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New here and needing new friends


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Hi all,

I'm very happy to have found this forum. 

I'm 27 years old (my little age is between 5 and 10)

I have adult responsibilities, yet I have always had a younger personality and I love to de stress with ice cream and animated movies (my favourite is The Secret Life Of Pets) sometimes colouring, I still sleep with a teddy bear and I enjoy the rules and rewards which I had set from one relationship last year, this was the only relationship where I felt free and comfortable to be my true self, without feeling I had to feel ashamed for it and yet we never even talked about it, it blossomed from a simple nickname and him talking gently and nurturing to me and he seemed very happy to nurture this side of me without me even having to say anything, it was a special and treasure connection.

Unfortunately the relationship didn't work out for unrelated reasons and yet I remain grateful for knowing there are others out there who will nurture this side of me and not feel embarrassed by me!

I ended up in another relationship shortly after where he would say horrible things about this, trying to cause arguments and often saying things such as I'm just childish, that I should just grow up already, stop acting like a child and I'm just a drama queen and that I'm not even ready for a relationship, that I annoy him and he was tired of me, hence I am very newly single, within the past few days.


I'm here to hopefully find new and understanding friends.


Eskimo kisses x 


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