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  1. Rainbow_Razor

    New to this

    I'm new to this, and trying to learn more about myself and explore more things about myself. I have been drawn to this lifestyle for years but never have a safe place to try it. So here's to hoping I found one.
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to DDLG, but it feels like home. I have been living it in ways throughout my life. It is so, so exciting, but it is also vulnerable and scary, so I would love to meet some new little friends and experienced daddies to chat things through with. My litle me is around 5 years old. I am really interested in learning more from more experienced people, primarily how to explore little space to it's fullest while nurturing and protecting little me. I would also like to know if people got to know their little self first, without a Daddy, or if a Daddy helped them through it. I have a bit heart, and a lot of love to give. Really up for making new connections. A bit about me: Big space interests: Yoga, exploring, meditation, fun, photogrpahy Both space interests: adventuring, violin, singing, dancing, craft, drawing, the beach Little space interests: so far- colouring, stuffies, lego, model villages, water parks Hope to chat to some people soon. Princess mononoke
  3. fishfood

    Hi there!

    Hi, I'm a little. My pronouns are they/she/he. I'm gender-fluid so it changes. I have no caregiver. Hope to get one someday lol. I'm also a pansexual. I love the color yellow! My favorite animal is cats. I love making friends. I'm new to this, but I love to learn. <3
  4. Hi. Thanks for letting me into this fun and magical place. I'm 50, divorced, and very much a carer and soft-dom rather than a punisher. Am finding it so interesting to read about the huge variety of dynamic here even within this subculture. I suspect my personal kink is out of the ordinary, verging on being submissive as a daddy (DSLG?). My area of interest is more middles than littles - the gum chewing brat who reckons she knows it all - but I'm fascinated with all aspects of this genre. Anyway, hope you're all well and am looking forward to chatting and contributing.
  5. AllyceD

    Hi hi, Allyce here :3

    Hi! I am AllyceD (Laura - I don't mind sharing my real name) and I'm 29 years old. I am a little/pet, age between 3-5, and I like kids' coloring books. I also have adult coloring books with small details. I have tons of "favorite" colors but pink, purple, gray and black are definitely my top. I have a round Stitch that I carry everywhere and want more plushies. I use binkies, call them dodis because of a book I read that mentioned Irish kids' legends. Reading is my passion. Especially, MM romance. As mentioned, I like coloring too as well as gaming. I tend to watch the same movies because they make me happy like "How to train your dragon" or "The Emperor's New Groove" and anything Disney princess-y. Aside from that, I'm a bit awkward, shy and been in the community for about 3 years. My main language is Spanish, second English and third and fourth (which I'm learning) Japanese and German. I'm probably a bit of a praise addict and I know for a fact that I like to be and feel useful but also be pampered. I have 4 cats and 4 dogs. All females. I prefer cats, love tea and coffee (but I drink decaf because of the pills I take). I'm a bit introverted and like to text best but I get overwhelmed easily and avoid answering at times. Thank you for reading my wall of text
  6. LilShyShay

    Giving Another Platform a Try!

    Hi! I'm Shay, I'm a Little (4-6 in Little years) and I'm excited to have found another community to try I've been on DDLGfriends and FetLife for a while now but, idk, never really clicked with either. I'm hoping to meet some new friends (and of course FINALLY a CG lmao). I'll browse some of the threads when I've got a little more time but my interests and stuffs are already up on my profile, so please give 'er a gander!
  7. ItsLittlePrincessChloeUwU

    Hewwo, new little girl thewe :3

    Hewwo, I'm Chloe and im a little girl from Italy! I just got out of a little moment i had so its gonna be hardy for me to write right now but i will try! I will start with what i love! I love food! I love cartoons! I love hugs when wanted! I love lil kisses and i love when somebody cuddles me a lot! I also love drawing, watching bigger people do stuffy so i try to learn and i also love chooking, or at least i try to! Now i will start with what i weawwy dont like! I dont like when people start makeing too many questions! I dont like when i am punished for doing creative stuffy! I dont like to clean my self or go to the bathroom alone! I dont like traveling! I dont like being ignored! I dont like being yelld! After this little presentation i can now tell about my self a bit mowe but im still a bit knowing my self so im not totally sure of everything yetty... So, i'm a little girl that was unfortunately born in the wrond sex physique and that only in the last 4 months understood how little she was still in the deep. I cant say for suwe if this was because of my past of baddy stuffy happend to me or if it was just because being the type of girl that i am i lost my childhood liveing in the opposite sex world.. But the thing im sure about is that now i cant handle this alone anymore and i need a boyfriend/girlfriend/otherfriend to stay with and be thogether that can be also caregiver and also dominant when i'm not little since i'm not sxual when im little at all. I also understand that i dont have the classic type of "little girl" going on since for me is way more than a "rp" or stuff like that. In my opinion is something way more and way deeper than willing to do the child... cus i feel like in those moments.. i'm actually a child... in all the parts except physics... and i actually have really little mind in that moment... for example i forget whats sex or whats the "adult" stuff overall... and i just think about passing my time and haveing fun... coloring.. eating.. watching cartoon or sleeping. So being like this i guess i will never be able to do a job etc so i also need someone that can actually take care of me like a little child in all the ways possible. For now all the things i did in the little world where alone... never had anyone if not some exes reading me stoies... and after that i just closed up more and more this side of me because of the hurting they did to the little girl and the trust she loosed.. So yeah.. thats me... i kindly ask you to avoid stoopid questions or invasive ones... agin i'm sowwy for my bad english but im italian as i said and sowwy for my little parts when i was writeing but its hard to control her since i dont have any control over that part of me and that just happends... Cutely, Chloe.
  8. Arthur Brulmar

