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a little princess trying to make friends


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:heart:  Hello I am a little named Alyssa and I am a 19 years old Princess from New York  :heart:



I joined to make little (or dom) friends since I do not have any!!

:heart: Feel free to send me a message!  :heart: 


My heart belongs to my loving Daddy of 2 years who is the only person who knows I am part of the little community &

I want to be able to feel more comfortable being little and hope to accomplish that by being active here!


*glitter* I also run a tumblr blog which is mydaddylovesprincess.tumblr.com *glitter* 



about me


I am not certain about my little age, it may be 5-7


My nicknames (given by Daddy  :heart:) are Princess & Sweetie


My favorite stuffie is Snoopy

(which was a gift from Daddy)


While in little space I can be a little touchy (cuddly or sexual)


I love My Little Pony and Trolls

(my favorites are Rarity & Fluttershy and Poppy)


My favorite Disney movie is Lady & the Tramp


:heart: I enjoy dd/lg, spanking, (light) bdsm, and being being a masochist  :heart: 

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