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Found 4 results

  1. Guest


    Hey everyone! My Daddy and I LOOOOVE playing PS4. And we were wondering if any of you play, little and Daddys alike! Feel free to list your psn or private message us and what games you play, and we look forward to playing with you guys sometime!
  2. Babygirl Krimson Princess

    PS3 Handles

    My PS3 handle name is "KIllerKawaii420" If anyone wants to add me. Comment your PS3 handle below so I and other people can add you If you want new friends
  3. We have the PS3, and PS4 for platforms, and we'd really like something to play. We might try Borderlands, but I'd love other suggestions as well! We loved Left 4 Dead, but gave up the Xbox long ago to afford some other games. Any suggestions are welcome!
  4. Seen lots of threads here about adding each other on psn but with no mention of what games we each actually have! If there's anyone out there who has: 1) a ps3 2) GTA V 3) a mic And who wants to play heists or random jobs and just have a blast in general, message me for my psn and we can play! I'd love to have some of you awesome people to play with!
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