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Hii! I'm a spanish little who wants to know this forum and to enjoy the experience here. I'm very curious about all on here  :lol: 


You can call me.. By my user name =) I like it; LilKitty, kitty, kitten.. ☺ 


I don't have Daddy.. But I'm not in a hurry so... It's ok for me :) 


Things that i like: 



-Films (disney films and japanese animation)

-Read books



My favourite colours are green and pink. (I will paint my room with that colours soon) ♥


I'm !'64 mtrs tall and My hair is... brown but now is orange (red/oragne) I usually like to wear jeans and big t-shirts but.. I... I'm thinking on buy some new clothes =) (dress, skirts...) And a  lot of pink stuff :) 



Let me know if you want more information here =) and i will give it to you :3 


I'm glad to beinn here aaand! Sorry is my english is not good at all.. i will do my best! ♥ Kisses for all:) 




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Guest MasterWolf

Es siempre un placer ver que la gente poco a poco va abriendose a nuevas formas de pensar, es un placer verte por aqui littlekitten,estoy seguro que podras encontrar a gente muy interesante. Espero que podamos hablar pequeña. Besos.

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