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Hello from the side of glitter, jokes and mayhem.


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Hello everyone DvilsDaughter as my family and friends call me. The reason behind my nickname is because I cause mischief, mayhem and play practical jokes where ever I am so in other words a trouble maker.



I am currently studying to become a children's AnE doctor which takes up a lot of my time, with that being said I do enjoy camping, playing tennis, swimming, hiking, reading, shopping, cooking and just being outdoors yes I'm a nature girl so what :p.



I have been a little for around six years and had three Daddies over the space of three years, I did an extensive amount of research before even thinking about joining the community in general.

My little age is somewhat older then most it varies between four and eight though I can go younger during and after a PTSD attack. With that being said I still do like to cuddle, watch Disney movies, create things, dance around being silly, get messy, dress up, play pretend and most of all get into mischief and prank my care giver he he.

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