hidden in boxes under beds/on top of wardrobes, under old hoodies or other clothes. However, if you are unable to do those things, I find lots of pillows very reassuring, it feels like I am in this massive marshmallow! Or a pillow fort! I currently have EIGHT pillows in my bed with me. Again, give it a try, it might work, it might not. The texture of bedding can also be considered as well; I knew a little once who loved satin fabric and it made her jump head first into little space. So you could try bedding fabrics to be subtle as well. Night lights can also be great! I am sacred of the dark as a little and as an adult, so night lights not only make you feel safe, but they’re so easily disguised as ‘so I don’t have to turn the big light on when I go to the bathroom’ or ‘if I turn the big light on it blinds me and I get worried about falling down the stairs”. Books and music There are a couple of books that my daddy has read to me that I love, more pictures the better for me plus adult me is a bit of an artist so it satisfies all. I find reading those books when I am little space really comforting.... well just looking at the pictures really. You may not have had your CG read to you, or you don’t have one, but looking at pictures of books that you resonant with should help you feel a bit more comfortable if you’re at home. Sometimes those ‘read to me’ books you can get can be great if you like having someone read to you; but it’s not feasible for a variety of reasons (distance, no CG, CG doesn’t like to etc.). Youtube supply them if you don't have apple music or a kindle, Spotify also do some too. Some music can support SLSL, I really like ocean sounds to help me sleep, the quiet makes me very nervous when I am in little space. Any type of music, you might have Disney or specific little songs playing through earphones. You can do that anytime, anyplace. But work with what you feel, and what makes you happy. All of these are just things I have found comforting, you should always follow your own heart and do what feels right to you. These are just suggestions, not rules, not a code. I just wanted to share something with other littles to help. I didn’t cover EVERYTHING because I could talk about SLSL FOREVER. I am a sneaky little. But feel free to experiment and let me know if there is anything you do to help you cope that others, along with myself, that can find it helpful. Lots of Love Daffodil
  5. LittleKaye

    Am I a LittleGirl?

    So I think I have a little space. I did some research after I noticed myself regressing: Doing things like -seeking out scribble time with my crayons and Pencils. (I’m an artist, but when I draw in this space it’s always a bit silly and colourful and child like) -I have a large stuffed toy collection that I had my boyfriend get me as a reward and get really fiddly and sweet on them. -Sometimes I just want to be cradled which is strange? But when my boyfriend does it I feel so safe -I start talking in such small voice. sometimesI actually lower my vocabulary and it feels nice. -I enjoy Cartoons- I actually would only watch kids shows when I lived alone. -I can feel too ‘small’ some times for certain amounts of intimacy but sex us always on the table? Here’s my problem. My boyfriend. I have told him I’ve called someone (a sexual partner) Daddy before and really really enjoyed it. He doesn’t like that word. He doesn’t know I’m interested in exploring the ddlg world with like all of my bones and my heart like gahrgh... He spanks me sometimes but only when I’ve bothered him or in play fights- or sex when I ask him too. We also do light bondage and choking. He’s not into/interested in learning the DD (Daddy Dom) lifestyle. But I feel like I could thrive so much sexually if I opened that part up for myself. I have considered this part of me maybe less of a life choice I’m making and more of a side effect of my upbringing? But regardless I still really want to have that kind of special relationship wit him. How do I bring it up? Am I even a little or should I probably get out of the website??
  6. Guest

    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello everyone! I'm Samantha, I'm a little. My friend introduced me to ddlg over the course of a year, but I've only been searching for friends and possible matches in the community very recently. I'm interested in pigeons (I own a Classic Old Frill Fancy pigeon named Pij, she's the light of my life), nature, the medical field, good humor, music, anime, and obscure facts. I dislike things being out of place and people who mistreat animals and people. I'm on my final semester of high school (thank GOD), and I'm ready for that to end. Feel free to message me ! I love speaking to new people. Don't be shy!
  7. SpookyKitty

    A Little's Hello From Canada

    Hello all! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Jenna a blue haired stoner little from southern Ontario. I'm 18 years old and have had an interest in this community for roughly 3 years now. Thanks for giving my intro a read!
  8. Lala'spaws

