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Apps that make you feel little?


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Are there any apps or games online that make you feel little? I really like coloring book apps and Cut The Rope, and Subway Surfer, etc!
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There are lots of free games that could make you feel little! Bakery Story (or any of the "story" games really) and similar games. I used to play a bunch of them. Right now I play Monster High Minis Mania, it's pretty cute.

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Guest jjangyi

There was an online game that I loved called poupee but the site is closed now :( it was about dressing up and the clothes are really cute and it got updated a lot. In general I love dressing up games, sometimes I go to girlsgogames to play their dressing up games and other similar games.

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Animal Crossing is good if you have a 2DS/3DS

An app game I love is CocoppaPlay but I spend money in it because I'm too addicted (it's that cute, eep)

Sailor Moon Drops is another game I love and it's updated often. It's like Bejeweled and games of that nature - but with Sailor Moon!

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I have a million games on my phone!! I love to play them when I'm little!! 

  • Sweet Sins; the characters are based of the seven deadly sins but are kawaii (no internet required)
  • Disney Junior App; you can play games and watch cartoons! (uses a lot of data though)
  • Penguin Diner 3D; you can dress up your character and its kinda like diner dash (dunno about internet on this one)
  • Space Corgi; like flappy bird but its with dogs in space!!! (no internet required)
  • Disney Magical Dice; kinda like monopoly with disney characters and you get to steal properties (uses a lot of data)
  • Quizup; time-based trivia game has lots of topics (uses data)
  • Chicken; kinda like mario with chickens except you use sound, it makes me feel really silly (no internet required)
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