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  1. Hi so I made this thread so whenever us littles feel the need we can talk to eachother when we are feeling little or simply just want to talk while in a little headspace... This way we can avoid the grown up talk that goes on in the normal chat. So everyone be nice boys and girls and we can all be friends and get along :3 So all you have to do to "chat" is leave a comment on this thread and other littles can respond and well chat to you! So I'll start! Hi everyone :3 I hope we can use this to chat!!! And that other littles like this idea. I have seen it used before it it can be lots of fun :3
  2. Flory


    Hello everyone am new here and hope to learn more :-)
  3. twifox the genderfluid fox

    littles/middles, nurseing?

    I was wondering...do any littles or middles think about or want or actualy do, breastfeed? Do mommmys , or caregivers, ever wish to let the little or middle nurse? If so y n how dos it make u feel. Any opinions or thoughts on this topic?
  4. Alexdander

    Relationship with your parents

    Hi! I'm curious about something -but I understand if you dont wanna talk about it. I think sometimes we get attracted with the idea of being a caregiver because we wanna give to somebody the love we didnt had as children, and in the same way we get attracted to the idea of being a little because we wanna feel this love, care and protection that we didnt had as children. Im not saying that I think it's an universal truth, but I believe it happens in lots of cases. What are your thoughts about that? I believe it is true for me -for both my daddy and little parts- but that I also hae this tendency to be a daddy dom in my personality. I have been one since I was born like for my personal characteristics (and I behave in some ways like one when I'm in little space)
  5. This is simply a hangout for Littles and Bigs, a place to have fun, chat, and be yourselves. The only rule is this is a nonsexual hangout. No naughty business, or spankings will be delivered. Topics for Discussion: •Favorite Cartoons? •Do you have any pets? •What's a dream of yours?
  6. Tentaclelolipop

    Littles in Florida?!

    Has it ever been hard for you to meet other littles and make friends? Same. If you're a little in Florida, wave your sippy cups in the air and say HERE! Who knows? You might make a friend
  7. My daddy and I have talked about the future when we might have a daughter, and I can’t help but already feel a little jealous. It sounds selfish and I don’t like thinking this way especially because it would be my child too, but I feel as if I’d be replaced the moment she was born. And as she grows. Obviously she would be my daddy’s real little girl and I’m scared I’d take a back seat. I have anxiety and have always competed with others to be loved, and I always lost. I was always disregarded, and the cuter one always won. I’m scared this will happen with daddy and I. I’m so used to being daddy’s little girl, that I feel like I’ll be replaced when he has a real little girl to love. Please don’t judge my thoughts, I’m aware that they make me sound absolutely crazy. I’m just an anxious person and I worry about everything, even if it’s not rational.
  8. NaughtayPumpkinLatte

    Discovering Myself!

    Hi hi! I’m Latte, but my real name is Luna. I’m 20, and pretty new to ddlg. I’ve only been introduced to it a year ago, and was amazed by how well I was able to slip into headspace and how comforting it was. I come from a pretty toxic and abusive family with some trauma in my past, and I’ve tried a lot of different methods to help with my depression, but being able to let go and feel safe, and happy, and little? That has helped me so much to get through things. I hope you all are doing well, and maybe I’ll even come to know some of you as friends! I look forward to chatting with you all! Take care and stay safe out there!
  9. I currently live in the USA, in an area that has a lot of people in the DDlg and ABDL lifestyle, and a lot of people in BDSM/kink in general. My city is really liberal and I'm used to having a local IRL community. But I'm moving internationally soon, to South Korea. It makes me really nervous because I see a lot of littles online who are from certain countries (like the Americas, UK and Europe, Oceania, Japan), but I've never seen a Korean little online before. I don't know if there is a local little community there. I do speak Korean, but not much, so I'm scared about if I can find any little friends there, or what the Korean word for a little is, or if DDlg even exists there at all. What is your experience? Have any of y'all had any struggles or successes in finding a local community in your country? (Also, if you live in Korea, send me a message! Hehe)
  10. kittyboy

    LGBTQ+ Littles?

