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the mini Queen


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Hello <3


I'm new to this community and looking to make friends in the life style.


My name is Jeri or you can call me Chub-Cub or Little One. Only Daddy calls me Baby Girl, and only MY Daddy gets called Daddy. All other Daddys are Sir (or Mommys are Ma'am, or whatever you prefer).


I am in my (very) late 20's and I spend most of my time in Big space. I have two jobs, I run errands and go shopping and take care of my family. I also have a child. Going in to little or middle space helps me unwind from the demands of my busy life. It's nice to give someone else control. My regression ages vary from anywhere between 2 and 14, depending on the day and my mood. I've been in the lifestyle for about 3 years and learn new things every day. Me and Daddy just celebrated our 1 year anniversary.


I would really like to make friends with other littles and middles (and caregivers who aren't looking for a relationship) especially those that have children. I often feel a bit outcasted as a little/middle who is also a parent.


My favorite things are:

Watching horror movies with Daddy and staying up past my bed time, cartoons and cheerios, coloring, playing dress up, the Line Play app, my stuffies (especially Brutus, a 3 foot Saint Bernard), my puppy Macchi (a 2 year old chow/boxer mutt), Daddies cooking, baking brownies and cookies and cupcakes, sneaking alcohol in my sippy cup, my binkie, snuggles, and going on walks (especially at the beach and especially with Daddy).


I have an often NSFW tumblr with a password (I sometimes post personal pictures there) and I am always looking for friends on Line Play.


TLDR: Looking for new friends and to continue to learn about the lifestyle.



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