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    #1 Ayru Bear

    Ayru Bear


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    Posted 19 October 2016 - 09:27 AM

    Name: Ayru
    Age: 25
    Little Age: Varies
    Role: Switch
    Location: Minnesota, USA
    Gender: It is a mystery
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual // Gray-Ace
    Preferred Gender: All of them, but male identifying would be cool.
    Looking for: Switch // CG

    Hmm! How do I make this more than just an average ad? Should it have chimpmunk backup dancers, and glowing lights from little fireflies?

    Hi! I'm Ayru and as you can see I'm very silly. It's something that I never grew out of. I love playing pretend and cuddling with stuffies. Little cartoons and books have never stopped being my favorite. Especially Little Bear.

    As a little I'm very shy and quiet. I mostly like cuddling and affectionate pets and smooches. I'm a very good little bear, so I'm not very clingy or bratty. I've never had a CG before. Probably because I get to shy to go into Little Space around people, and I think the fact that I'm ace deters people.

    As a Caregiver I am busy. I work a lot, and it's mostly nights. I also get distracted? I am not a good match for a clingy little. But I am extremely affectionate. I will learn all of your stuffies names and read you bedtime stories. I am soft. I don't do stern punishments? I'm more the lecturing type.

    Outside of CG/L I'm a writer and a PCA. I'd like to learn ASL fluently and become a translator once I can go back to school. I've written a few songs for a couple garage bands and I voice act. I draw some, but I'm not the best at it, and I've recently discovered a love of Vulture Culture. I enjoy nerdy things but would probably fail most trivia about them (Except Dragon Age)

    Despite being ace, I can be rather flirtatious and a bit sexual, but physically there's only so much I'd be willing to do. I write erotica (way better than E.L. James) I like shibari and a lot of BDSM. I just don't want to actually do a lot of it.

    I guess just have a bit of a silly personality and would like to find someone to spend time with.
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    #2 Guest_Little.Sharkie.Nana_*

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    Posted 24 October 2016 - 07:33 PM

    Hi there!! I'm not too good at answering posts, but I'm a little/mommy switch! I also live in MN (:
    I think it would be great to make some new friends!
    Little wise, I'm very affectionate and bubbly, and am as kind as I can possibly be to everyone I know, because the world has enough roughness to it already. I identify around 2-4 age wise, but really just turned 19, please add me if you'd like and we can talk!

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