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Question for French speakers


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"Père" sounds a little too formal to me. I called my father various things, but he wasn't the French speaker in my family. My mother's family are all native French speakers. But often I called my father "old man," so maybe vieil homme? :) My mother called her father "Dad" I think even before she learned English so that's an option. Why not borrow from another language? 


  • Pop (sometimes what I called my father)/Pap (as Nanette mentioned)
  • Da 
  • Baba ou Bapa (plusieurs langues)
  • Pai (Portugues)
  • Babbo (Italian)
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Not a native speaker and better at speaking to littles but thinking outside the Dad box for a moment, what about ?


Doudou, after all isn't a littles most precious huggable thing their daddy, kind of a living blankie or cuddly.

Mon cheri

Mon grand

Mon homme

Mon ours


Just a few options you might sprinkle into every day use to see how he reacts.

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@Shadowrider I like "mon ours". I read in a topic someone calling her daddy "papa bear", I kind of like it too. Except mine is more of the wolf kind. So papa loup maybe. Or louloup
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