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    Daddy/Little switch looking for his baby girl

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    Posted 17 November 2016 - 06:28 AM

    Age: 31
    Little age (If applicable): Around 3
    Name: Drifter
    Role: Daddy & Little
    Years experience (If applicable): 10+
    Location: Arizona
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Looking for: Little Girl

    I am primarily a daddy, though with a very strong little side as well.  Each side influences the other, and I can flow back and forth between them very easily.  I am also a furry, though sort of on the fringe - I have not attended conventions, I do not own a fursuit, etc.  My furry persona is just a cute, fluffy representation of my normal self.  I am not a pet, but I do at times meow, wag, and otherwise just act silly and kittenish.  I am also ABDL, and this is something I would need my little girl to be as well.  This primarily comes out with my little side, of course, as it's strongly related to security, comfort, cuteness, innocence, and safety.  But it's also admittedly a strong kink in the DL aspect, though I have only personally worn diapers when feeling little.  I would be happy to keep my little girl padded as much as she likes, though.  I am fairly vanilla otherwise, and very cuddly.


    I am 5'8" and of average build.  I'm white, and really only seeking the same.  I am looking only for a single, genuine little girl - not trans or fluid.  I'm monogamous and not comfortable with a poly or open relationship.  Also, an important note, I am allergic to cigarette smoke.  I'm fairly introverted, a bit of a nerdy gamer and often a homebody, though I enjoy traveling and doing new things as well.  I love the rain and snow and cold...  But I currently live in Arizona, where it's only dry desert heat.  I have been involved with the various ddlg related communities since I first had internet access, though really began to explore my interests in my early twenties.  I must emphasize that I am really neither a dom nor sub.  I have traits of both, but I am really just cuddly, tender, compassionate, and loving - both as a daddy and little.


    The little girl I am searching for is one who enjoys gentle pats on the head and being called a good girl while she smiles up at daddy from behind her pacifier.  Who enjoys being dressed in cute onesies or warm jammies, and patted on her diapered bottom.  Who loves to simply cuddle up together while squeezing her plushie, watching a rainstorm out the window while curled safely in my arms.  Or who is perfectly content spending an evening coloring in her books and watching a Disney movie after a nice bubble bath, while daddy keeps her company until bedtime.  Though that may be after a stroll to the park where she can splash in the puddles and be pushed on the swing.  I also know there are times she feels more grown up, or a bit of a big baby blend, and these are all aspects I am happy to share with her.


    At times, I would like to join her as a little playmate - both being all silly and giggly and playful.  Or a mix of big and little...  Spending a lazy day at home in matching jammies, tummies full of macaroni and sugary treats, building a blanket fort together to watch tv and play games from inside, teasingly poking at each other's crinkles and giving sneaky little tickles - and finally, after bedtime sippies and kissies goodnight, drifting off to dreamland all comfy cozy cuddled together.  My little side doesn't really need a mommy, though that kind of treatment would be quite nice at times too.  But it mostly just needs the chance to come out and play.


    Feel free to ask me anything.

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