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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Hiyo~~ new daddy here :D


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Good evening everyone!!!

Call me Sir Popperton if you're more into proper terms, I also answer to Popperton or Popper as well.

I'm actually very new to the DD/lg community, I've been introduced by my little when we were in that 'getting to know each other' state of our relationship, she told me about how she was into the DD/lg and being the very open minded person I am, I did a little research and have decided to step into this and find my own place in this community and move on to try and become a Daddy Dom to my adorable little.

I'm a gamer at heart, League of Legends, D&D, various MMO's and Console games, I've been a gamer for years and will always be devoted to the gaming life, and I feel very thankful to have a little whose into the same lifestyle as well.

I'm also a huge anime nerd, I take plenty of suggestions for new anime to watch, but I tend to be picky, some of my favorites are: Fruits Basket, Clannad, Kanon, Your Lie in April, My Wife is a Mermaid, Azumanga Daioh, K-On, Digimon (season 1-2 and Tri), Full Metal Panic, any a lot of others, but I'm always open to learning more anime to watch with my anime addicted little :3

I've mentioned it a couple of times but I'll list it officially here and I know she will too since I introduced her to these forums and she will be part of them too, I have a little whose my boobear and my life, she introduced me to the DD/lg community/lifestyle and I've been working hard to understand my role as her Daddy, I'm blessed to have her in my life and wouldn't trade it for anything, not even all the video games in the world :3 !!!!

I'm always open to learning new things and meeting new people, whether it's inside the DD/lg community or outside, I'm pretty much an open book and I want to be a person that people are comfortable to come and talk to, as I said before I'm brand new to the DD/lg community so please pardon me if I say something that seems weird or off-putting, I'm still learning the ropes of being a Daddy Dom, but I promise I'm learning, I hope you can all help me along this journey so I can be the best Daddy to my little boobear ever!!! ^_^

Thanks for reading everyone~~~
-Sir Popperton

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Guest QueenJellybean

Welcome to the Forum! We're glad you and your partner found us. You have some great anime suggestions there - some I've never heard of! I'll have to check them out. 

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