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Hello! <3


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Hello everyone ^w^

I'm Del or Bunny, I've been in the community for around 3 years and adore having the opportunity to be so open with others in the community.


I'm currently 20 in college and working a full time job as a vet tech, but still figuring out where life's going to take me.

I have a huge heart for children and animals. Working with animals is the road I plan to go into zoology. I love anything exotic and unique especially crazy animals c': I currently have a snake , 3 dogs, a tegu , 2 doves and fishies! I promise I have all the animals [;


I'm a huge fan of body mods and plan to have many many more in the future. Body mods are my style of art along with anything really hands on. I also hoop and do fire fans c': I enjoy doing these mainly at raves, events and parks ^w^


I'm pansexual and completely find the good in any person I come along. ♀♂


I currently reside in Georgia and currently looking for more friends preferably in the area! But anyone with sticker and glitter offerings may be my friend c':

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