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Guest BuckeyeDaddy22

Hello everyone! I'm Tom (Thomas, Tommy. Honestly doesn't matter what you call me lol), I'm from Ohio and I've just recently started really learning about the lifestyle. I've been feeling more and more lonely and at times depressed lately, and somehow it led to me discovering the DD/lg dynamic...and it's something I think would fit me. 


About me: I'm 29, will turn 30 in October. Single and at times feel like it's hopeless. I'm a huge sports fan, although I realize that's probably not something that's very common around here lol. I also enjoy video games, cuddles, naps, and sometimes watching cartoons (especially the older stuff from my childhood. Rugrats, Hey Arnold, etc.). Music is a big part, I listen to a little bit of everything. Seriously, I can find the good in basically any artist/genre. 


I've been told I'm a nice guy (sometimes TOO nice) by basically everyone I come in contact with, and I worry far more about if others are OK and taking care of themselves than I do myself. At times I can be a bit of a pushover, but I do like a sense of structure and rules are important to me as well. 


Anyway, being new to the lifestyle I'd love to get know as many people as I can, both caregivers and littles and just learn as much as I can. Maybe I find out it's NOT for me, but the whole daddy/little dynamic definitely sounds appealing. 

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