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New caregiver~


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Hello! I'm a new caregiver, new to the entire role to be honest. 

I'd like to think of myself as being a little different from the typical caregiver in that for the majority of my relationships (non-dd/lg) I saw myself and was treated as the more submissive one in the relationship. But in the last year, I've come to discover that I, and my personality, is much more suited (and more comfortable) being the dominant/protective type of person in the relationship. I am a very protective (and also possessive) type of person, and I really want to find someone I can shower with affection and attention! 


As for relationships, I'm on the 'odd' side when it comes to gender, so I'm open to being either a Mommy or Daddy or just a caregiver~ 

It all depends on the little and the dynamic of the relationship. 


Above anything else though, making friends would be really nice! 

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