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Hello! New Little Princess :)

Guest AshLittleRose

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Guest AshLittleRose

Hello there! My name is Ashlyn but I really like to be called Princess, Kitten or even Buttercup (when you want me to melt in your arms).


I am fairly new to the community but I am a fast learner!!


Ummmm Favorite things I like to do would be coloring, watching movies (mostly little kid ones. those are my favorite), reading, writing, dancing and singing. I also love hugs, kisses, cuddles and just video chatting even if no one is talking. Silence can say a lot sometimes.


My preferred pronouns are just her/she 


I am a single pringle as of right now. I am not the most attractive thing in the world so it doesn't surprise me but it just gives me more time to work on myself and find out what I like in others!


I love making new friends! I promise I don't bite to hard :) Don't be afraid to say Hi!!!

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