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Social little, newbie to the forum!

Guest Ultra-Kitten

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Guest Ultra-Kitten

Hiya! :heart:

I'm Ash, I'm a 20 year old little from the eastside of the states. c:

I've been in the DD/lg community for about 2-3 years now but am new to this forum. 

I'm just looking for lovely little and Daddy friends but if I meet a Daddy that I take more of an interest in then oh well. c:

I'm not very good at these whole introduction things so I apologize if it's a little rubbish or just all over the place. 

I am currently working at a nursing home, I plan on attending college in the fall.. Not really sure what I'm doing yet but I hope I will soon.

I'm a very open and social person which has its pros and cons. c:

I love meeting and getting to know new people, I will basically try to talk about anything and everything. 

I love doing hair and makeup, it's a passion of mine & I guess I'm kind of good at it. 

I also love reading and drawing, it's very calming to me. 

I'm also a huge music junkie. I listen to just about everything, but mostly any type of rock. 

I really don't know what else to say. But I'm always open to making new friends & chatting. 

Hope you're having a lovely day.  :heart:

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