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Young(-ish) Daddy from Old Europe


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Hi! I am a very experienced Dom. About a year ago, my at that time girlfriend introduced me to DDlg. Or rather, we stumbled across it together. For unrelated reasons, it did unfortunately not work out between us. Yet, I realized that I'm not a "classic" Dom, but a Daddy. In facts, even after years of experience as a Dom, that's not the part of "DD" that I would stretch. Because even back than, when I thought of myself "only" as a Dom, I was never cruel and always protected my sub from everything bad. Made sure she was happy. And took good care of her. And, lets be honest, there is nothing as cute, sexy, or adorable as a little! :)


tl;dr (it IS a lot of text for a little!) I am experienced as a Dom, not entirely new to DDlg and know that there is nothing more fulfilling than taking care of a litte. I do know how to punish her, but would never ever do that without a reason. And even with a reason I would not enjoy doing it.

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