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Awkward Little Angel from Northern Kansas


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Oh, sheesh. It's been forever since I've introduced myself to a forum. I don't think I've evenly openly been kinky either.


There is not much to be said about how I got into DDlg or how I found this site. My friend introduced me to the topic, and I googled every once and awhile to see if a site had been made just for CGl.


I suppose I'm not the typical Little, as I am often more educated, independent, and assertive than my Caretakers. This causes problems, which ultimately ends the relationship dynamic, because I'm "not Little enough". I hope this changes as I explore the community; maybe I'll find someone to finally tame my inner brat with a firm hand and stroke my inner kitten with an intellectual tongue.


As for what I look for in a CG, I have no gender or sex preference. I just need someone who will hold me and cuddle me, who is understanding and patient. Someone who loves to play wouldn't be a bad bet, as I love to play.


I also attached my results from BDSMtest.org to give a little more insight onto what's goes on in my head.


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==

100% Exhibitionist

100% Brat

100% Voyeur

100% Rope bunny

100% Experimentalist

99% Masochist

97% Primal (Prey)

95% Degradee

94% Pet

94% Girl/Boy

94% Submissive

86% Degrader

81% Non-monogamist

79% Slave

71% Ageplayer

63% Sadist

59% Switch

56% Dominant

49% Master/Mistress

46% Vanilla

45% Primal (Hunter)

44% Rigger

42% Daddy/Mommy

1% Owner

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This has become relevant again... I'm back after a hiatus, but none of my friends seem to be around. Edited by Baby_Doll_Angel
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