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    New To Forum Life? Your In-Depth Guide To Our Forums!

    Guide New Newbie Help

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    Posted 22 April 2015 - 05:23 AM

    Table O' Contents

    • Introduction
    • Navigating the Forums and Basics of Posting
    • Your Profile and You
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Conclusion

    1. Introduction
    Welcome to our forums! If you are reading this, you have taken the first step into joining our humble community and we welcome you. If you are reading this and already have an account, even more so as you have decided that you wish to participate with us.
    This is a guide to using our forums and exploring all the wonderful features that these forums have to offer. My hope is that by the time you have finished reading this you've learned at least one thing and can use our forums effectively. Forums are a very basic type of website layout. They extend very far back in internet to times of messaging boards. It's not very difficult to use because the basics consist of posting and reading content.
    And please read this disclaimer: If you are under the age of 18, we humbly ask that you refrain from creating a profile/posting on our boards for the sake of the other members of this forum. It isn't that we do not want you here, we have no problem with people who want to learn about the lifestyle. But your presence creates legal issues if you are preyed upon and we do not want that to fall on our shoulders.


    2. Navigating the Forums and Basics of Posting
    Now that you've joined, you may want to think about posting an introduction thread. Tell us about yourself, tell us where you came from to find our community, tell us that you're out there! Our members will be more than happy to greet you and make you feel welcome. All you have to do is start a new topic! It's that simple.
    Moving forward, why not take a second to read our forum rules? You can see what is and isn't allowed to prevent negative incidents and keep the forums as drama free as possible!


    While you're looking around, I'm going to shamelessly plug the http://ddlgforum.tumblr.com/! We have lots of information, events, and more all in one place for you!
    Now once you've posted an introduction thread, there's an abundance of different forum sections you can use. Our forums are growing and there are many different topics out there. Perhaps you'll explore the Entertainment and Media section and post some of your favorite tunes in our music thread, or maybe you want to talk about your experiences as a little or even as a Big! Wherever you go, be sure to read the section that you're posting in to make sure that you're posting in the right area. Personal ads stay in our personals section, that new movie coming out would probably have more views in the media section.
    If you look at the bottom of the forums, you can see some really neat statistics like who the top posters for the day are or what the most "liked" content on the forum is.  You can also SAY HELLO TO OUR MODERATOR TEAM! :lol:
    Now let's get a little bit deeper into the types of thing you can do with your posts. When you click to make a post or a reply to a thread, you see a lovely tool bar that gives you things you can do to edit your post. Most of these are self explanatory, so I won't have to go through all of them. But there are some things I'd like to point out:
    The first icon is a light switch. It automatically changes the entire post layout into BBCode, which is a type of formatting using brackets "[ ]". If you are familiar with BBCode, you can use this to make your posts fancy! If not, you can always use the regular forum options. Next to that is an eraser, which obviously ERASES things, but more specifically it REMOVES formatting. Next to that, there is an icon for "Special BBCode". You can make hover-over acronyms FWR, add a spoiler tag, or add links.
    Alright! Let's move forward!
    Now at the very top of your forums is a section with your name on it. First, there is an envelope. That is your inbox for private messages. You can only receive private messages from people who are your friend! You have to add people first, and that will be covered in a second.
    Next is a person in a box, which is the notifications section. If someone likes your post or adds you as a friend, it will show up in this box with a number!
    If you click on your forum name, you will be given a menu like so:
    Attached File  forum1.png   23.15KB   1 downloads
    This is where you can post status updates quickly and easily. These status updates are located on the main page or on your own profile.
    You can view your own profile, view topics/posts you have made, manage your friends list (including seeing your friends content or private messaging them), view your inbox, explore your general content settings (timezone, location, links to messengers, etc), read updates on posts you follow, view your own gallery, and manage your Ignore/Block preferences.
    For reference:
    Attached File  forum2.png   13.96KB   1 downloads
    As you can see, you can choose to hide certain members posts (NOT TOPICS OR PEOPLE REPLYING TO THOSE POSTS), signature, private messages, or chat messages. If someone's content is annoying you, feel free to block it! It's that simple!
    3. Your Profile and You
    Now we get into customization in this section!
    Now to customize your profile, first you'll want to go into "My Settings" to your User Control Panel.
    To add a profile picture, choose the obvious "add a photo button" there. You can add whatever you'd like to your locations and interests section, but the real big one is the "Edit My About Me" button. This button brings up a menu similar to that of a post. Use this to create an amaaaaaaazing profile, much like mine!
    Want to know how to post photos that link to things? First you pick a photo using the "image" selection. And then when the image is posted, you click on the image then click the "add link" button. Add your link and your image will be hotlinked to whatever place you want the image to take you to!
    To add a profile background, click on "Profile Customization". You can set it to tile for patterns, or just one large image. Cute images are the norm here, so go nuts!
    Next is the Display Name. My original name on here wasn't actually MrBones, it was something dumb and I didn't like it. The Display Name is great if you feel like you need a change. Be warned that you are permitted to make 3 changes in a 30 day period.
    And finally, your signature! Make this awesome, because your signature is attached to (most of) your posts around these parts. You want your signature to be a part of who you are. Add an interesting quote, maybe a small picture that you like. Make your signature an extension of your profile, and people will remember you!