    Hey there :)

    Greetings, I am Arthur Brulmar A plant nerd, PC Gamer, MBTI enthusiast (ENFJ 297 tritype Sx/So) as well as among other hobbies I enjoy. Looking to make friends and intellectual banters. In a committed relationship with my Middle (Nathalia Archer). If you want to talk to me just say so, I enjoy people and like to learn from others.
  9. Nathalia Archer


    DDLGFORUM, consider yourself 2 members richer. I'm a Babygirl and just joined w/ my Daddy (Arthur Brulmar) with whom I started exploring the lifestyle. We might have a lot of questions since we're both new to DD/LG, so yeah... Hi! Stay safe and enjoy the holidays, guys. See you around.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm super new, so let me give this intro thing a shot. My name is Ava, and there's no real way to shorten that, so we'll stick with Ava. A 'little' about me (see what I did there?): As I write this, I'm sitting in a robe with llamas on them I have two favorite hockey teams: Pittsburgh Penguins & Seattle Kraken My favorite football team is the Las Vegas Raiders I play video games, and I've been playing Forza lately I have a dog, and he'd love to meet you- he's *almost* as clingy as me I enjoy Marvel, comic books, and anime I hope that this will start up some conversations- I'm so excited to talk to you all!
  11. ##1°*BeDaddy'sGoodGirl

    3 Stack word game

    3 Stack Word Game Lose a word and add a new word to all 3 lines of the stack: Good Girl Little Lamb Cottage Gardens By losing a word and adding a new word to each line could then become: Good Times Little One Cottage Pie Carry on from here....
  12. _Curious_Mind_

  13. Guest


    Hewwo There! My name is Lavender! I've been a little/age regressor for about 2 years now and I'm finally coming back to hopefully meet new friends here! When I'm little my favorite things to do are; baby talk, watch anime, cuddle my stuffies, play games, color in my books and doodle on my tablet, it's a good way to keep my mind off of all the big things I have to deal with during the day! I'm really looking for any kind of friend that understand age regression and DDLG since I don't have a lot of people that really understand it and it makes me feel a bit lonely at times. I would love to hear from everyone, I'm sure we'll all get along great! Thank you for reading! -Lavender
  14. Hello, Everyone! My name is Princess Liz. I am a Princess sub. To learn more about what being a Princess sub means to me, please check out my writings on FetLife. I am here to make new friends. With me is my Snuggle Bunny. She is half bunny and half cactus. She is also looking for new friends so if you have stuffies that are kind, please let us know. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Sweetest wishes, Princess Liz
  15. wynsday ⛅️

    Hello!! first of all i just want to say thanks for checking out my intro! I am a new Little on the site just checkin' things out and getting comfy here, i think i'll stay. I'm hoping to make friends here, littles & caregivers alike I've been a little for about 5 years now and I love slipping into little space! my plushies are my best friends <3 I love anime, video games, animals and drawing. Let's bond over shared interest~ I hope everyone is having a good day/evening/night wherever you are & be safe out there much looooves xoxo
  16. LeafyBabi


    HI-HI I am Leafy! Big Age: 21 Little Age: 3-5 Only Here to find some liked minded people, I am interested in meeting people from DDLG//AgeReg, either Roles! Feel Free To Message Me! Cis-She//Her//Hers, BiSexual, Little Taken(Open)
  17. BabyAngel1001

    Hi I'm Erica

    Age:23 Little Age: Ranges between 0 to 13 (Yes I know 13 is a middle) Gender:Female Pronouns:She/her If I respond to you with nothing but emojis for a long period of time that means I am at baby/ toddler age at the moment. I discovered the little community in 2017 but I didn't get too into it until this year. I am single and currently not looking. I'm visually impaired Vegan Christian
  18. LilKit

    Just saying Hello

  19. Jessie<3

    In need of paci advice please!