    Hi! Lala from Spain

  9. Hii! New to this site so.... I’m 24 and from the UK. Currently a single little looking forward to making lots of friends I’m kinda shy so that’s all for now.. hehe X
  10. Guest

    New and lost littlegirl

    Hello everybody I'm new In this Ddlg thing (and here In this forum ) and I am kinda lost. So I'm just gonna tell something about myself I'm 18 years old and I'm a little girl/baby and I'm from Finland. Mmm I'm 164cm tall and I'm little bit chubby I really love to draw and cuddel. I'm really shy sometimes and sometimes I can be running around like a little puppy Perfect daddy would be caring and loving, but at the same time funny and little bit naughty Ideal age for daddy would be max. 11 years older than me but not younger And I would love that if my daddy could carry me around the house like a little baby Anyways If you found this interested pls send me a friend request Much love ((ps sorry that my english is really bad >///<))
  11. LittleBittyChey

    Hiya! New little here!! :-)

    Hiiii guyyyyssss! I'm Cheyenne, aka Chey. I'm 18 and live in northwest Georgia! I've been into DDLG for about 3 years now. (But sadly never had a Daddy). Currently single. Umm I like lots of bands including LANY, The 1975, and One Direction. My favorite color is lilac. I made this account to find new little friends and POSSIBLY (???) a Daddy! I'm all for long distance so no matter where you're from please say hi!!!
  12. I don't know how it's happened, but recently I have been talking to another little and it has evolved into some weird sexual friendship I think? We are both subs and have no interest in becoming dominant caregivers or switches, we have play time both as subs. We are always in our little space together and everything is normal but we kind of take care and love each other as well? It has happened naturally and I don't know if it's normal in the ddlg lifestyle. We haven't really felt the need of adding a dom to what we do either. It seems like it's always dom+sub or a combination with switches. We are a bit confused cause we always thought every little just needs a mommy or a daddy, and that littles don't go together as couples. She says we should get a caregiver for both of us (as if we were a little package) but I'm not sure about that cause I'd want a cg for myself and not share someone so important with anyone else. But at the same time I don't want to stop playing with her or stop being friends because what we have is really nice too. Is this normal? Can sub-only relationships even exist? Has that ever happened to you?
  13. Robahdobflob

    UK Daddy looking for a Little Girl

  14. Abbstar

    Am i a little??

    I thinks I'm a little but then all my ddlg friends say that I can't be, because I really tall and I'm plus size. Is that true?? Pwease help me.
  15. Hello all! I'm Fred "Irish Daddy" and I'm here looking for a submissive little (boy or girl) to spend time with.
  16. NewDaddy93

