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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

New to the forum and saying Hello to Everyone!


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Hello Everyone!

Or at least the one or two people who will read my post, haha.

New to the forum but not new to DD/lg.. I had a smart, wonderful, beautiful Princess that was off/on for the better part of 6 years, but we parted ways some time ago..

She wanted to do some soul searching.


It wasn't until till recently that I knew of the DD/lg community. Before I had simply been an extra loving, caring, attentive person, But the day she called me Daddy for the first time it all changed (5 years ago)..

So after we parted ways I wanted to know more and try to understand the dynamics of the relationship better. I certianly know there are things I can improve upon.

So off searching I went and I found stuff on Reddit, Fetlife, through pictures/gifs/memes, and now on the DDlgForum.. So here I am!



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