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  1. Hunnibun

    Hi Everyone!💞

    Hi!!... I’m Kat, i’m new here! ^^; I’m 20 years old from the US, I love anime, art, and video games… and I’m still trying to figure out who I am. I suppose I’m a bit of a switch with a preference for being a little! I’m pretty new to the community as a whole, the same with being a pet. I’m new to everything and I want to be able to make friends and learn, and just grow from that! I’m single; if it matters any! I’m pretty shy at first but I warm up pretty easily to people! I’m an autistic freelance artist, kinda just looking for friends right now. Please be patient with me, as I’m working on my social skills. My pronoun preference is She/They please! Looking forward to talking with you all!!💕
  2. babydollLV96

    Saying hello to make friends!

    Hi! I'm new to the community and a baby girl. You can call me Bambi or Babydoll and I'm 25 going on 4. I'm looking forward to making little friends and learning more about the community. Some of my favorite things are superheros, Stitch is my favorite Disney character, anything pink and blue, painting, naps, pacis, and onesies.
  3. Doodlej

    Hey, There. I'm new.

    I had a Daddy and lost him, because of my own independence and ignorance. So now I am sad and trying to understand what I want when I get to a point where I can move forward and am ready for a new Daddy. This is my first time in a forum. So I'm learning. Trying to learn more of the lifestyle I'm comfortable with. And knowing this is a safe place to ask questions I may have. Thanks.
  4. 166741_1655600960

  5. babycarrots

    hiiii (✧∀✧)/

    hello, my name is bunnie and i’m a little from the states. i’ve known about cg/l for some time and am ready to get back into things and meet more people from this community. i don’t know my little age and i personally don’t feel the need to put a definite number on it. when i am small i like to watch cartoons like molang or pocoyo. i also like to eat lots of snacks like baby carrots **they have to be the tiny ones, the big ones taste different**, grapes, and gummies. i usually do a lot of baby talk or i’m just completely nonverbal. i am currently the mother of four beautiful children (a.k.a. stuffies) and am looking to add even more to my collection. i have a caregiver at the moment. we engage in a dynamic but aren’t together romantically or sexually. in day to day life, i enjoy being in nature with a good book in hand. i’m in college studying music in hopes of becoming an opera singer or music teacher. i’m also a proud member of the alphabet mafia (pansexual, polyamorous, and gender fluid) and religiously identify as pagan. i’m open to meeting all sorts of people, of course, but i am particularly interested in poc, members of the lgbtq+ community, people closer to my age (18-30) and fellow pagans! i’m so excited to be here. thank you for reading my intro and i hope to speak to you soon! ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ
  6. wynsday ⛅️

    Hello!! first of all i just want to say thanks for checking out my intro! I am a new Little on the site just checkin' things out and getting comfy here, i think i'll stay. I'm hoping to make friends here, littles & caregivers alike I've been a little for about 5 years now and I love slipping into little space! my plushies are my best friends <3 I love anime, video games, animals and drawing. Let's bond over shared interest~ I hope everyone is having a good day/evening/night wherever you are & be safe out there much looooves xoxo
  7. KayBee

    Hey friends!

    Hey all! I'm a newbie to the forum. You can call me Kay, I use she and they pronouns. I've known I was a little for several years now, pretty much since I learned what it is. I have ADHD so I'm a bit chaotic as a person, and just so ya know, if you message me and I don't respond for a while, that's probably why. I've never really had a CG, so my exploration of the dynamic has been limited and solo. Here's some of my interests: Reading/audiobooks The Sims 4! Crochet Baking Music And just some fun trivia about smol me: Smol me is about 4-5 My favourite foods are animal crackers and nuggies! Choccy milk is the best drink, don't @ me I like to colour, cuddle my stuffies, and do arts and crafts in littlespace I like to use pacis, though I don't have one anymore Smol me is bubbly, giggly, and a teeeeeeeeeeeeeny bit mischievous I really wanna make new friends, so please feel free to add me!
  8. Guest


    Hi! My name is B. I'm new to this community but familiar with kink in general (my previous relationship was more d/s but still in the same realm). I'm very competitive and love sports and outdoorsy things as well as board games and reading. I'm looking forward to meeting new people here and really becoming part of a community! I'm a brat and a sub for sure and looking to explore my middle side with the help of this community. Have a good night! Best, B
  9. Jttaylor36

    Newbie to the site

    Good afternoon, I am new to this form. I have been in this life style for 10ish years. I am 36 male living in northeast Tennessee. I am a daddy and would like to make friends in the community.
  10. glitterbaby9xo

    Hey I'm new :)

