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    Detroit Michigan Daddy looking for local Little! (either gender)

    daddy personal detroit michigan looking single

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    Posted 03 May 2017 - 01:02 AM

    Age: 21
    Name: Kyle
    Role: Daddy/Caregiver
    Years experience (If applicable): 1
    Location: Michigan (Near Detroit)
    Sexual Orientation: Bi
    Looking for: Little, 18-24
    Intro: Hello! I'm Kyle, a man ready to get out into the dating scene again. Afraid I haven't had the best of luck so far, jumping between shaky relationships and hard break-ups. The first thing I need to say is that I'm against LDR. If I'm going to be in a relationship, I need to be able to physically see my partner often. I've had too many bad experiences with LDR and I really like cuddling!


    About Me: I'm definitely a nerd, no denying that. I'm 6' & white with a slim build. My primary hobby is gaming online, most of the time I'm on the computer. But I also love reading, writing, rapping, being creative, and biking. I'm a furry and brony and I will tell you plenty about Pokémon if you need to know. I'm a rather soft speaker, and can be shy, but also energetic, playful and passionate too! I can be many things emotionally, and something to note is that I do have depression and some anxiety. I'm rather sensitive and have trouble understanding myself. I can be slightly unpredictable and often times I will want my alone time, but then later may be pretty clingy. If you need someone to talk to, I'll be there for you!

    I'm currently employed at Krogers, and plan to start college in the fall, though I'm still undecided about my major. Sadly, I do not have a car or license, as I've had many hurdles in the way, but I am capable of biking moderately long distances; at one point, I was biking 60 miles a week for work, 12 miles a day.

    As a daddy, I'm not very strict. In my past relationship I've had trouble with making and enforcing rules, and I'm not sure how dominant I am, but I am very caring. I love to nurture and be there for my little one.

    What I'd prefer in a partner: Male and female doesn't matter, but I'm afraid I'm against dating transgender individuals. While I am a big ally, I find it too complicated when it comes to physical matters. As stated, 18-24 would be great. Anything past that will likely be out of my comfort zone. Furry would be nice, and being close to me is ideal. Either they need transportation, or they need to be within 10 miles of me, and that's pushing it (Note that I actually live 20 miles from Detroit, but won't say where specifically for now). Once the relationship takes off, I'd like to meet up once a week, ideally (or more, if practical). Personality wise, I'd like a nerd as well, especially a gamer, but as long as they're kind and caring, then that's fine. A night owl would be fantastic, as I tend to stay awake a couple hours past midnight.
    When it comes to littles I'm not too sure what to expect. I suppose I'm pretty open, just so long as diapers aren't involved- hard limit there.

    I don't have very high expectations with this list, I know this won't likely bring much attention, as the ddlg group is rather small in general, but I figured I'd share my preferences. I'm down to talk, so even if you don't match up with much on here, it doesn't hurt to send me a reply.

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    ^ This is Kyle. I am a furry and daddy. Pleasure to meet you!

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