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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Greetings Fellow Daddy's and Little's!!


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Obligatory post saying hello!!


Name's Leo, I've been in the community for about 10 years, on and off Daddy and Owner, now happily back in the swing of Daddy role.


Few random tidbits, I suppose:


- Natural red head

- Pierced, I have 6 at the moment

- Despite my appearance, I'm a nice guy and rather kind

- Been a Daddy for 8 years, Owner for 2, Master for 2 (some of those overlap)

- Somewhat Poly, but not really looking for another Little

- Xbox'er

- I love cats 

- Obviously, I love FNAF (and Foxy is babe)


Uhhh, yeah, that's it I guess. Feel free to ask me anything, I'm happy to answer all Q's

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