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  1. 95929_1655600706

    GAME: The Alphabet In Song Titles

    Hello! Forum games are a big part of my activity in forums, so I thought I'd add one, since we don't have that many The concept of this game is just to go through each letter of the alphabet with song titles that start with that letter. Once we get to Z, start back at A. I'll start! Very appropriate for this, ahah: Alphabet Boy β€” Melanie Martinez
  2. Sinfullyshort

    Music help

    Hey I was wondering if someone might be able to explain to me how to add a song to your profile!!!
  3. I thought it might be fun to share our favorite songs to listen to when we're little!! Here are some of my favorites!! Κ• β€’α΄₯β€’Κ” Honeybee - The Head and the Heart Fireflies - Owl City Hot Air Balloon - Owl City Look After You - The Fray Friendship Song - Winnie the Pooh Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea - Noah Cyrus
  4. Here are a few songs that could be good for littlespace. ^^ If anyone knows any others, feel free to share! Lullaby by Sleeping At Last Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson Bubbly by Colbie Calliat Feel Just Like a Child by Devendra Banhart Lullaby by Snail's House Ronson Princess by Clarence James Alphabet Boy by Melanie Martinez
  5. Starting December 1st, check this post for the first of 24 advent activities for Littles, Middles, and Caregivers. Activities include coloring pages, themed arts and crafts, snacks and many other fun things. Check back every day for a new β€œdoor” to open that will link to a page with ideas for each day’s fun activity.
  6. yogirltori17

    I have a question

    What is your favorite song verse? Mine is from Love the Way You Lie from Em an Rihanna: Now I know we said things, did things That we didn't mean and we fall back into the same patterns Same routine, but your temper's just as bad, as mine is You're the same as me, when it comes to love, you're just as blinded Baby please come back, it wasn't you Baby it was me, maybe our relationship isn't as crazy as it seems Maybe that's what happens When a tornado meets a volcano All I know is I love you too much, to walk away now Come inside, pick up your bags off the sidewalk Don't you hear sincerity, in my voice when I talk? Told you this is my fault, look me in the eyeball Next time I'm pissed, I'll aim my fist at the dry wall Next time, there will be no next time I apologize even though I know it's lies I'm tired of the games, I just want her back, I know I'm a liar If she ever tries to fucking leave again I'm a tie her to the bed and set this house on fire
  7. I love music! Can't get enough of it! I wanna know what you've been listening to recently and want links to have a listen myself! I'll go first! I mainly listen to rock/metal music but I also listen to jazz, funk, soul, classical, blues and (sometimes, albeit rarely) dubstep! Recently I've been listening to a band called Saint Asonia! Their song Let Me Live My Life hits me in the feels every time I listen to it! I relate so heavily to it! Now you go! I wanna to the music you lovely people have been listening to!
  8. Bearly

    Cute Sleepytime Video

    I made a little video that you can listen to at bedtime! I love my plushies so much and I want to share them with people and spread smiles. Without good video equipment, this is the best I could do. The video is posted on my Twitter, and you shouldn't need to log in to see it. It's themed after American football in general but I intend to do more themes! https://twitter.com/DatasBestFriend/status/1303486281784020992 Video content: Two football plush on a blanket. The dog has a music box inside that is wound up by pulling his feet down, so his feet go up as he plays.
  9. So I thought of a simple, fun game for everyone! Here's how it goes: ~ Name a song you feel like the lyrics of which describe either littles, middles, mommies or daddies (or multiple). ~ (Optional) Explain why you think it describes them. I'll start by saying I feel like I Want My Now by Hollywood Vampires describes bratty littles and middles. The title alone describes them, but the lyrics even more so as they list things the person in the song wants "now!"
  10. little*luck*

