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    NJ Daddy Looking For An Older Middle or Switch

    nj new jersey older middle switch daddy philosophy mentor reading writing

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    Posted 12 January 2017 - 05:33 AM

    Age: 38.

    Name: Josh.

    Role: Daddy / Caregiver / Switch.

    Location : New Jersey.

    Sexual  Orientation: Male,  Straight.




    I feel so alone right now, anybody please contact me to be my friend.  I need somebody to talk to!!!




    I really want someone who will be there for me, consistently, and regularly.  Online, real life, whatever.  I need someone to help me get through this life.  I crave constant attention, and will give it as well.  How to motivate without someone special in your life?  I find it impossible.  I just want someone I can care about in this life.


    Who I am, and what I am looking for: It is hard for me to say exactly ‘what’ I am, according to the Dd / Lg lingo.  I am looking for someone caring to share thoughts and feelings with.  I am someone who has fallen through the cracks of normal relationships in life, and ended up here, looking for someone to be with.  I see myself as more of a mentor than anything, and am looking for someone who is interested in that kind of dynamic.  I would be ok with an online relationship - I just want someone  I can relate with, and talk to.  Someone who will be there when I need them, and vice versa. 


    If I had to guess, I would say that I was looking for either an older middle or a switch.  Meaning, I have life experience and understanding to give, but sometimes it helps to have some mental support for myself, too.  Paci's and Sippy Cups do not really do it for me.  Sorry.


    About me: I am single, straight, never married, and have no kids.  I have had relationships in the past (last one was years ago) but my focus has always been on studying Philosophy.  But, even though I have succeeded in becoming a ‘Philosopher’, per se, I still feel very alone, and would like a partner of some kind.


    I am a very independent thinker, quite different from most other people.  I am smart, educated, quick thinking, and intellectual.


    I like to believe that I am right, most of the time, although I sometimes realize later that I was wrong, and feel bad.  :-) 

    I do try to be humble; I am a very sensitive person, open-minded, and understanding.


    I started out after college in Software Engineering, but soon realized that I wanted to be a Philosophy Professor.  I spent many years taking graduate classes when and where I could, earned my MA, and finally spent a couple of years teaching.  I am now taking a semester's break in order to write down my own philosophy, in book format.


    Interests: I like reading and writing a lot.  I have been a very avid reader my entire life.  I read mostly sci-fi/fantasy, with some random fiction thrown in.  I have mostly read non-fiction the last 15+ years or so, in line with my own personal research, which revolves around the philosophy of evolution.


    My favorite fiction authors include Kurt Vonnegut, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Tolkien, Orson Scott Card, David Eddings, Richard Russo, Robert Jordan, and many others.


    My favorite films include Office Space, Old School, Groundhog Day, and the original Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future series.


    I also love TV shows made by Seth McFarlane: Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, etc. and other similar ‘adult’ cartoons.  Anything on Adult Swim, really.  I am also semi-addicted to True Crime stories.


    I play acoustic guitar, piano, and sing.


    I like the simpler things in life like disc golf, going for walks outside, or just staying inside and relaxing.  I also enjoy smoking pot, watching TV / films, and listening to & playing music.  I do not drink alcohol at all, and prefer to stay away from it, in general.


    I am six feet tall and skinny, with dark hair and eyes.


    I like to Email, Message, or Skype, but I still have a flip phone, by choice.  So I am not on Tumbler, or Kik, or anything of that sort.  I am not on Facebook, or other social media.


    Feel free to comment here, or just add me so that we can Personal Message.  Thanks for reading!

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    "The one intelligible theory of the universe is that of 'objective idealism', that matter is effete mind, inveterate habits becoming physical laws... At any time, however, an element of pure chance survives and will remain... Until the mind is at last crystallized in the infinitely distant future."  - C. S. Peirce, 1891.

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