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Hi there!


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Hi all,


I'm PandaBeaarAmy (Panda or Amy or whatever you'd like to call me). New to this site but not quite to the lifestyle. I'm a part time brat and a most time little. I like the blue and black and all things shiny, soft, or fluffy. 


I'm studying mathematics in university, and I'm quite enjoying it so far. The winter is my favourite season (figures, I'm Canadian) and along with that, snow sports from skating to skiing. I love being outdoors in other seasons as well, the hiking around here is just breathtaking, looking right over the lake. When I'm not in school, I like cooking, baking, reading, solving Rubik's cubes and similar puzzles, and a whole lot more.


I'm not sure what else to put so I'll just end it here, feel free to ask questions and get to know me! Although I'm quite shy, I love meeting new people to be friends with. 



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