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Hi!  I go by Kit in most walks of life.  I have a huge love for foxes and have all my life.  I am originally from the Midwest in the States but for work reasons am living in Japan for a few years.  And yes, for any anime lovers out there who have never visited: It is AWESOME!!!!  I'm still learning the language but considering people are taught English here from elementary up it isn't really a barrier.  (Also google translate is pretty handy.)


This is the year I finally am being true to me.  I have always been into the little thing and my hobbies have very much reflected that.  Not to mention all my hair bows. lol  A good friend I have had for a while finally called me out on it and told me about how there is this whole community out there about it.  So I did a LOT of reading on blogs and a couple books and such for a while.  While I haven't really changed my life at all (because tbh I was already living the life without really thinking about it) it is awesome to know that there are people out there like me.  I haven't been super open about this part of my life before so it's a little....strange for me.  But I am excited to get to know people and learn some things.

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