    Hey! I am a 18 year old female little from the U.K. A friend recommended this website to me, so I decided to sign up. More about myself anyways: I have been into ddlg for nearly a year now, I love it because it makes me feel safe & protected. I currently don't have a daddy, but I am on the search for one. I love to draw, watch tv, take my dog for walks and play games. My little age is 3-5. I would love to make new friends as I love to talk and help people I am very shy however so I take a while to warm up to people.
  11. Guest

  12. Hello everyone <(0v0)>. I'm lilac_cat or lila for short. I'm so excited to get to know new friends on this forum. I've been in a ddlg relationship for about two years now, but I haven't branched out into a community before because I've been to nervous about it. My little age is 5 and my middle age is around 14. I'm really interested in having little friends and maybe one day having platonic sibs! My daddy and I really want to meet other ddlg couples to meet up with. When I'm in little space I love stickers, playing nintendo DS games, lisa frank coloring books, monster high dolls, blankets, and most importantly, candy <3 <3 . (anyone who hands me candy is automatically my friend) My hobbies are playing guitar, making art, and sewing. I'm also an animation student in college. I can't wait to meet you all. <3 <3
  13. Hello! I'm kind of new to this (I've known about it for a while but tried to suppress my little/submissive side for as long as possible). I have a boyfriend who means well and we've been trying some things with control and things like that. It leaves me feeling very submissive and little, and while he tries to understand, he doesn't really. I'm just looking for a dom to talk to to understand how I can explain it to him in a way that he'll understand. Or, if that doesn't work, how I can take care of my self so I'm not left feeling depressed and upset.
  14. Babygirlwest

  15. Burritosaur

    Help with starting

    I’ve told my boyfriend about my interest in Ddlg and he understands and has interest as well, but we haven’t moved any further then just the cute names really. I want to tell him that I want more and I’d like him to become my Dom/Caregiver but I don’t know how to explain what exactly a Dom/Caregiver does and how the relationship works. Any advice on how to get my Ddlg life started?
  16. Guest

    Come say Hi! ✋

    Hello, I am new here and trying to explore the DD/lg lifestyle. Hope someone can guide me through this forum. Hoping to meet some new friends too! xoxo
  17. Hi everyone, I'm Krista, but I like going by little k. I'm new to the whole ddlg dynamic, so please share any tips or advice. I'd really super duper appreciate it! A little about me...as you can probably tell from my title, I loveee quotes. I'm a bit of a book worm. I love reading, it let's me be in my own fantasy away from the reality I live in. Outside of my little life, I'm a typical college student that's just trying to get by and strive for success...I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Being a little let's me get away from the stress of the adult life and just enjoy being delicate and small, again. I love Disney movies and Disney princesses. I love chocolate....I have the biggest sweet tooth EVER! Surprisingly, no cavities though hehe. Oh gosh, there's so many things I could say about myself, but I don't know where to start or even end. I'm not very good at introductions. Truthfully, I'm so happy to know that there are people that share the same interests as me. I want to get to know you all! I'm super duper friendly and fun. Don't be shy to send a friend request and message! Can't wait to meet you guys! - Little k
  18. Hey, I'm Jenny and pretty new into ddlg so I can really get a good use of helpful tips and advice ^-^ I already informed myself about the stuff that includes ddlg but also know that everyone lives it out in his own way so i know there's no definite answer what you should and shouldn't do and say in your personal lifestyle. I wanted to introduce my boyfriend a bit into the ddlg lifestyle since he's a natural dom in the bedroom, but I don't know what i could say or do to introduce it better. He doesn't has any problems to express his dom nature when it's nsfw time, but he is scared or dislikes the idea of the lifestyle aka. everything that goes outside of the bedroom. I asked him once if I could get 2-4 rules to start it slowly but he already kind of ''flipped out'' because he says It's toxic to give rules to someone and to control a person like that and that he's not a manipulative person. I tried to explain that it isn't toxic or manipulative at all and that rules help little's to take care of themselves, to feel taken care of and that rules help to portray the dom/sub relationship if you decide to follow the rules or not and get consequences by that. I also tried to explain that the sub is not literally being controlled and manipulated because the sub can always say safe-words and tell the dom to stop with punishments etc. if the sub isn't in the right mind space for it. But then he said stuff like rules are useless and not necessary if the sub can jump out of it anytime anyways if the sub has the power to decide over that. So explaining it is a bit difficult and it would be nice to get tips how i can chose my words to explain it better so that he gets a better concept of it. I had a toxic relationship with my ex and got seriously controlled and manipulated so maybe he's scared to end up like my ex to become a bad person, but i can't choose good arguments and words to express the concept better. And he probably has prejudges over bdsm relationships in general, so i would like to get him to know what it's really about so maybe when he understands it better he wouldn't be so blindly against it. I specially talk with my boyfriend in English and it's neither his nor my native language, why choosing the right words can be difficult depending on what i really mean to say and how he can receive the information. But we communicate perfectly in English and there's no language barrier by the way! So it's just about how i could form my sentences in a way that it can't get understood in the opposite way ^-^ I also have no problem if ddlg isn't his type of thing, but i would at least like to try it out a bit since he said he likes experimenting, but everything that gets outside of the bedroom is for him already too much so i brought up the idea to do the ''lifestyle'' part into a type of foreplay, but there isn't much foreplay time either, just when we tried out pet play there was a long foreplay session. So yea, it's quite difficult ^-^ Should i just better accept that he doesn't want any lifestyle part of ddlg and not try to at least introduce him more into it and not even to experiment a bit before he can be saying a definite no? Maybe it can be that I am pushing him into it without realizing that, so you can openly tell me your opinions! Btw we both are monogamous so if I can't live our the lifestyle part of ddlg with him i also can't do it with somebody else, even if it wouldn't include any type of nsfw stuff. That would be already considered cheating or committing a relationship in his eyes so i also accept that and wouldn't try to search a daddy for the mindset only. At least when we watch cartoons together or cook (well he's the cook because I'm terrible at it but I'm a little assistant handing him the spices he needs or doing stuff that doesn't involve hot oil or the pan!) i can get into little space and there he doesn't has a problem with me being a little, it's just that there's not the real caregiver relationship between us and it's no difference to being a little at home alone or with him if he doesn't interact with me in a daddy way, specially since I need a lot of attention while in little space so i cope with a lot of cuddles instead of being able to get baby talked to, pet, to draw/play together, get praised, remembered of my rules and tasks, etc. ^-^ Sorry for such a long text, but i tried to explain the situation as detailed as possible :3
  19. Hi all! I'm a new little sub but I'm having trouble finding others in the DDlg community who don't age regress to <10-ish years old. It's hard to explain, but I'm 100% that I do identify as a Little, based on how I've been my entire life and even a past relationship, but I don't regress to a particular age range, much less, anything less than teens. I simply find comfort in being cared for by my Daddy, being able to call him for attention, cuddles, to be babytalked, called "little one"/"baby"/"babygirl," and pretty much everything that comes with DDlg. When I'm drunk, my ex used to sing lullabies to me to call me down if I was throwing a fit, and I used to keep a stuffie he bought for me in bed with me when I couldn't see him. Pretty much what I don't do is everything I see people defining littlespace as: pacis, blankies, stickers, sippy cup, even diapers/pullups. But I don't do those things nor do I have interest in those things. And my Daddy likes it that way as well. My littlespace looks less like an intentional mindset and more of an all-encompassing behavior/thought process/etc. when I'm with Daddy. I'm rambling, but does anyone else feel this way?
  20. cherry-angel-dreams


