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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

New around here! ^.^

Guest Panda.Princess

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Guest Panda.Princess

Hellloooo =) 

I'm Panda Princess, but you can just call me Panda =) 

As you have probably guessed those are my favorite animals >.<



Fairly new to the DDLG world after meeting my Daddy and

discovering that it's exactly what's been missing from my life! 


I am 28yo from the Midwest USA and I loooooove arts & crafts

projects (I get to goto DISNEY WORLD in a few weeks OMGGG and

I made all my minnie mouse ears myself!  With daddy taking away my hot

glue gun privileges because I maaaayyyy have burned myself one too many times :blush: )


Very much a girly girl at heart whether

I'm in little space or being adulty :D


My favorite Disney princesses are Ariel & Jasmine

(And Harley Quinn, although not a DISNEY princess, still a princess in her OWN RIGHT!) 


I'm a mild gaming nerd, with my main loves being GTA 5 online (xbox1)

and World of Warcraft [with daddy] (For the Horde!!) 


When I have to be a big girl, I'm usually

in the gym lifting weights (cardio, blehhh)


I'm very shy so please say Hi if you want to be friends! :D 

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Guest QueenJellybean

Welcome to the Forum! We have a lot of common interests. I hope you find what you're looking for here, and have fun in Disney!

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