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Hai hehe. Finally.


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Sooooo I'm not exactly new here. I've been creeping on this site for a while just reading and observing and uh I've finally gotten around to doing this. So hai! My name is Amber I have a lot of nicknames. Berber, Ambie, Ambiebambi(totally disgusting that one) bubbles(power puff girls duh) and Mumbles.. Cause I mumble. When I made this account I was living in Sydney Australia but I came back home to New Zealand for a few yrs. Uhhhhmmm what else.. I really like the name, kitten and babygirl and baby. Heheh. I like colouring and reading and I love music and singing. And falling asleep on Skype.. Hopefully my future daddy will do that with me...im a little shy at first but after about an hour I get comfortable and really hyper.. Heh.
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