    The Power of a Song

    This song was written in 2007 and in 2020 the lyrics are still true only it is more personal to what is going on in our own backyard. Songwriters: Brad Delson / Chester Charles Bennington / Dave Farrell / Joseph Hahn / Mike Shinoda / Robert G. Bourdon https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gG4P3ayBzVY Lyrics: Turn my mic up louder I got to say something Lightweights stepping aside, When we come in Feel it in your chest The syllables get pumping People on the street They panic and start running Words on loose leaf Sheet complete coming I jump on my mind I summon the rhyme I'm dumping Healing the blind I promise to let the sun in Sick of the dark ways We march to the drumming Jump when they tell us They want to see jumping Fuck that, I want to See some fist pumping Risk something Take back what's yours Say something that you know They might attack you for 'Cause I'm sick of being treated Like I had before Like it's stupid standing for What I'm standing for Like this war is really just A different brand of war Like it doesn't cater the rich And an abandon the poor Like they understand you In the back of the jet When you can't put gas in your tank These fuckers are laughing their way To the bank and cashing their check Asking you to have compassion and to have some respect For a leader so nervous In an obvious way Stuttering and mumbling For nightly news to replay And the rest of the world Watching at the end of the day In the living room laughing Like what did he say? Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen In my living room watching But I am not laughing 'Cause when it gets tense I know what might happen The world is cold The bold men take action Have to react Or get blown into fractions Ten years old is something to see Another kid my age drugged under a jeep Taken and bound and found later under a tree I wonder if he thought the "next one could be me" Do you see? The soldiers they're out today That brush the dust from bulletproof vests away It's ironic At times like this you pray But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday There's bombs in the buses, bikes, roads Inside your markets, your shops, your clothes My dad, he's got a lot of fear I know But enough pride inside not to let that show My brother had a book he would hold with pride A little red cover with a broken spine In the back he hand wrote a quote inside When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die Meanwhile, the leader just talks away Stuttering and mumbling For nightly news to replay And the rest of the world Watching at the end of the day Both scared and angry Like what did he say? Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen With hands held high Into a sky so blue As the ocean opens up To swallow you With hands held high Into a sky so blue The ocean opens up To swallow you. With hands held high Into a sky so blue The ocean opens up To swallow you. With hands held high Into a sky so blue The ocean opens up To swallow you. With hands held high Into a sky so blue The ocean opens up To swallow you. With hands held high Into a sky so blue The ocean opens up To swallow you
  11. Little Baby Satan Spawn

    EDM/BPM/Dance Music for littles?

    ANy good song suggestions for music you can give for a little who loves raves and EDM, Electro swing, etc..? Or just good Little songs in general? Thank you <3
  12. A thread for talking about musical instruments! β™© Can you play any instruments? Which do you want to learn/try in the future? How did you first get into it, and did you hate or enjoy it at first? Are you able to read music or do you just play around? What's the first song you'd like to learn to play if you learned a new instrument? Share pictures of your instruments, or even share links to your own music! I played the flute in elementary & middle school for 6 years, I enjoyed band class but HATED playing the flute with a passion about 6 months after I got it. Switching wasn't really an option due to money, but I wasn't super interested in anything other than the piano, which wasn't an option at the time either. I got out of playing flute before entering high school my uncle sold my flute for money for drugs (he feels horrible about it but I was so happy lol) and went into choir class instead of band. When I was 17 I was given an acoustic guitar by the same uncle when he was clean, I was really excited but it was really hard for me as it was too big for me & my hands, I ended up selling it 2 years later and didn't do much with it during that time besides sneaking on the dial-up (yes I am that old & lived in a small redneck town lol) now and then to copy some tabs and try to play them (very badly, I might add. I had nooo idea what I was doing). Last spring I got a pretty little ukulele, which I absolutely β™₯ adore β™₯ with all my heart! I have always loved their sound and wanted to buy one for years, but felt like I could never justify it even though they aren't expensive, I didn't really have the option to spend money on anything fun. I finally splurged and got one last year and have had a lot of fun with it, even if I'm not really playing anything in particular and just strumming mindlessly, it's so calming and soothing to me, and so much easier for my little hands to deal with than a guitar! I also love how light it is, and easy to carry around with me in it's case if I want to take it somewhere! I still can't play a lot yet, but I was pleased when I picked it up the other day after not having touched it for a few months that I could remember some of the things I learned when I first bought it in the spring! And yesterday I was finally able to play a simple song & sing along to it without messing up too badly! Booyah! I'd also love to get a few other instruments in the future, I am definitely still interested in acoustic guitar, a kalimba, and piano as well! Da bebe uke. β™₯
  13. I adore beautifully written lyrics and creative lines. Lyrics are a major factor whether I like a song or not because the words allows me to connect with it. Who else feels this way? I'd like to hear your favourite lyrics! "Oh, I'm looking for affection in all the wrong places, and we'll keep falling on each other to fill the empty spaces" -BETWEEN FRIENDS "I'm gonna stand here by your fire, 'cause it's a cold one tonight, I'm taking care of soulfight, and you're the reason why, well I don't ask question and I don't tell no lies, and that's the reason why I'm taking care of soulfight, and you're the reason why" -The Revivalists "All that glitters is gold, don't believe what you've been told, people lie, people love, people go, but beauty lies, in every soul" -Future Islands "Shame on me, slap on my wrist, at your door and I'm not proud of it, yesterday I said I'm done, I swung back just like a pendulum Made a promise, made a pact, with my fingers crossed behind my back, like a creature you set free, I'll crawl back to you eventually" -Allie X "If they only knew, how to keep you safe like I kept you, how to speak the words they've never used, I wish they only knew If they only saw, the way my lips would shake when they met yours, the way your heart was met with open doors, I wish they only saw" -Alfie Arcuri "We would say anything just to hear what we want, right or wrong, then we lie to be forgiven, we would sell anything just to buy who we're not, any cost, we kill our way to heaven" -Michl
  14. anyone here like Korean music? :0 let's be friends!
  15. I just rediscovered this wonderful site/app and thought I'd share it with the forum It's called Incredibox and it lets you make some pretty cool stuff without any hassle and is very fun despite its limitations! "Part game, part tool, Incredibox is above all an audio and visual experience that has quickly become a hit with people of all ages. More than 50 million players worldwide have already enjoyed it. The right mix of music, graphics, animation and interactivity makes Incredibox ideal for everyone. And because it makes learning fun and entertaining, Incredibox is now being used by schools all over the world." Source: Their own website. Here's what I put together really quick on the web version: https://www.incredibox.com/mix/e3e27dda9fce8136b610-v3 If you decide to play around with it, feel free to share your own creations from the site/app here
  16. Steffie

    Little space music?

