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Hi everyone!


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Hello!  :)


My name is Kitty and I am 9, no wait 29, actually, let's just stick with 9 (ish). I like watching my little pony and I have MLP curtains in my room. I got them off a catalog and they are pink like the paint on my walls. They are bit, too long so I have to tuck them in behind the table but they look good. I also have a giant My Little Pony poster on my wall which has all the ponies. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkles because she is a Princess and loves books and is really kind. I have a cat who is called Tosca and her warrior cat name is Tawny Pelt like off the warrior cat books by Erin Hunter (they are my favorites). I like to eat pizza and salad, especially ham and pineapple. I'm here to make new friends, I'd like to share my world with other littles if possible. I don't want to do anything weird, though, just happy things like watching cartoons or doing crafts or building legos. Sometimes I cry because I feel really alone, I got to be so big and grown up all the time when I'm with people. I'm not silly, I have a degree and speak several languages but really all I want is to be able to have friends I can play dolls with or bake cupcakes with and just be me...


So yea that is why I am here! Also I love minecraft and chips bye!  :)

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