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Guest faerybunny

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Guest faerybunny

Say Your Last Goodbyes

By faerybunny


Though I come into life, demure and meek

It seemed to been a doormat that you seek

Unable to hold her own and bend at your will

Waiting around for you to decide what we will be


And now that I no longer serves your need

What it is you wish me to be

You suddenly disappear without a peep

For when I need you most of all

It's someone else that will be there with me


I will not be second place

My heart will not sit around and wait

For you to decide my worth

For your admiration and grace


All of me I gave to you

Time and Patience I saw it through

To the bitter end where you drank and expelled

That you used me for convenience

Because of my loving heart and will


You abused your power

Over someone who was kind

Someone who cares

Who looks you in the eye


But no longer am I the bearer

Of your emotional distress

I'll rise every bit

I'll be my own very best


My words will not grace your ears

Not a single utterance from my lips

No I'm done being abused

Waiting, wishing, hoping

You'd decide to be true loves kiss


So say your goodbyes for this is mine

Wipe your feet outside the line

It is my strength not weakness

There is no door mat here

Find someone else to greet

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