    Hi there! I'm Shoshi, a little from the northeast. i go by she/her and im single haha. ive been in the community for a bit, but im trying to get to know it a bit more.
  21. Rainbowtearz9

    Oh hai ^_^

    Haiii I just joined this community:) my name is Rainbowtearz9 but you can call me Rainbow everyone does I joined because im relatively new to the ddlg scene/community and Im hoping to meet other littles and daddies just to find out more info and how different people do things. I am currently in a really awesome relationship and my bf is also my "daddy" though I call him Baba because I use the term "daddy" for my legit father. Hes also new to the scene. We're kinda learning together. A big part of why im into bdsm and ddlg is because it helps me cope with my psychological issues. Especially the ddlg aspect because I use regression alot and have for years, it just seems to happen when I get too overwhelmed or anxious. So as I mentioned before, I dont know a whole lot about the ddlg community or lifestyle as a whole. I know I love dressing in onesies, I recently discovered I love using a Paci, although I havent gotten used to sleeping with it yet, and most of all I love being taken care of. I have a snapchat and discord if anyone decides they want to talk privately:) just message my page on fb (Social ramblings of the anxious girl next door) and let me know that youre from here
  22. Guest

    New and Learning

    I am excited and scared all at the same time. I have been nervous to add things like pictures or anything to telling of who I am on here because only two of my friends really know about me imbracing this side of me and while I do not think anyone I know personally would be on here. For the moment its nice to hide behind somewhat. But I am on here to introduce myself a little. I am here learning more about being a submissive little. I am very knew to this dynamic but have been a submissive in some aspects for around ten years. I have a few stuffies right now, I had to get rid of a lot when I moved into a small place but I can get more now! My favorite ones are Henry Hans, hes a squishy and is soooo soft. I also have a little link and he is from my most favorite game Zelda! I want to get a really big stuffie because night time cuddles would be so much better. I like to turn on cartoons when im feeling little and putting on my softest sweaters and a really soft blanket. Anything soft keeps me so happy. I really look forward to learning and making friends. Thank you!
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