    With that out of the way, let's dive into something else extremely important!


    4. Frequently Asked Questions


    • I just heard about DDlg and want to know more, what do I do?

    Well you've come to the right place. This post is great for learning about the forums intricacies. The best way to learn about DDlg is to explore and learn from other people. Our very own Remi has actually written a great piece on what the DDlg dynamic is!


    Here is advice for new littles: https://www.ddlgforu...or-new-littles/

    Here is advice for new Caregivers: https://www.ddlgforu...or-new-daddies/

    • How do I tell my partner I want a DDlg relationship?

    Start slow! This is different for everyone and only you know how your partner will react to these type of things. Have a talk with them. Say something along the lines of "I've been looking into some things [online, in books, etc] and I found something that really interested (and/or excited) me and I'm curious to try it out. I'd like to involve you in it and it doesn't have to be something rushed either."


    If you and your partner are into BDSM at all, this will be a much easier talk. If your partner is vanilla, this conversation may be met with hostility. You will have to approach it in a tender way. You are not trying to "convert vanillas" as much as you are trying to explore new territory with your partner. Do not rush your partner, and do not rush yourself. You want to make sure everyone stays comfortable!


    Find lots of websites and articles about the lifestyle. If your partner has a question, you can provide these websites or even give information if you studied them yourself!

    • I'm lonely, what do I do?

    Sarcastically? Learn to love yourself. Get into your local community without actively trying to find somebody. It feels as though many people who post personal ads and come to the lifestyle forums looking for someone are usually trying to fill a void they have that could easily be fixed with just friends and finding someone naturally. 


    If anything else, enjoy this thread about finding a partner: https://www.ddlgforu...daddy-or-mommy/


    Here are some other threads explaining how users from our forum met their partners:




    • My partner left me/disappeared, what do I do?

    First off, I want to say I'm sorry that this happened to you. This is the equivalent of a breakup in vanilla terms. Most people will experience this sort of hurt in one way or another in their life. Just remember that your own well-being matters first and foremost. People will come and go from your life sometimes and that's not always a good event. If they aren't returning your messages, perhaps something came up. You never know for sure what may have happened. 

    • I'm a (insert one of the multitude of human characteristics that exist), can I still be a DD or lg? 

    Absolutely. Being a Caregiver or a little is a state of mind. What matters is that you incorporate the dynamic to fit your lifestyle. You don't have to be a small, petite, young person to be a little. You don't have to be older with grey in your hair to be a Caregiver. It is a relationship dynamic and it is whatever you make it out to be.


    5. Conclusion
    This guide is short and to the point. Forums are actually incredibly easy to use. Don't be intimidated to show your face around and speak up. This forum is a dedicated space to our Big and little community, so we'll try our hardest to make it a great place to hang out!
    Don't forget, if you can dream it, you can do it!

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    This is amazing. Oh my gosh

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    How do I edit my profile from a mobile device
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    How do I edit my profile from a mobile device

    Ah. I got it. Just had to switch to view the full site.

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    I am unsure how to do my signature? I try to upload a picture but nothing is showing up from any site!


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    It worked  ;)


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    thank you soo muuuch~~~~ it really help me ^^

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    Thanks! 😄

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    seems the guide i have is already posted as link here lol. gj.

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    It isnt letting me upload an image from my phone.

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    Some of the links in this post don't work for me.
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    Thanks for setting this guide up. Gotta work on my profile now. ~(>.<)~

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