    Hi!! Im new to DDLG and discovering my little side. Ive found recently though that I like sucking my thumb. Ive heard though that this is really bad for your teeth. So my question is would normal dummies for babies work for me or do i need an adult paci specifically? Im nervous about ordering one online as i live with my parents but wouldnt be anle to find an adult size in a shop where i can go alone. Also if anyone has any advice in the meantime or tips for secret littles who live with their parents i would really appreciate it!! Thank you all! -jessie
  20. Hi, I'm a new little, and my daddy is new as well. We are learning together. When we have big-girl playtime, we naturally fell into spankings,etc for when I curse, for example. But I want to try more lifestyle based punishment/rule systems?! Not super intense, but to test the waters. I had my daddy read some DDLG blogs and forums and mentioned the possible interest, but I think he's hesitant to try enforcing any. I told him I would like to try to set rules and punishments, and he agreed we should, but we havent yet. I function well with a structure and knowing what I'm getting into if that makes sense. How can I better ease him into things like this? Example: If I taunt him with how I did something bad, and want a nonspanking punishment incorporated. Like I ate too much sugar, so now no game time later. I don't know how to breach that big conversation and approach it right. Sorry if this was a bit rambley. It's hard to explain what I mean, but figured the community seems so nice, that I out to ask!
  21. chaoskitten

    Hi!!! I'm AJ

    Just quickly introducing myself since I'm new here, I'm a little/middle and I've never been in an ddlg relationship even though I know that it's something that I want (cause i dont really feel like hiding more than half of who I am in a relationship.) I like anime (like so so much) listening to music and audio books, asmr stories/interactive fiction. I also own and run my own business where I make various witchy resin things as well as petplay/little collars because it's a fun way for me to be creative as well as express my little side without my family getting weird about it. I love love love reading and I'm sorry if I'm babbling I just have no idea what I'm actually supposed to be saying here -.- uhm,, Oh! and You can call me AJ, I tend to lean more towards being non-binary but I dont have an issue with female pronouns or things like that. that's all I can think of right now,, so uh,, Hi!
  22. Nick V.

    New guy here! :3

    Hey there, my name's Nick, but I honestly would feel more comfortable being called as DAT, Im new here and Im currently looking for people to chat with, maybe some nice friends, or even a mommy to take good care of me~
  23. Torment

    New Daddy Here

    Hi, I'm brand new to this whole thing, was curious once I discovered this forum (about an hour ago) so thought I'd just sign up and throw myself in. Looking forward to chatting to people and discovering this sweet little world. I'm 32, from the UK and if anyone has any advice on where to start or what to do, or questions about me, feel free to add or message me.
  24. RedDaddy79

    Hello from Florida

    Hello to all of my fellow DD's/CG's and a extra special hello to all of the good girls and boys in the group. I'm currently a solo DD who's been in the life for a little over a year and I'm excited to be a part of this awesome community. I recently just had a falling out with my precious little kitten who first introduced me to the scene and I stumbled across this forum while in search of some coping strategies and maybe even some support/advice from some likeminded individuals. I look forward to getting to know some of you and hope to meet some new people and maybe make a friend or two. I'm always down for a chat so feel free to shoot me a DM/reply and say hello.
  25. Hello everyone! I realised recently (yesterday night, to be more exact) that I might be... a little. I think I have known that for so long already but I just didn’t want to accept it because... the thing is that I don’t really regress to any particular age or feel like a lot of people say they do when they’re on their headspace. And I’m not sure then if it’s exactly this what I am but then, reading more into it, just makes me think that I am definitely one. Sorry if I’m not making any sense! I’m kinda scared of admitting it out loud (even if it’s writing it on a safe space like this forum -which I’m /really/ glad I found, btw-) because I feel like if I let it “get real” (affect it IRL I guess) I will be judged. I also kind of feel like I won’t find anyone as a partner that will understand me, and that this side of me will never be fully fulfilled and will always kind of feel like there’s something missing... I worry I might be too needy or clingy and that my needs will be seen as too much to deal with. I don’t know, I’m really confused and still coming into terms with all this. I don’t really know what to do now that I kind of realised it and I really, really don’t know what kind of steps I should be taking next. I guess I’m just kind of scared and feel really lonely and incomplete. I would like to meet some people like me or to make at least some friends that understand how I feel... but again, I’m really scared of putting myself out there. But anyway, thank you for reading and sorry for the long post! If you have any advice please feel free to let me know, I will more than gladly read it. I hope you’re all having a good day.
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