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    Bratty Middle in need of a daddy to call mine

    middle little bratty bisexual washington

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    #1 pheonix445



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    Posted 24 October 2016 - 09:09 PM

    Age: 18
    Little age (If applicable)
    Name: Nixy
    Role: Middle/Little
    Years experience (If applicable): 1
    Location: Washington
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Looking for: A daddy just for me. Online, may lead to irl in the future


    ​   HI EVERYONE! My name is Nixy. I may be ne to this side of the world, but I really do enjoy it.

       I am a bratty Middle that likes to read, play, talk, talk, and talk! I also enjoy making bad jokes, teasing my daddy, and playing games. Being very open minded myself, I love meting people who may not be exactly like me, so daddies of all kinds don't be shy! I'm a very active little and as I said, I like to talk. I don't have any set guidelines about what I want my daddy to be like, but I am very attracted to men who are smart, funny, and just as talkative. But you could be the complete opposite of this and I WOULD STILL LOVE YOU, DADDY! I don't have any set age ranges, but I am still young, so if anyone has any problems with that, I may not be the little destined for you. As a little, I may act younger than my actual age, but when needed I can be a perfectly serious adult.



    ​-5'2", 120 lbs

    ​-Brown hair/eyes

    -Olive skin tone

    -Small build

    -I have a thing for lean men >.< but that is not a requirement

    -My jokes are terrible, like yikes

    -I'm a sucker for cheesy things, literally and figuratively

    ​-The last ddlg I was in ended a little painfully, so there may be times when it may be difficult for me to comply with some things. Please be patient with me, daddy >.<

    ​-I am attracted to the emotional and sexual aspect of ddlg


       I know he perfect daddy is out there for me, so I'm willing to be patient until I found him. I'm waiting, daddy. Anyone can feel free to message me and ask questions down below. I like to make friends, so even if you don't think you'll make the perfect daddy, let's still chat! If any other Little wants to make a friend, my arms are open! :)

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    #2 Guest_Eligah_*

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    Posted 24 October 2016 - 10:50 PM

    hey i really like your personal and i would love to get to know you more if you would like to know me i have a personal and i got stuff on my profile but you could instead accept my friend request and message me i would love to hear from you :3


    and hey i bet your jokes are funny you just haven't found your crowd yet :3 also im not a lean person but im working on loosing weight but i have to wait to continue tell im done healing from my bike accident  

    #3 Shivchurch



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    Posted 25 October 2016 - 01:32 PM

     *Lol hey Nixy! I typed up a huge post, just to find out I cant message before we're friends, so that was a little saddening.

    But lets try this again!

    lol talkative is good! better to talk to much than not enough, that just makes for boring conversations. I pretty much never shut up :p

    phenomenally terrible jokes are amazing. Like the ones that make you just sigh and shake your head. are yours that bad?


     I am ridiculously easy going and I normally dont take anything serious unless I absolutely have to.


    I used to be a hardcore runner (ultras halfs, and marathons) but I got an injury and I fell out of it. and I am desperately trying to get back to it. Its killing me not having my physique.


    I'm six one, inked ( planning on getting more) 


    I work a quantum amount, hopefully planning to tone that down soon lol.

    I love to travel, I'm a gamer, a vegetarian, I LOOOOVEEEEE to cook,


    I can understand how you feel, I had a bad split with my last main LG so I kind of fell out of the lifestyle.


    I don't check this too often, so if you want to get to know one another, feel free to shoot me a message on kik at evan_church_sdk


    I hope to hear from you!

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