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    25 Y.O. Daddy looking for his very own little!

    Looking for little Ddlg Bdsm Daddy kink Daddy Little Bunny Princess

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    #1 DaddyAlphaca


      Asian Aesthetic Daddy

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    Posted 18 January 2017 - 09:31 PM

    Age: 24
    Name: Jug
    Role: Daddy/Dom
    Years Experience: About 3 Years
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Location: SE Asia
    Looking For: Female, Little/Sub
    Hello there ! I hope you take time to read my ad, so you know if i am someone you looking for !

    About Me:
    I am a loving and caring kind of Daddy, i love nurture my Little and Cuddle with her. I am a very clingy and Needy Daddy, I am the Kind of Daddy who will talk and Give me Little attention most of the time. Of course i will expect the same from my Little!
    I am a sexual person, but i love Non-Sexual activities as well, so i don't want the relationship is 24/7 sexual ! Since i am looking for a serious relationship where bond between me and my little also really important.

    About my Interest and Hobbies~
    • Video Games : I love Video Games, playing games is my Daily Dose Activities ! I play a wide range of Genre ( I have around 130 Games in Steam) and Platforms (Mainly PC, but i have 3DS and PS Vita). Would love spend all day playing games with my little !
    • Drawing ! : I am not a good artist but i love drawing, Art always been my area of interest.
    • Guitar and Piano : I played Guitar since i was in the Middle School, so music is always my thing. I graduated from classical Guitar and recently playing Fingerstyle Guitar. I also play Classical Piano, although i am not really good at it.
    • Sports : I am big fan of Martial Arts, i learnt Aikidio, Jiujitsu and Boxing, i am not a competitive sportsman in Martial Arts but i always interested on them !
    • Anime and Manga : i would say i am a bit of sucker for these two, i read tons of Manga (I also collect em) and watched Anime.
    • Cartoon : i love Western Cartoons aswell ! I watch a lot of Cartoons.
    • Movies and Series : I love watching Movies and Series as well, dont have any preferences but i do watch tons of movies and series.

    What I am Looking:
    • Clingy and Needy: I am looking for a Clingy and Needy Little who need a constant attention and love to giving me attention as well. Being busy is totaly fine as long she can manage her time (I would happily help) between her life and me.
    • Local or LDR : I don't mind local or LDR relationship, i adore them both and i am sure both Local or LDR needs 2 way to make the relationship works. For LDR, i am looking for someone who willing to meet or maybe relocate (Not Online relationship forever) since i am looking for something serious.
    • Communicative : This is one of the most important aspect for what i am looking for, i want my little is communicative, actively brought up conversation, can keep the conversation up, replying more than one word or one line. I am looking for someone who reply me pharagraps of texts, talking about a lot of things (a deep conversation is always interest me). I want my little put effort to talking to me and to get to know me. Not having this is absolutely a Deal Breaker for me.
    • Physically Attractive (For Me) :I believe Physicall Attraction is important, i can't see if we both not physically attracted to eachother the relationship will going well. I have no actual preferences to be honest, but i prefer someone who is in good shape. Not to offense anyone but i prefer a little who isn't chubby or on the plus side.

    How to Contact me: You can add and message me with a little introduction here ! or messge me directly on my KiK !

    I also open to anyone who wants to be friends ! play video game together or even just talking ! I always wants to get better at English ~ Thank you.

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    I am currently looking for my special little,

    To read the detail go on my personal ads :https://www.ddlgforu...sub/#entry90195


    Hit me up if you intereseted on me :)

    #2 LittleJaclyn16



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    Posted 05 March 2017 - 11:35 PM

    Hi im Jaclyn im looking for a daddy im also clingy and needy but i am a poor little im from Oklahoma so it would be hard unless you saved me my kik is littlejaclyn text if you want but i have bad depression and anxiety so im a huge handful but im a very good girl! I do have a really bad past. Text me if ya want to!!!

    Anxiously waiting,

    P.S. i am 5'3 and weight 130lbs

    #3 Daddy'sLilPenguin



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    Posted 07 March 2017 - 09:53 AM



    We have so much in commen :) that's so cool :)


    To be honest sir , I'm not sure about my weight but I do like chicken nuggets though :) .... I feel that I fit your description quite well and would love to know more about you , if given the opportunity as you are picky (which I don't mind at all , its understandable) ...So think about it and if you feel comfy , message me anytime and I would love to get to know you better ...


    Have a Beary Day :) ... In case you don't like the message , good luck for future littles and yourself :) 

    #4 Hazen



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    Posted 03 April 2017 - 07:26 AM

    Hi hi! I'm Hollie, I'm 18, I'm a bit underweight, and I loved what you said in your intro. I pride myself on my clinginess and I love long texts back and forth, I'm very adaptable and I love long conversations and I steer clear of arguing or fighting, I love to converse about scary stories or the latest supernatural episode right before bedtime so I have an excuse to stay up and get cuddles, my favorite color is pink. feel free to message me if you'd like!


