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A little who is in for a new chapter.


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Hiii!! um..heheh.. As from the topic,Im a little. I have been doing ddlg for a year,and stopped for 3 years after being dump by a fake daddy (yes the impact is that hard). For that 3 years,I've been doing a lot more research on ddlg relationship. I cant say that im experienced since i havent been in a ddlg relationship for a long time even though i knew a bit more about it. As time goes by, being in a regular relationship after that break up was kinda of a struggle to me as i couldnt get to the point that i cant stop being spoilt,cute and adorable (and that significant other didnt like it at all) so had more break up. I dont get the urge to tell them or anybody that im just a little lost kitten. I stumble across this community, and think why not i give another try to start a new and be little again as i love being a little and want to be in that type of me again. So,im really looking forward to this,finding new friends to talk with and be happy go lucky about myself.

A little bit about me,Im 18,live somewhere in Asia(wont get too detail once u get to know be better) ,Ive just finish high school and probably wont go back there a.g.a.i.n. ,im silly,can be a bit too tmi,can be a bit shy,loves plushies and my cats (my BABIES ❤❤) and have an emotion like a rollercoaster .. hehe


Im hoping to meet new friends,daddy or a little or other people,and we will all be happy together i guess.. :D

Yeah.. :3 meow ❤

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