    New Daddy needing advice

    Hi all!! I am writing seeking some advice to be a great daddy... My ex partner is a little and is also new to the scene but much more advanced and natural than I am. I am naturally caring and dominant including things like being in charge of real life issues finances DIY etc, I always do things like little treats and candy and that sort of thing before even knowing about DDLG. The problem i faced was my partner is in little space 24/7 and sometimes I would like the adult/responsible side to come out in serious situations or when needed. This caused a few problems and made me become resentful which I hate because that's not who I am... What I now want to try to establish is what things can I do to be a good Daddy other than the obvious 'little' gifts and praises and how should I approach her not being little constantly? I dont mind that by any means its just sometimes if arguments arose or she made big issues (commonly overspending!) what could i do to bring her out of little space or is this not how it works? She states it is a lifestyle which I fully understand but is it supposed to be full time or does it vary? Sorry for the long message I just want to be a great daddy and learn more! I am not sure where to begin or what things to say and do because all the forums and pages I have read up to yet have been completely different and some not so nice abusing their littles! Which i dont agree with, they should be spoilt and cared for; each to their own though.. Any advice or ideas for things to say and do to begin with would be greatly appreciated
  17. First off, I wanted to say thank you for being so kind to me. This is all such a revelation to me that being able to talk about it without judgement or raised eyebrows is so freeing and I'm eternally grateful. I always knew I had a "daddy" thing and then I figured out I'm actually submissive and I figured it was a quirk that kind of fit together, but I never got to experience having a Daddy so I was never sure. Recently it was pointed out to me that I was a baby girl/ princess and he acted as my Daddy...all the pieces fit together! I enjoy the Lolita fashion aspects of being "little" ...I didn't know that was a thing until I found this forum and I get a very specific feeling when I go "little" So, I know its a real thing not made up in my mind. for me, it feels a bit like being drunk. Not the over hot, kind of wobbly, your voice might be a bit loud, and you really have to pee part. The warm, relaxed, giggly, happy, in love with the whole world part before. And I definitely get more needy/clingy (uhm Daddy, I'm here and I'm a princess I want all the attentions!!!) so It definitely feels different than being "big". I know there aren't really any "rules" except what works for you and your Daddy, but I'm still feeling a bit out of place. I'm new here So maybe this has been talked about before and I just didn't see it. I worry that my little space isn't really that "little" I mean I watch Disney sometimes, not often...Princess Sofia is very independent and Doc McStuffins is well a Doctor, but I don't regress when I watch. I feel like a grown woman watching Disney. I don't care because Disney is awesome, but still. Sometimes I watch the newer versions...weird...of cartoons from when I was a kid. Again it feels like happy nostalgia I like to listen to music from when I was growing up hair bands and such, you know I'm feeling silly when I bust out the NKOTB. Yes, I'm actually that old! Is that the trick, because I'm actually so old I can only regress so much? I was doted on, spoiled, and well taken care of as a child. I never really feel "little" yet I have this very specific feeling along with needs and wants all of which fit the DD/lg dynamic? Just having a Daddy makes me feel "little" When he talks to me like,I'm a princess, cuddling, wearing his clothes (all the awesome sauces), touching me,If he brought my coffee, picked out my clothes for an occasion(especially, if he picked the underthings just for me) when they get all possessive and protective. if he took me to a concert or sporting event I'd like, his smell, his voice (especially that Dom/Daddy stern whisper thing...wowsers!) Basically anything where i'm being thought of, care for or spoiled by my daddy and I don't have to make the decisions makes me feel "little". But really that just makes me sound like a spoiled, entitled brat not a "little". Without really going in or out of an age space does it even count? Its so different it has too? IDK, I'm so unsure. Can just having a Daddy make you feel little? if so, does it count as DD/lg or is it just some weird kink? And Daddies, are they OK with it? I mean the submission, obedience, care and emotion are all there. I've been told I'm actually a "little lady" I haven't gotten to research that so maybe when I do it will help. Can you have Chinese and your favorite Sonic drink instead of juice and nuggets? "Fear" and "Fast & Furious" ...I seriously love these movies seen them 100's of time instead of Anime? Cooking classes, wine tastings, and creative writing instead of homework and crafts? I mean I LOVE sparkle, if you see a sparkly yeti, sparkly nail polish or sparkly stationary you should totally think of me, but actually making something with glitter? That's a mess you'll never get cleaned up and that stresses me out! Mani/Pedi day instead of bath time? I'd never turn done bath time with Daddy(yum.) Sporting event instead of swings at the park? I haven't seen yet where this has been talked about so I'm so unsure and if this isn't my community I'd hate to make anyone feel uncomfortable. If anyone has experience or thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for reading and for all the kindness.
  18. Guest

    Little Princess

    Helloos! I'm Mar and I am a little who is new to all of this!
  19. princess_lonely

    hii, i'm new here!

    hii, i'm a little, and i'm very happy to have found this forum!! i've been in the dd/lg community for a few years I don't know many people in the community so it would be lovely to make some new friends!! I don't have a caregiver, or really any little friends so please message me, if you want!! thank you, much love <3
  20. Ragnarok98

    Sticker Reward Chart

    Hello all, I need some ideas. My little and I recently decided that as a part of our life we were going to create a sticker reward chart, so that way when she does things well then after a while she'll get a reward. However I'm having trouble thinking of what things I should reward her for. Does anyone have any ideas?
  21. Hello, My name is Katelyn and im new to this site, and fairly new to DDLG as a whole. I am extremely friendly but at times I can be kinda shy and awkward. I love being silly and playing with my puppy, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE my stuffies more than anything! However there is one person I love much more than stuffies and blankies, and disney movies, and that person is my Daddy <3
  22. Hello hello The Topic says it all! Just curious to see if there are any brat taers or other bratty babies like me!!
  23. rosieeemaria

    I'm new and confused :(

    Hii can somebody pleease help me use this I want to get involved and be a good little !!! But I don't know what to do on this site ..... Help me please!! x
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