    #5 little.ginacakez:3



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    Posted 08 April 2017 - 02:43 PM


    Little age: 5 (but I still like my paci and blankie when I'm neevoussss)

    Years experience: 0

    Location: Texas

    Sexual orientation: straight

    Looking for: The best Daddy evurrr! :3


    Hi there!:3

    I'm suuuper new to ddlg (officially); I've kinda always acted like a little, I've just never had a Daddy):

    I'm a sexual little but also like to go into regular littlespace at any given time. 


    I love to please! And never ask for anything in return unless Daddy feels like I've earned it:3 I love spankings but I would never act out for them! Im 5'8 and have no idea how much I weigh. I've lost a lot of weight and still work out. I would guess 165? I think nerdy is cuuuute:3 I try not to text in one liners, but I always end up sending multiple lines to make a large reply hehee. 


    Hope you you think I may be the one:3 

    I love to Snapchat tooo:3

    #6 Guest_Poot_*

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    Posted 05 May 2017 - 12:04 AM

    Hello! I am an exchange student in Indonesia but I am from Thailand originally :) I love what you have written in your bio and would like to get to know you more. :3 A little about moi is that I also love playing video games such as dota, LoL, CoD, overwatch, ect. I play volleyball and like to keep fit. I'm clingy too and willing to give lots of love and attention to my future daddy :) hope to talk soon!

    #7 unicornbabe72



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    Posted 24 May 2017 - 09:36 AM

    Hi! Im from the Philippines which i think is in SE Asia :) Im new to this community but I have always acted like a little but i have not had a daddy. :( I have a baby face and im about 5"3. Im not sure how much i weight though. I love to watch movies, cartoons and series as well! I tend to also be very clingy and needy. I enjoy staying at home and just bonding. I would love to have a daddy! :)
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    #8 messedupbabygirl



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    Posted 29 May 2017 - 10:05 AM

    you're familiar and I'm 100% sure you're Indonesian haha. I was gonna message you about this, but apparently it didn't let me unless we're friends lol. so I wrote it down here. I'm also Indonesian and I am a little/sub/pet. Chinese Indo, just like you haha. idk what else to say tbh lol. and I honestly don't expect anything out of this. it's just, it'd be awesome to know someone from the same country who has the same interests. 

    #9 lillejente


      lost kitten

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    Posted 04 June 2017 - 04:47 AM

    Trying cut and paste since my pc keeps eating it. I was really slow trying to do this on pm and I think I hit something I shouldn't have.

    Hi, I'm Gina a little from central NYS. I have many similar interests. I love rpgs but my computer and tablet are not up to them. I have a couple I play on ds or Wii but my stuff tends to be kid appropriate. I play most with my nephews and they are getting older but the youngest is 10 this week so we still have to keep the age down. Besides I play better as a little so I try to keep things appropriate. I never realized there was a community like this so I have been switching back and forth between little and CG for years.

    I love music. I began singing in public at 8 or 9  as part of a group from my neighborhood. I sing occasionally at a local open mic or jamsession. I'm teaching myself mandolin. Before several concussion I played 7 instruments. I can manage bits audiences of most but nothing like what I used to be able to do.

    I listen to everything but opera and heavy metal. No reason to torture an innocent guitar.

    I love to read and will rea almost anything. I write as well everything from poetry to children's stories, to reviews to SCI fi to what ever comes out.

    I usually spend nearly every weekend during the summerat camp. This weekend my momand sis had other plans so I'm not going. I don't mind going alone but it isn't safe for me to be alone that far from civilization alone. Electricity, phone and even cell end a mile and a half away.


      my little headspace ranges from 2-7 but most time is 3-5  . 

    Not sure what else to say. Trying not to babble. I tend to lose my filter when nervous. Meeting new people is always nervous time.  Do you want any other specific info?

    #10 BluehBear


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    Posted 13 June 2017 - 09:25 AM

    Age: 20 (21 in a month)
    Little Age: 4-7 years depending on how I feel
    Name: Anna
    Role: Little
    Years Experience: 0
    Sexual Orientation: Straight.....I think
    Location: New Zealand
    Looking For: Male Daddy/Dom

    Hi I'm Anna, I'm a little from New Zealand looking for a daddy I don't mind if they are local or Long Distance. I love cuddles that's a big thing for me and am very needy as I've been told by most of my normal friends for koala hugging them whenever I see them. I love playing on my 3DS especially Pokemon (yay) and Harvest moon, I play the wii a lot (Mario cart) but I am pretty horrible at playing anything on Xbox. I love anime and manga, Death note, soul eater and recently boku no hero academia (others but to many to name). I've recently started to learn aikido but have only been a few times so I'm not very good yet. I have More or less all the marvel movies in possession to watch and yes Now You See Me was amazing (high five). I love shows like Supernatural but need to catch up the last few seasons and if I'm completely honest I'm addicted to kdrama well all dramas like that really.