    I like to have my "little space" playlist on Spotify to be continually growing.. Of course lots and lotssss of Disney songs, but what other music do you guys like to listen to while in little space? - Steffie
  17. KittyPrincess626

    GAME- Expand your musical horizon!

    Hi hi! I wanted to make a game for everyone! Lots of people like music and there are some songs some people have never herd of and might like too so here is my game:::: Person one: List a song, artist and why **if you like more than one genre keep playing and add more! Person two: listens to that song, says what they think about it then shares a song they like and why then the process repeats and we can all share music with each other! ^^ Under The Stars - Hanz Zimmer Its my favorite score from Lion King, I find it so soothing and it makes me close my eyes away and drift away to a peaceful place inside my mind. Its like a symphony of life going up and down but it never stops its flow.
  18. The title says it all, friends. (All songs allowed from movies, series, old school, new... Anything Disney!) My personal favourites are: Maleficent - Once Upon A Dream High School Musical - Gotta Go My Own Way Wizards of Waverly Place - Everything is Not What it Seems Camp Rock - This Is Me Camp Rock - Introducing Me Moana - How Far I'll Go Tangled - When Will My Life Begin Tangled - I See The Light Beauty and the Beast - How Does a Moment Last Forever Beauty and the Beast - Days in the Sun Beauty and the Beast - Something There Cinderella - Lavender's Blue The Little Mermaid - Part of your World Return to Neverland - I'll try Mulan - Reflection The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King Aladdin - A Whole New World Treasure Planet - I'm Still Here
  19. AllureElora

    Little music?

    Im looking for music that suits being little. I enjoy a song called Little Space by sxye but can't seem to find more little based music.
  20. Sephora_TheLovelyPrincess

    My DDlg music

    Hi! I am Sephora, I make music under the name Sephora The Lovely Princess I wanted to share with you my music, please tell me what you think, it is very important for me. I am shy and introverted. Sephora The Lovely Princess - Daddy Loves Me (DDlg lullaby song) <3 on youtube ----If you like my songs, send me a message and I will send it to you. Please share with me the music you like! I like ddlg music. thank you
  21. SOOOOOOOOOOO Here is my thread of things that essentially make me happy/make me feel better. This is a thread for me to post to help myself theraputically. All visitors welcome! "La la la la la la la la la la HAPPINESS!" - Red Velvet
  22. AlucarD

    AlucarD About Me

    Tell you a little about myself Owner of Littles Underground FB group 18+ Daddy Dom/Care Giver Age 32 Switch/very subbish Middle age 11-12 Seeking Mommy Dom/Mistress I'm in open relationship polyamory and i own 2 littles that live with me currently and married to one. My little is Amber her big age is 30 and little age 3-6. and my other little Ashley big age 34 little age 0-5 Hobbies : I enjoy Gaming assassin's creed legend of zelda elder scrolls. Music : rock metal dubstep nightcore. I have 4 tattoos 3 gaming related 1 is a anxiety anagram. I'm very caring compassionate loving funny and sarcastic love to make people laugh and change people's moods. Very kink friendly and open minded. Add requests Private messages are welcomed Love making new friends in ddlg lifestyle. Thanks for reading have a fantastic day!
  23. Guest

    Lifestyle playlist

    I tried searching and haven't seen where anyone has made this thread yet, so here goes! I was thinking it could be fun if we all contributed songs that remind us of the lifestyle in one way or another. I am open to all genres here. I wanna have a whole playlist! So gimme whatcha got! Here's my contribution! "You're the boss" - Brian Setzer Orchestra
  24. I don't think this exists. This is for people who are fans of Lil Peep himself. Since he passed, he gained more popularity. I liked him before he passed... I'm thankful I could keep up with him while he was alive. I miss him so much, everyday. So this is for Peep discussion... feel free to post songs, talk about your fav albums or songs, pics, discussion of his newest album coming. Fav collabs etc. I hope I can meet other fans. ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nGrM6-ZeTc
  25. Guest

    Chase Atlantic

    I doubt this post will get much attention, but I was wondering if anyone knows and likes the band Chase Atlantic? They've quickly become my favourite band, but I'm finding that not many people have heard of them, let alone enjoy their music! Also- if you do read this and decide to give them a try, their lyrics aren't necessarily little-space friendly. (Just in case.)
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