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Hi ♡ I'm new ~


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Hi, I'm Tia ~


I'm new obviously ~


I'm a little/sub ~


I love stuffies, coloring, hello kitty, sippy cups, makeup, and taking naps hehe ~


Vegetarian ~


I HAVE A DADDY (9/26/15) ♡ ~


I have PTSD so please be gentle....I'm fragile ~


Andddd that's about all, bye ~ xoxo ~



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hello! im new and im a little girl/kitty!


i hope i get to meet lotsa nice people i can talk to! ^^


im a little quirky but i dont know anyone who isn't in their own way 


i have depression and sometimes there are meanie voices but daddy says to not listen to them ^^


im very friendly - pinky promise! :D

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