    I'm 5'1, weight about 50kg and I'm often told I look younger than my sister whose 5 years my junior.

    My little age is in the range of 4-7 depending on how i feel. I have 0 years experience being a little but am very eager to please.

    I'm not a very sexual person at all but that is mainly down to a trust issues and the fact that I'm insecure which is why I'd love a daddy to help me get over it and to feel more comfortable with myself (I'd help him as well), the more I trust you the more comfortable I get with you.

    I'm quite happy to relocate to anywhere in the world always wanted to travel. So I hope you had/have a great day it's actually 3.15am here as I type this so sorry for mistakes in my spelling or grammar Message me if you'd like or add me as a friend.

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    #11 Little.bear.tori



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    Posted 21 June 2017 - 11:25 AM

    My name is Tori. I am a little living in the US. I don't like sports very much but I love video games, anime, and cartoons. I am part Puerto Rican but I am incredibly pale so don't think I'm one of those tan goddesses. But I do have the body of Puerto Rican. I am I bit chubby. I sadly weigh 170 lbs. and I am 5 feet tall. But my chubby goes to curvy places and just enough I left on my tummy to be little enough to still be cute but big enough to squish and tickle and kiss. I love talking and I will talk until I have to stop and breathe. I'm very clingy and I have major abandonment issues so va that if you just go away for an hour I freak out and blow up your messages. I would love to have a ldr for now and maybe have it go to live in if you so decide that you like it.

    #12 krystalleeann


      just a little

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    Posted 20 July 2017 - 06:29 PM

    hi im a little looking for a daddy or a friend im into pet play and i love little space. im very needy and clingy. im not the skiniest person in the world  and im not the tallest. im from the us in kentucky. i like playing video games and i like cuddles and kisses and movies mostly scary movies i like to watch youtube videos cause i have no life haha im going to collage in the fall and im going to study video editing and start being in the news crew

    #13 Beau-Bear



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    Posted 17 August 2017 - 10:31 PM

    I'm looking for a daddy and i am one of the most clingiest people ever. I love stuffies and have heaps of  them. I live in New zealand as well so it would be cool to meet up sometime! I'm not very sexual either i just enjoy the cuddles and the time i get to spend with that special someone. It would be great to talk to you sometime! pm me or you can email me as well.

    #14 Guest_Little_Yona_*

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    Posted 27 November 2017 - 07:50 AM

    Ollo!! My name is Yona. I really liked your ad. I’m REALLY far away from you though. I live in Georgia and I’m 19. I would tell you more about me but what if you don’t reply then I’d have type all that stuff for nothing. So I’m just gonna get to 75 words and hopefully you’ll take pity on the rambler. Lol. I thinking about this and I’m wondering if I should post it or not because I sound really stupid, but I know that I am. Oh well. Also I hope it’s okay that I look like a toad, maybe if you like me enough I’ll turn into a pretty Princess. Okay I’m gonna go now, hope to hear from you soon. Bye.

    #15 Guest_babykitkat_*

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    Posted 21 December 2017 - 11:08 PM



    I am a little who is clingy, but some times I need someone cause I don't want to be alone. I get excited over the smallest of things, and I get flustered a lot. I love to be creative like with cooking, making tiny sweaters for my stuffies, and artsy stuff. I mainly paint and draw. I have a mountain of stuffies I've collected. I can't do most most sports, but i love to swim....though its just a sad attempt to float. i can tennis and bad-mitten like a final end game boss.

    I spend most of my time reading and drawing, and pondering the wise use of stickers and glitter. i watch movies and play a lot of RPG ( I love the 8 bit music and the pixelation of the game). I know a lot of interesting facts about things that make for odd but intrigued topics, I don't really talk a lot in person because I get to embarrassed or flustered around other, but in my writing I love to be articulate. I love to make others laugh and make bad puns. I love seeing others smile and giving big bear hugs.


    My thing on physical appearances is important, being if one can't take care of their self ( such as hygien and basic self care), one shouldn't care for others , until they learn their own needs and take care of them self. If this makes sense. 


    I am in physical appearance 5 feet and about 4 inches in height. Im a chubby little, but at a healthy weight of 150 pounds.  My hair color is brown with bleached bangs. My eye color is brown and green. My ethnicity is of a lot of different races, but mainly of European...so I guess its white. 


    Thank you for your time and consideration for reading about me.

    I hope to get to know more about you, even if its just friends.



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    #16 WittleAirys


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    Posted 17 October 2018 - 12:12 AM

    Hello mister! Um..I'm sorry, I can be a little bit shy at first eheh. But I saw and read through your post about looking for a Little Girl and I was very interested! I wanted to know if you would like to speak a little bit more ^.^ I have a Kik account that you could reach me on, or if not then I'm perfectly fine with chatting on here! Thank you for your time!

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