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    Community Rules and Guidelines

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    Per the request of members, we have revisited & expanded upon the previous rules so they are more clear & concise.

    General Etiquette

    • No harassment or trolling. We define this to be undertaking in actions that repeatedly and deliberately cause distress to one or more users.
    • Whilst we respect healthy debate, we do ask that you do so with respect and do not personally attack the other people you're debating with.
    • We expect that all our members are respectful and courteous not only of each other but of our staff. 
    • You need to be at least 18 years of age to participate in this community. Users found to be below 18 will be removed from the site.
    • Promotion or interest shown in minors (age less than 18) joining or being a part of the DDLG Lifestyle will result in a ban. Regardless of your State or Country Laws.
    • No discussion of sexual activities involving actual minors, incest or rape. Fantasy or not.
    • Discussion or promotion of illegal sexual activities including but not limited to bestiality will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.
    • Under no circumstances is it acceptable to upload or share any media content including but not limited to photos and videos of anyone under the age of 18, doing so will result in an immediate ban.
    • No uploading pictures with multiple people in them, or pictures of other people. We cannot guarantee that you have that person's permission to do so.
    • No uploading or sharing of content of a pornographic nature or nudity. This includes nipples, regardless of your gender, sexual organs or nude buttocks. Please see this post for further photo restrictions https://www.ddlgforu...ery/#entry94300
    • It is not acceptable to post contact details or social media details of other people on the site. We cannot guarantee you have their permission to do so.
    • Do not upload images of other people famous or not, and claim to be them.
    • Do not upload any images which are NSFW, seductive, or sexualized in nature.
    • Do not use pet names or nicknames with people you do not know. Some people get uncomfortable with them, so at the very least please check first. Some people don't like being called things such as "babygirl", "princess, "sir", "daddy", "sweetheart" or "honey". It is best to refer to users by their Username.
    • No discussing or advertising outside social media sites or groups in public chat or on the threads. Feel free to talk to your friends in private but we can not be held liable for any issues that go on in these sites or groups.
    • Do not speak ill of other members (past or present) in chat or publicly on the forum.
    • No "mini-modding"; mini-modding is when a regular member acts like a moderator without having the authority to do so. Leave the warnings and enforcement of rules to forum staff as it’s likely you will just escalate the situation otherwise. If you are having an issue with a member or see something in clear violation of the rules, use the report feature.
    • Report members that are underage or acting predatory.
    • No couples accounts or multiple user accounts. This is due to catfishing concerns and not wanting to unfairly punish one member for another member's actions
    • No multiple accounts. If you want to make a new account, delete the current one. If you forget your password for an old account, please contact a member of the moderating team right away.
    • Please do not ask for or give advice regards medical conditions or mental health issues. We understand your wish to help but each person is different and without meaning to the information you could be providing may cause more harm than good. Please leave it to the off site professionals.
    • The promotion of or positive reference to eating disorders will not be tolerated. This is including but not limited to terminology such as thinspiration or proana.
    • We will not tolerate any negative comments or discussion which could be interpreted as racism. This is not limited to but includes antagonism directed against someone of ANY different race.
    • Any person found screenshotting ANY aspect of the site and reposting it or sharing it externally will be immediately and permanently banned from the site.
      This includes any details of any members which have been posted on the site or any activities, photos or site content.
    • Catfishing is against the rules of this forum and will result in an automatic ban. Catfishing is defined as someone who pretends to be someone they're not using social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

    Threads & Posts

    • Try your best not to triple post. Double post is fine (duplicate posts can be removed).
    • You are allowed to bump any of your threads once every 24 hours.
    • Fishing for likes is not allowed. Threads or posts cannot contain comments like "Like my post and I'll give you my kik!".
    • No off-topic replies to threads.
    • Try to put things in the appropriate sections. If you're not sure where to put something, ask forum staff.
    • You can make as many topics and threads as you please, as long as you aren’t spamming the forum. Try to see if the topic has already been discussed (there is a search feature).
    • If you wish to have a thread or post deleted, contact a member of the Moderating Team.
    • If you share a link that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), please tag it as such.
    • Solicitation is defined as offering something of value whether monetary or possessions in return for sexual activity of any type whether in real life or via cam, we do not condone such posts, threads or behaviour.
    • Self promotion of your creative side and posting of your art etc is encouraged, however public promotion of external sites whereby you personally gain profit is not allowed. This includes threads asking for ideas for a buisness in which you stand to gain monitarily.


    • Please follow the personals format. Failure to do this will result to your personal being deleted and you having to start again.
    • Our reply facility for personals has a 75 word minimum. This is to insure that people receive quality replies. Please do not use filler text to meet the minimum word count. If you’re having trouble replying maybe write it out before-hand, elsewhere and see how you can improve it.
    • Do not spam the personals with copied and pasted responses, doing so will result in the posts being deleted and you given a warning point.
    • Multiple personals are not allowed, if you wish or need to change a personal feel free to edit or bump a personal.
    • Note that multiple personals will be allowed if one is for friendship and another is for a relationship. Anymore than one of each will be seen as duplicates and be deleted
    • Writing personal ads on behalf of other people is not permitted as we cannot guarantee that the person you're making the post for is real, who you claim to be, etc.
    • Personals will only be deleted on a case by case basis following discussion with a moderator and will be dependent on the relevant reason.
    • Other people's personals are there for them to reply to their replies. It is not ok to use another persons personal to reply to someone who has shown interest in them and not you.

    Chat room

    • You are free to express any opinions so long as they don't go against our general etiquette guidelines.
    • Whilst we respect healthy debate we do ask that you do so with respect and do not personally attack the other people you're debating with.
    • Be mindful of other users and potentially triggering comments.
    • We get relationships can be tough but chat is not a battleground. If you have issues with your partner take it to private. It's not fair for everyone else to have to observe.
    • Try to avoid excessive PDA and role playing, it makes other members uncomfortable and can make it hard for others to join in.
    • Be respectful and civil of all members in chat regardless of your personal feelings towards them.
    • Try your best to be nice to new members. Entering the chat room can be intimidating if you don't know anyone in it. Greet new faces when they enter. Engage with people that feel left out. All these things promote a good atmosphere in there.
    • If you post a link in the chat, Please tell the users what the link is too. If a Mod asks you to give more detail about the link, please give more detail. Tag links SFW (Safe For Work) or NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
    • If a member of the moderation team asks you to stop doing something, please stop. Feel free to message them privately for more information if you are confused.
    • The moderation team reserves the right to remove people from the chat, temporarily or permanently, based on their behaviour and respect towards the members of this site, and it's rules.

    Staff reserve the right to:

    • Terminate a user’s account at their discretion. If you violate a concern not explicitly outlined in the Community Rules & Guidelines, staff may terminate, suspend or post restrict your account provided a majority of the staff agree that action must be taken.
    • Update and/or modify the rules. We cannot always foresee future problems. If a situation does arise that is not clearly written in the rules, we will alter the rules and act upon the situation.

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