    Hello! :3 I'm Paige, and I'm an agender little. I know there are all kinds of little girls on here, but I haven't found any littles like me yet. I'm also pansexual, which I think might be pretty different from other people on here, too. I'd love to make friends with ANY littles, of course, but I'm curious to see if there's anyone like me on here
  11. Hi everyone, I'm sure this would've been asked before but I thought I'd ask here for advice. I'd like advice from other littles as well as caregivers. I'd like to start by saying I have no problem going into little space by myself. However recently I've noticed finding it difficult to get into little space when skyping with other littles. Little space is something that is very personal and intimate to me (I'm sure that's the same for every little). I've always assumed any difficulties I've had getting into little space with new caregivers is just me shielding myself, especially from strangers or people I didn't fully trust yet. And I'm not too worried about that, it's just who I am and I'm sure it's perfectly normal. However more recently I've struggled to go into little space with people I've known for over 3 years, and been in little space with both online and in person in the past. I'm finding it hard to work out why. Nothing has seemed to change recently (except the pandemic) to cause this. Usually I'd get snuggled under my favourite blanket, surround myself with toys and stuffies and I'd immediately be dragged into little space but that's not working at the moment when I'm interacting with other people. So I was wondering if anyone had some advice on other ways that may help me get over this sudden mental block and into little space. Thank you in advanced.
  12. I don't know how to delete threads but the post is not relevant anymore
  13. Glittery  Marshmallow

    Brat things :3

    So, I haven't been to the site in a little while but hey, here I am again. My question of the day to all littles is: What are the bratty things that you do? How do you get punished after that or how do your CGs react to it? Question to caregivers is: What are the bratty things that your littles do and how do you curb them or well, at least react to them?
  14. ##1°*BeDaddy'sGoodGirl

    The "How many" game

    This one is an easy game....... you just say how many somethings. Example: How many black dresses do you own, how many books have you read this month, how many times have you been in the hospital etc And the next person answers and leaves a different one, asking any "how many" something they like.....be creative and make everyone giggle I will start it....... How many phone cases have you got?
  15. I'm J, I'm 21 and straight, I'm 5'6 and South Asian. I'll let you know my entire information if you decide to text, but before that please read the full post. I have BDD that is Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Severe anxiety issues. I can be hard to deal with or get through to, but I swear I am just scared, all my life I have seen people I love leave me, which made me the way I am, and the incidents that follow. I have never been in a real relationship, it's always been ldr because I feel scared of being physically around someone I don't know well, my previous daddy, left me because of that 'I couldn't keep him interested, physically'. I am very caring, if you will put efforts with me I promise to do the same, I love to do a lot of things and I am a very good listener, I would like to start with something that's purely non sexual and see how it goes. If you are okay with that, please do text me I think I am worth a little love if not a lot and I'll appreciate it.
  16. tl;dr: How would you describe your thoughts while in little space? So, I’m still really new to being a little, and have only been aware of getting into little space a handful of times. Since it’s a new experience, I’m still trying to understand how my mind works when I get into it (and along with that, what actually triggers it for me). I think that part of what I’m trying to achieve is *relief from my constant anxiety* and *less self-consciousness in general*, so that’s kind of been my measurement of success. I can feel these things happening when I’m diapered up, or following Mommy’s orders, or being a brat and not following orders, or trying to watch/play something cute. Basically, these are the things that led me to discover MDlg and my little side, so they’re my jumping-off point. BUT—the other day I had a really different little space experience, so I’m trying to understand how it all fits together! I definitely slipped into little space: (a ) without wearing any of my little clothes/diapers/etc., (b ) completely outside of an initiated BDSM scene/deliberate MDlg day—it was a regular ol’ day and I was lying down on my bed while Mommy was cleaning our room, (c ) while listening to calm-but-definitely-heady-and-NOT-cute repetitive techno, which is an adult-me interest I didn’t expect to have any part in my little space *at all*, and (d ) experiencing blank-thoughts, kind of akin to what people describe as the thought-lessness achieved by some meditations. I just felt really calm, and little, and serene, and content for that time. Very different from the more active, bratty, and deliberate little behaviors I’m used to engaging in! This whole thing’s got me realizing a few things w/r/t my thoughts, experiences, triggers, and goals with little space: I’m surprised my thoughts were blank during this experience—I guess I expected little space to have a more conscious or self-aware change in thoughts? Like, more along the lines of getting into a character’s headspace and performing as them? Beyond the subtractive experience of feeling less anxiety and less self-consciousness, I’m realizing that little space has the additive experience of affirmatively feeling little. It feels obvious to say that out loud, but I think I’ve been overlooking this aspect of being a little because… …up till this point, I think I’ve been substituting that affirmatively feeling little experience with simply acting little—being a brat, wearing certain clothes, etc. This has got me paying more attention to what it means to think as a little, and while I can sort of grasp the performative aspects of being little inside a BDSM scene, I’m not used to experiencing being little in more everyday life situations. I think I just have no idea what my little space triggers *actually* are. And I know it takes a long time and trial and error to figure it out, but seriously—really loopy and kinda intense concept techno albums about submarines/isolation/claustrophobia? I really thought would snap me out of little space, not into it. So, this has got me curious—for other littles, how do you mentally experience little-ness? How do you notice your thought processes change? Do you feel like you have more control over your thoughts, or less control, or that your thoughts are sometimes just blank, or something else entirely? Are your thought processes different when you deliberately enter little space versus accidentally? Do different items/music/movies/scenery/triggers in general send you into different kinds of little spaces? Sorry if this is a convoluted topic/post, it’s been really hard trying to articulate this! Would love to discuss experiences with other littles though!
  17. I just kinda wanna know if there is a list that you guys would recommend every little has or even what is on your own specific lists. Just what things make you feel even a bit more little. Also these aren't meant to be what every single little needs cause every little is different and should be validated no matter what makes them feel little
  18. Hi! Since im actually looking for a little again. I thought id ask for some advice on how to communicate and handle depression in a little. I typically give any one with depression my ears if they want to talk. I dont really want to give them too much space because i don't want to make them feel like they're alone. On the flip side, if i depressed, should i feel bad for not being the strong Daddy that my little knows i am?
  19. princessfreckles

    Your Little Aesthetic

    Hey fellow littles! When you're in little space or just wanting to dress like your cute little selves, how would you describe your overall little style? What inspires it? I've met so many littles who have such cool style with so many different styles. Preppy littles, goth littles, even a steampunk little, the list is endless! What kinds of clothes do you prefer to dress yourself in when feeling little? Are there any movies, celebrities, musicians, etc; that really inspire or match your little style?
  20. So I thought of a simple, fun game for everyone! Here's how it goes: ~ Name a song you feel like the lyrics of which describe either littles, middles, mommies or daddies (or multiple). ~ (Optional) Explain why you think it describes them. I'll start by saying I feel like I Want My Now by Hollywood Vampires describes bratty littles and middles. The title alone describes them, but the lyrics even more so as they list things the person in the song wants "now!"
  21. Hewwwooo guys, I'm Princess April. I've always wanted to join this forum but i was too shy~~ Well now i'm wondering if there's any littles/kittens/pups or mommies/daddies/cgs from Indonesia esp Jakarta bc I have loaaaaaads little friends but they are all from across the US or Aus or even Europe, which sooooo far I really want to find little friends so maybe we could share stories, EVEN meet up, or go shopping cute lingeries or cute stuffs AND STUFFIES AND CANDIEs
  22. Guest

    Hello everyone my name is adeola but most people call me addie. Im 24 living in maryland with my family. I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, small nose, full lips, and chubby body z i am shy, but i have a great personality. I open up when i fully get to know someone or if i feel comfortable around you. I have autism which means my brain functions differently from a normal person’s brain. I have a hard time following simple directions or doing small things around the house. I zone out a lot when I'm doing something. My hobbies are reading and writing books and stories to post on wattpad. If you would like to more send me a friend request Bye
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